Governor Christie, Are There Skeletons?

This potential rising star suddenly became a liability, a rain cloud. His true colors leaked through the filters of his deceit. His egotistical vanity superseded and tarnished his award winning presentation as the champion of the people.

Who is Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey? Is he a sincere man with honest refreshing qualities and characteristics geared to telling it like it is, or is he just a buffoon, a clown, an entertainer using his rough no nonsense exterior as a shield to hide his inabilities and short comings as a leader?


The country as well as the Republican Party was initially mesmerized by this individual who rose to power, first as a federal prosecutor, fighting crime in his district, including government corruption and government evildoers. A self-made crusader against all injustices that were maliciously affecting the American people, defending truth, justice, and the American way; Superman.


Then he performed a miracle beating incumbent Jon Corzine, with the highly popular, newly elected President Obama visiting New Jersey and endorsing Corzine on three separate occasions. This elevated him to public stardom as the new face of the Republican Party, overcoming tremendous odds to victory.


Unfortunately he used this victory and his tenure as governor basically as a bully pulpit, violating the right to free speech by humiliating his opponents with sarcastic intimidating remarks. He failed to realize his aggressive nature towards these individuals showed his classless behavior as a representative to our state. Some did welcome him with open arms, such as the Republicans that were starving for new strong leadership. A fearless individual willing to take on the Democratic controlled New Jersey Senate and Assembly, the unions, state employees/retirees, especially the teachers. They were absolutely captivated by his shinny impregnable armor.


He has been a disappointment, bringing the great state of New Jersey and its residents back to the Stone Age, with a sad reputation of being ignorant, arrogant and stupid. New Jersey had to endure certain jokes and identity crises such as organized crime, toxic dumping, an inept runaway government of unanswerable corruption, government fraud, high taxes, high car insurance, substandard education, pollution, cancer alley, the Jersey Shore reality show, Governors Florio, Whitman, McGreevy, Corzine and now Governor Chris Christie.


Governor Christie is not pure as the driven snow; there were a number of potentially unscrupulous undertakings initiated by the governor when he was United States Attorney. Maybe these were some of the skeletons Christie must bury in the broom closet before he makes any attempt to run for president or vice president? 


In 2008, Christie hired his old boss John Ashcroft, former United States Attorney General, as a federal monitor in a case concerning a medical device manufacturer that distributed kickbacks to all medical practitioners that used their device. Ashcroft received a no-bid contract worth 29 to 52 million dollars.


Zimmer Holdings manufacturer and the accused, agreed to pay the federal government $311 million in fines to avoid prosecution for allegedly paying surgeons to use their products. The companies include Biomet, the DePuy Orthopedics unit of Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer Holdings, and Smith & Nephew. Were any of the victims that compensated for this? Did the residents of the State of New Jersey benefit from this, absolutely positively not?

Then Director and Chair of Zimmer Holdings of Indiana is John McGoldrick of Princeton, N.J., who plays an important role with of his affilations with Chris Christie’s brother Todd Christie. In 2000, when McGoldrick was executive vice president at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Spears, Leeds & Kellogg had a business relationship with SL&K’s CEO Todd Christie, teaming up with Goldman-Sachs.

 In 2010, the NYT reported that Todd Christie made $60 million when Goldman Sachs bought Todd’s stock company. It was discovered later that Todd was implicated in a federal fraud investigation. These malprctices Todd was accused of were almost the same exact asccusations against Martha Stewart, yet Martha went to prison, and Todd got off free as a bird, why?

In April 2011, Governor Chris Christie names McGoldrick to his Higher Education Committee as chair. These were not highly reported and kept as a low profile. Though one might accept these as politics as usual, it’s still abuse of powers. The art of protection and manipulation, rules and laws are made to be broken, but only for a select few. These are just to point out a leopard can not change its spots, and when there’s smoke there’s fire. Chris Christie will do anything and everything to advance himself into a position of power and prominence. These are not just isolated incidences There’s more in which will be discovered in the future.


He has the uncanny ability to perform a magician magic of smoke in mirrors, by blowing his own horn, but actions speak louder than words. Hot air is only good for flying balloons. He is the perfect perfection of graphite, a slick lubricant.


This potential rising star suddenly became a liability, a rain cloud. His true colors leaked through the filters of his deceit. His egotistical vanity superseded and tarnished his award winning presentation as the champion of the people.


New Jersey is not better off with Christie. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. He has done nothing to improve the state. Residents are still leaving at a rapid rate. We still have shortfalls in our state budget. We still have high taxes, high unemployment, and high car insurance. There’s still runaway corruption in which Christie decides to take the three monkeys approach, hear, see, and speak no evil. Nothing has changed. New Jersey unfortunately has a bad history of electing losers, but regrettably, we deserve what we elect. Hopefully The Country won’t continue to follow New Jersey’s path to destruction make this same mistake twice.



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