Grounds for Impeaching President Obama

What we have here is an admitted sponsor of terror being dispatched by the President of the United States and some Europeans to bribe and threaten Russia on their behalf.

Article II, Section 4, of the Constitution provides that ‘The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.’

Following my recent article on Syria (, it became apparent that the evidence referred to would clearly amount to at least treason or high crimes and misdemeanors.

The evidence comes from a leaked report of a meeting on the 2 August between Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Intelligence chief, and President Putin of Russia.

The report reveals that Bandar, ‘in cooperation with the Americans and some European partners,’ proposed to Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz that Bandar have a secret meeting with President Putin to ‘employ the carrot-and-stick approach … and offer Russian leadership political, economic, military and security ENTICEMENTS in return for concessions on several regional issues, in particular Syria and Iran.’

Bandar went on to say that ‘any understanding we reach in this meeting will not only be a Saudi-Russian understanding, but will also be an American-Russian understanding. I have spoken with the Americans before the visit, and they PLEDGED to COMMIT to ANY understanding that we may reach, especially if we agree on the approach to the Syrian issue.’

We should now consider what these remarkable statements mean.

First, it shows that America, in cooperation with Bandar, sought the Saudi King’s approval before a meeting could take place with Russia in which Bandar would represent American ‘interests’. We should also be clear that where American interests are to be discussed with Russia in respect of issues that go to fundamentally important economic issues and even war, that the President of the United States would have had to have given his tacit or express authorization.

It must surely be a dereliction of duty for any President to allow a foreign Intelligence chief to represent American interests in respect of even minor issues, never mind the kind of issues that were discussed at this meeting.

However, not only have American interests been ‘delegated’ to a foreign spy chief, Bandar and the Americans are said to have had to get a foreign King’s APPROVAL for American interests to be discussed at a meeting with an important and major power, Russia. That is another clear dereliction of duty.

Then we get to the purpose of the meeting – to offer President Putin ‘political, economic, military and security’ bribes in exchange for ‘concessions on several regional issues, in particular, Syria and Iran.’ Simply allowing a foreign spy to offer bribes and threats on behalf of the United States would itself amount to a severe dereliction of the office of president of any country, but when we see just how contrary to American interests these bribes and threats were, there can be little doubt that this dereliction of duty rises to the level of treason.

And it only gets worse, because Bandar states that the United States had ‘PLEDGED to commit to ANY understandings’ Bandar may reach with Putin, ‘especially on the Syrian issue.’

Clearly, the only person in the United States who could ‘PLEDGE TO COMMIT’ to issues that go the heart of American interests is the President. But what exactly did he pledge to commit to? Remarkably, ‘ANY UNDERSTANDINGS’ Bandar comes to with Putin. In effect, the President of the United States has simply subverted American interests to a foreign Spy chief. Whatever this rather vile little man agreed with Putin, the President had pledged to commit to it. And that included ‘political, economic, military and security’ issues that were not only in the sole interests of Saudi Arabia, but directly contrary to the interests of the American people. But worse, as Bandar’s parting words to Putin show, the President had pledged ‘to commit’ US forces to military action at the behest of a foreign spy if that spy was not satisfied with Russia’s response to his bribes and threats. That can be nothing less than treason.

The second disturbing revelation that comes from the report of the meeting relates to terrorism. Bandar says this: ‘The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games (Winter Olympics) are controlled by us, …’ Just before making that confession to be a sponsor of terrorists, Bandar said to Putin that ‘as an example’ of the ‘inducements’ he could offer Russia, ‘I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year.’

Now, we should understand exactly what Bandar is saying here. He admits that Chechen terrorists are controlled by the Saudis. He then refers to the Chechen threats to ‘the security of the games.’ That is a clear admission that terror threats against the Winter Olympics are authorized by the Saudis through a terror group they ‘controlled.’ The threat also means that if Putin does not succumb to his bribes, then those Chechen terrorists they control will perpetrate terror attacks at the Olympics. And the natural consequence of that is that Bandar is threatening to instigate and sponsor terror attacks on civilians. And among those civilians will be American and European citizens.

Yet, what we have to bear in mind is that Bandar was making these terror threats in ‘coordination with the Americans and some European partners’ in order to ‘employ the carrot-and-stick approach’ to the Russians. In other words, Bandar is saying that the Americans and some European governments have authorized him to make terror threats directly against their own citizens; threats which, if Bandar doesn’t get his way with Russia, will be carried out. And we should be in no doubt that the Chechen terrorists certainly have a capability and ruthlessness to indiscriminately kill as many civilians as they can. Then have a proven track record in terror, including the Boston bombings.

So what we have here is an admitted sponsor of terror being dispatched by the President of the United States and some Europeans to bribe and threaten Russia on their behalf. And that included a direct threat to sponsor terror attacks against civilians of the United States and Europe, as well as any other civilians attending the games.

If authorizing an admitted sponsor of terror to make threats of terror attacks against your own citizens to a foreign power is not Treason and a High Crime, I cannot image what would be. Especially when the President and these Western powers know full well that the Chechens will carry out such attacks, as they have done many times in the past.

But not only would authorizing a terror sponsor to make terror threats against your own civilians be Treason and a High Crime, it is a criminal offence in the United States and all European countries to make, or conspire to make, terror threats, or sponsor terror. In this case the evidence shows that such offences have been committed. Western powers have thus conspired, or as the report says, ‘coordinated’ with Bandar, to threaten terror attacks against their own citizens if this vile little sponsor of terror is not satisfied with Russia’s response to his demands.

On the bribes the President ‘pledged to commit’ to, Bandar offered this, among others: ‘Let us examine how to put together a unified Russian-Saudi strategy on the subject of oil. The aim is to agree on the price and production quantities that keep the price stable [for which read high] in global oil markets.’ We should note Bandar was seeking a Russian-Saudi strategy, not anything in the interests of the West. Yet, the President had ‘pledged to commit’ to whatever Bandar agreed. In this case, price-fixing to the clear detriment of the American and European people who are already in dire economic circumstances, which are being exacerbated by high oil and gas prices. Yet, the President was pledging to commit to whatever Bandar decided with Russia that would be in the interests of Saudi Arabia. That is Treason.

Now, all these bribes thrown about by Bandar had one clear goal – ‘What’s important is to conclude political understandings on a number of issues, particularly Syria and Iran.’

Bandar demanded this from Russia with attached bribes: ‘So you have to stop giving [the Syrian regime] political support, especially at the UN Security Council, as well as military and economic support. And we guarantee you that Russia’s interests in Syria and on the Mediterranean coast will not be affected one bit.

Note that there was no mention of Western interests, only bribes to Russia for the benefit of Saudi Arabia. Because, said Bandar, this is the Saudi goal: ‘In the future, Syria will be ruled by a moderate and democratic regime that will be directly sponsored by us …’

Well, we know what the Saudis understand a ‘moderate and democratic regime’ to be – a fundamentalist Islamic state which sponsors terror.

So the President of the United States had ‘pledged to commit’ to whatever Bandar saw fit to offer the Russians in order to gain control of Syria so as to establish a puppet Islamic state which sponsors terror. That again, can be nothing less than High Treason.

Then we come to Bandar reneging, on behalf of the President of the United States, to agreements and commitments the United States had made to Russia. Putin said this: ‘During the Geneva I Conference, we agreed with the Americans on a package of understandings, and they agreed that the Syrian regime will be part of any settlement.’ And further, ‘In his upcoming meeting with …Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will stress the importance of making every possible effort to rapidly reach a political settlement on the Syrian crisis so as to prevent further bloodshed.’

So the United States had made an agreement with Russia, and the Russians were committed to seeking a peaceful solution in Syria, as is required of every member of the United Nations, including the United States.

Undermining efforts at peaceful resolutions to any conflict is a breach of International Law.

Yet, that is exactly what Bandar does. When it becomes clear that Putin won’t succumb to his bribes, or bow to his threats, Bandar says this: ‘there is no escape from the military option, because it is the only currently available choice given that a political settlement ended in stalemate.’ What Bandar was actually saying is that because Putin hadn’t accepted his bribes, or buckled to his threats, the United States would be committed, by Bandar, to ‘the military option.’

And so, on the turn of a heel, so to speak, Bandar committed the United States to a breach of International Law by abandoning what were clearly promising prospects for a peaceful resolution of the Syrian crisis with the cooperation of the Russians, committed the United States to unlawful military action for the benefit of Saudi Arabia, ensured that the UN Security Council would be deadlocked, and thus ensured that millions of Syrian people would continue to suffer and die. All of these issues amount to war crimes which are directly attributable to the President of the United States because, by a severe dereliction of his Oath of Office, he handed to a foreign spy chief and admitted sponsor of terror, the absolute authority to dictate American policy and action entirely for the benefit of a foreign power, Saudi Arabia, who, by their actions, have clearly shown themselves to be an enemy of the United States.

This is evidence in black and white. But more importantly, the facts bear out everything Bandar said in this meeting. The US reneged on its commitments to Russia. The Geneva II Conference has been scrapped. Russia retains its position in the Security Council. And the United States is threatening military action against Syria under the pretext of a chemical attack purportedly perpetrated by the Syrian regime – conveniently for the Saudis. I have addressed culpability for the alleged chemical attack in Syria in my article Western Politicians take Orders from their Saudi Paymasters on Syria – Bomb (, so I won’t elaborate here, other than to say that if it does transpire that there was Saudi involvement in this attack so as to give America cover for an attack on Syria (which in my view would be illegal in any event), then the President would be culpable for the chemical attack as well. And that would be another ground for his impeachment.

This evidence, and the facts which bear it out, are clear grounds and evidence for the impeachment of the President of the United States, and even sufficient grounds for prosecution for International Criminal Offences, and conspiring to cause the issue of terror threats, and even the sanctioning of terror against civilians at the coming Winter Olympic Games.

The President should be brought to account for his actions, and he should be brought to account for the actions of Bandar and the Saudis.


(References from leaked report of meeting in Al monitor)

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