“Gun Stamps!” Like Food Stamps, Only for Guns.

If there is anything truly deplorable about conservatives, it is our deplorable lack of imagination, creativity, new ideas, resourcefulness, mental flexibility, and use of language. We could use a really strong injection of humor, and our own late night talk show host on TV as well. But all in due time. First, we have to work on our language skills. Second, we have to stop being stuck forever on defense.

We let the Left write the words and terms we use, and that always defines the national debate in their favor. I’ve tried for years for example to substitute the propagandistic expression “assault weapon” with the far more accurate “freedom rifle.” That way the Left would have to rephrase their favorite question as: “Why do you need a Freedom Rifle?” That rephrased question actually answers itself. Language is everything. It is power, it changes and influences minds, and it wins elections.

So I got to thinking… How could I advocate something new, different, and incredibly appealing to conservatives, constitutionalists and libertarians, while at the same time framing it exclusively in the language and terms of the Left, modeling it on one of their favorite programs, such that they couldn’t possibly resist funding something they are absolutely horrified at, but rhetorically unable to avoid supporting? And then it came to me — “GUN STAMPS!”

It is time to end the racist, sexist, homophobic, discrimination against low income Americans, particularly minority people of color, from the alienation of their natural rights of self defense, and their Civil Rights, simply because they can not afford access to the same quality firearms, ammunition, and training as “The Rich!” Smash the barriers to quality self defense! Poor Lives Matter! It is time for all Americans, not just wealthy Americans, to feel safe in their homes, safe in their community, safe in their stores and places of business, safe on the streets, in the parks, with their families, safe wherever they want to freely travel, and safe because they made themselves safe by being able to access quality firearms, ammunition and training, all because of the federal “Gun Stamps” program.

The obvious model for this of course is the Food Stamp program. Which to disguise and upgrade it they changed the name, and now call it the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (S.N.A.P.). Cute, huh. Okay, well let’s call our program: “Permitting Educating Arming and Crime Eradication.” (P.E.A.C.E.). Or for short, just call it the PEACE Program. Can’t wait for the Democrats to have to argue against, or vote against this. Unless of course they hate the poor and undefended, which has always been my claim.

So how does it work? There is no point in reinventing the wheel, so guidance would come from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service, on how they implement their Food Stamp program. Since the people who are eligible for Food Stamps would also be eligible for Gun Stamps, the programs should run in parallel in the Department of Agriculture. That will result in elimination of a duplicate program elsewhere in the government, and minimal implementation time as the Food Stamp program has been underway since the Great Society of 1964, and the operation of it is well known. The Food Stamp program is simply a money distribution program that has nothing to do with actual agriculture, and the Gun Stamp program is also a money distribution program, so the Department of Agriculture is the place for it. Since being armed is a constitutional right, it is a government responsibility to fund the Gun Stamp program for those so far disenfranchised from it, making it more imperative than the Food Stamp program, which is not a constitutional right. It would be easy to automatically register everyone in the Food Stamp program over 18 for rifles and shot guns, and over 21 for pistols and revolvers, into the Gun Stamp program. One nice effect of the government PEACE program is that it could change Gun Free Zones, to new “Gun Freedom Zones.” If the federal government is going to be funding self defense for low income Americans, it makes no sense to let state or local government entities limit where that federal self defense program can be practiced. This is truly empowering, and finally addresses a deep gap in our civil rights.

The current Food Stamp program serves over 41 million people, 22 million households, and costs about $70 billion dollars. The maximum benefit per month in 2013 for a household of one was $200, and for a family of seven it was $1,052. In the interest of “fairness” the Gun Stamp PEACE program would be equally funded and would reach the same people by grandfathering them in, their eligibility having been already background checked. Granted children get the benefits of Food Stamps, and they can’t own guns. However children get the protection of those guns from their parents, so no reduction of benefits would be justified on that basis. After all, the protection of firearms afforded parents, is “for the children.”

A good quality, easy to maintain, police approved, handgun is the Glock 17. Its standard 17 round magazines have the capacity to adequately defend poor and minority participants in the PEACE program. With standard magazines, they shouldn’t have the added burden and stress of having to reload in most critical situations and emergencies they are likely to face, when family comes first. Therefore no “below standard,” anti-working family magazines would be acceptable. A Glock 17 is a strong and reliable firearm, it is easy to operate, easy to train how to use, and with basic care will last many years. This reduces the need for government replacement firearms which lowers the overall cost of the program. The cost of the Glock is about $500. That means a household of one with a $200 a month benefit would be able to afford a Glock in 10 weeks. A family of seven could buy two Glock 17’s their first month with their over $1,000 Gun Stamp benefit. No longer would low income Americans live in fear in their homes, just because they are low income, even if they are in public housing, which would become “Full Access Self Defense Zones” (FASDZ) in order to fully utilize the program. This would be incorporated into the new “Public Housing Project PEACE Protection Program,” also known as PHPPPP.

The EBT card used for Food Stamps would be cross funded for Gun Stamps under the PEACE program, except that EBT would stand for Eligible Ballistic and Training (EBT). This card would also remove the stigma previously attached to Food Stamps, so that there would be no such humiliation when families go to gun stores to select appropriate firearms, ammunition, and accessories such as holsters, magazines, cleaning equipment, and other essentials. Families would not have to produce government printed coupons, but instead would pay like everyone else with their Eligible Ballistics and Training, EBT cards, at the local gun store where they would feel the most comfortable. Such cards would also cover the background check requirement and could serve as a national concealed and open carry permit as well. Since federal law is supreme, the Gun Stamp program could be used to harmonize local, state, and federal law such that no one’s rights will be violated by all the unconstitutional permit restrictions on May Issue, Shall Issue, and Open Carry, making them all Constitutional Carry under PEACE, and then nationally all self defense discrimination should end. To complete the process, all businesses and facilities that have previously oppressed the civil gun rights of Americans, would also be in violation of the discrimination and civil rights protections of the government PEACE Program, which would be enforced through the Second Amendment Department in the PEACE Program Office.

From the USDA website, the people who are eligible to apply for SNAP, who should also be eligible for PEACE include:

Working for low wages or working part-time;
Receiving welfare or other public assistance payments;
Elderly or disabled and are low-income; or

What a great system! This will be true, equal opportunity, civil self defense. Like the SNAP program, people would be able to apply on paper, online, and by phone. Counselors would be available for assistance, and to make the best recommendations for armed self defense. This is where all questions of which firearm is appropriate, what various features mean, what is the right ammunition for various situations, and other questions essential for PEACE could be directed, as such information would be readily available. This is where the NRA could be a Partner for PEACE, with the USDA, and would save the USDA from having to develop the same level of firearms expertise for low income and minority Americans already available from the NRA. All the other eligibility criteria, rules, and resources available for SNAP would have their counterpart rules etc., in PEACE. Also, with the expertise developed in so many government agencies currently stockpiling weapons and ammunition, and developing SWAT Teams and other armed security, this expertise would be invaluable in distributing arms and ammunition, should that become necessary, to the poor and disadvantaged who are participating in the government Gun Stamp PEACE Program. Many more such inter-agency cooperative initiatives are possible. This would be a great opportunity for public relations by talking to the public about “Defense Equality” between civilians and government departments.

Lastly, regarding the Eligible Ballistic and Training EBT card. Just as nutrition and other educational programs are available through the Food Stamp program, so the equivalent arms, legal, and operational training and education programs must be available in the Gun Stamp program. Designated instructors and facilities would be listed for participants in PEACE. Shooting ranges, police ranges, in fact a variety of existing private and government facilities could be easily incorporated into the program nationwide.

Although the tone of this piece is hugely sarcastic, and I’ve used every Leftist cliche you can think of, there is no reason not to seriously consider it as a real possibility, or at least a very creative issue to run on. The real point is opening up your mind to possibilities that would never occur to you otherwise. That is my job as a creative force in conservatism. Think of the implications for Democrats if we seriously get behind this program, and use their terms, language, and ideas against them. Gun Stamps is a social welfare program. It helps low income, no income, poor, minority, elderly, homeless, disabled, unemployed, and every other Democrat constituent group. Here’s my favorite: “If it saves one life, then it is worth it!” Best of all it uses government funds to buy guns and puts them in people’s hands directly, or forces Democrats to cut spending on the poor and minorities if they vote against it. It is empowering. It has conservatives creating and funding an entitlement. Imagine guns being considered an “entitlement.” It creates for conservatives a voter recruitment tool out of a government program, something Democrats have done for decades. Once millions of law abiding low income Americans get used to government guns and ammo, they are going to vote Republican to keep them, and against Democrat gun control and confiscation of their government gun program. It would force the Democrats in arguing against Gun Stamps, to say they are NOT for the safety of the poor, minorities, elderly, etc., and DO NOT have any interest in their protection from either criminals, or terrorists, preferring instead to keep them poor, defenseless victims. That’s just hateful! It would open the Democrat Party to charges of racism, cruelty, discrimination, and keeping for their rich selves and bodyguards the very guns they are denying the average American. Are they the privileged elite instead of the party of the people? Unless they fully support and fund Gun Stamps, that is exactly who they are. And that is not who we are.

At the next authorization of the Food Stamps program, I demand that a concurrent Gun Stamps program be enacted.

Try to imagine 20 million new gun owners, who vote, with guns paid for by the U.S. Government…

We have everything to win, and the Left has everything to lose, if only we have the wisdom, the foresight, the courage, and the daring, to actually make this a real issue. It’s up to you. All I can do is write the article. If Trump uses this he could single handedly dominate the remainder of the election, diffusing all other attacks, with this issue alone, there are that many potential implications and attack routes on the Left. Gun issues are the hottest thing going. Now is the time. Go Gun Stamps! “Power to the People, through Power to the People!” You can use that slogan too.

If you believe in change, and I mean real change, then share this everywhere. Get it to Donald Trump. Make something happen that has never happened before. You are only limited by your imagination. Mine has no such limitations.


Food Stamp (SNAP) Statistics


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