Gutfeld: Is it About Hate or Is it about Joy

The_Joy_of_HateGreg Gutfeld of wrote an interesting book entitled The Joy of Hate.  Gutfeld can be seen on Fox News on several venues including host of Red Eye. One thing that is great about a book like this  is that we tend to forget the past. Thank God! And since it takes months to write a book like this and get it on the book shelves, most of these books are history books. 

Gutfeld is a strange bird. I always thought he was gay. His comments in his attempt to be humorous gives you the impression that he is gay. But somewhere in his existence he has to confess that he is married and not gay. So for some, they may walk away with mixed messages. 

I do enjoy the fact that he likes humor and let’s face it, if we can’t laugh at the likes of liberals like Obama, we would  end up being very depressed and forced to smoke some medicinal MJ or drink adult beverages. 

There are many points that Greg makes that most Americans can agree with on many levels. It just seems that liberals have a different standard and they just can’t be satisfied. And they rant and rave about everything and when it comes to finding blame, they always look the other way. Like Obama, he says he is responsible for everything, but he always blames someone else for his problems.  You just can’t have it both ways. And I like the intelligent discussions (not!) where semi intelligent folks try to make excuses for a really dumb president. But it seems that Obama is always calling community organizing meetings at the Hill. What are they discussing the weather?  Obama blamed the failure of Affordable ObamaCare on the Republicans. Now that is a stretch! 

Greg spends a great deal of time differentiating between the media’s different standards that they use to go after a conservative and flip to “see no evil” when it comes to liberal short comings. 

He spends some time writing about Redford. Recently Robert called all those folks that disagree with Obama and his liberal policies “racists”. Now that millions have lost their healthcare thanks to the “racist” policies of Obama,  only 39% of the folks agree with Obama. Would you like to question those folks! And should they be allowed to vote.

So Redford who probably has tons of money or knows folks with tons of money, shouldn’t they be paying to support the Arts and their artists. 

This is confusing, most industries need to support their  own industries. Does Redford want some clueless bureaucrat that knows nothing about Art  choosing who gets the billions that go to Art each and every year. Give all these wacko celebrities a write off and let them contribute to the Arts directly. Redford may not know this but the government is broke thanks to thinkers like Redford. It is about time that folks that make a ton of money in the industry help support their own industry. It seems we import a great deal of artists from other countries. Maybe it is time we support Americans as artists. 

Gutfeld takes a quote from Milton Friedman. “When everybody owns something, nobody owns it, and nobody has a direct interest in maintaining or improving its conditions“. Amen to that one. Little by little the government is taking away ownership from the people. How many folks walked away from their buildings because they didn’t really own it. The bank had the mortgage. The government was taxing the hell out of it. There is nothing to stay and fight for. Just walk away Renee. And this is an important fact of the American Dream. No point working hard, in the end the government will end it:  Like my healthcare and besides the taxes are so high, I mind as well let it go and let the likes of Obama take care of me and my family.  I thought it was a home, but in the end it was only a house! 

But the bottom line is: Do you really trust the government to take care of you? Remember for every government agency out there that is “responsible for” taking care of you, there are government agencies out there to take down your business or the business you work for. And they  are  so  ruthless and unconscionable! 

Occupy Wall Street revisited was a blast. These folks and I use that term loosely are the future of America. If you can’t run a peaceful protest tell me again how you can run a government if maybe anything? 

Greg writes a bit about women in combat. The birds and the bee argument. Women are more valuable because it takes one woman to produce another human being. Where as men especially basketball players can impregnate hundreds of women without even trying.  Probably just by sitting next to them in church.  I can’t buy the argument. If a woman is strong enough to do what a man can do in combat than more power to them. The problem will come when they start drafting women for a war like Korea or Vietnam.

Hand a 110 pound women a pack and a gun and tell them to go out and fight. I am sure the enemy will use smaller bullets and bombs because they are women.

Rush always said the best platoon would be a bunch of women who were PMSing at the same time. Would any man dare get in their way. 

Hopefully like all technology advancements,  war as we know it will be something in the past. It would be more fun to have a pay per view and have Barack and Putin strip down to their pants and go at it with hand to hand combat. Would it be fair to let Obama hit Putin in the head with his teleprompter? Answer: Depends on where they are fighting! 

The book was fun if you have the time take a look at all the hate and the Joy the liberals seem to find in hating. Tough to find middle ground with a bunch of hateful loons! You will find no joy in that task! The NY Times finds Democracy only when liberal commies are in charge. No middle ground to be found in that dark hole! 

So let’s enjoy the holidays and worry about the upcoming elections next year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and  have a Happy and Healthy New Year to all and to all a good night.

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