Handful of NFL Players Still Kneeling, NFL Considering Solution for Next Year

As NFL players continue to take a knee, things get worse for the NFL. The season-long decline in viewers is increasing. So is the season-long decline in people actually attending the games. The bottom line? $500 million in potential lost revenue for CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC. No one’s counted the lost revenue from the stadiums and merchandise.

Significantly fewer people watch the NFL this season. Other businesses would be panicking if they lost market share so fast. There were one million fewer viewers during week 11 this year than last year’s week 11. That’s a drop from 15.9 million to 14.9 million. Last week’s 6.3 percent slump from the previous year is steeper than in the last three weeks, when it declined 5.6 to 5.7 percent.

From 2015 to Now

In 2015, the NFL saw the highest ratings ever. Now, it’s down 20 percent from that season. The sport also has the highest unfavorable rating – 40 percent – of any big sport, according to the Winston Group.

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1 comment to Handful of NFL Players Still Kneeling, NFL Considering Solution for Next Year

  • N Waff

    But we all support the reason for taking a knee which is – oh, that’s long forgotten.
    But, in any case, the protests have made a significant difference in America, just look at – well, it hasn’t made a bit of difference except cause more divisiveness.
    And these NFL players are millionaires, just look at all the money they’re pouring into the cause – wait, I haven’t seen a dime, just a bunch of knees.
    So what is this whole “knee” business accomplishing?

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