Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas

No matter what strong turmoil, successes, or convictions we are personally experiencing, we must always hold and defend our own sacred realm of religious beliefs against any forced intervention.

The Thanksgiving Holiday is just around the corner, which is followed by the welcomed hectic, reaction of unlimited exuberance and warmth that brings out a multiple display of exciting blissful acts of comfort associated with the festive Christmas season.

Even though we are faced with economic ruination, no matter what the Liberal Bureaucrats would have you to believe. We are experiencing high inflation, because the Obama Administration sees fit to produce mass unsupported currency making our money worthless. High unemployment, high gas prices, a useless, inept, corrupt, lying, manipulative government with Obama at the helm for another (4) four years, and a Republican Party, our only anti-checks and balances line of defense against total dictatorship, is in total disarray, God help Us.

This statement was continuously echoed throughout the past and present in public and private gatherings, which gave us a cold slap of reality check right in the face, “You Can Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the American Electorate”.

This was proven in this last Presidential election. One could only assume the American people, in selected sections of our “Great Union” have lost all their dignity and self respect, elated to live in a Country of Government Control, Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, with controllable compulsory manipulative rules, regulations, limited freedoms, while circumventing our precious Constitution, and by-passing our unique checks and balances system.

Unfortunately history does repeat itself, remember His Highness Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Who could do no wrong, placed on a pedestal, given a life-time position as President while enslaving the American people? As in the words of Forest Gump, “Stupid is What Stupid Does”

They offered this freely, while selling their souls on bended knee kissing the hand that offers them scrapes from the table. This is not sour grapes. Unless you are wearing a blindfold and are oblivious to this downfall of American culture and ideology, anyone with a brain would realize this is not a fictional bedtime story, but actuality.

No matter what strong turmoil, successes, or convictions we are personally experiencing, we must always hold and defend our own sacred realm of religious beliefs against any forced intervention. This is still a special occasion for reflecting on life itself, consecrating and being thankful for all the important precious personal affections, family, friends, achievements, food, clothing, shelter and everyday survival. It is also a time to freely offer our unlimited generosity, hope, kindness, and love. No one is forced to participate, but all are invited. We must also extend comfort to all those who are experiencing sadness, loss or personal turbulences. We are still Americans and must help our Brothers and Sisters in the time of need, even if this Administration stresses division and separation.

Every branch of the United States Military, including all civilian personnel, and our loyal allies must always be acknowledged in our hearts and minds. Our total appreciation towards all these brave men and women, wherever they’re stationed, at home or abroad, for their generous dedication and valor must never be relinquished.

These gallant individuals unquestionably protect our total existence as a great Nation. Their courageousness in hazardous life threatening situations is offered freely, and without total regard for their own self-preservation. Their acts of bravery are liberally administered to defend all our precious freedoms, including our exclusive preferences of religious worship, without prejudice. Their audacious, noble, heroic unending love for America and its entire citizenry must always be appreciated and never criticized. 

Let us all pray that Almighty God will protect them and their loving families always, and may each and every one of them come home safe and sound. These defenders of freedom must always have the confidence and strength that America’s love, trust, and loyalty are always with them. All of America’s elite protectors of extreme magnitude, including all our veterans who fought and participated in the defense of this great Country, the United States of America must never be forgotten.

If my statements offend anyone, tough, get a life, get over it. If you don’t like my simply act of extending a message of good will and happiness, towards everyone, especially our military, then walk away and don’t accept it. I have the right as a free American to say and express it and you and you have the option, right and privilege to acknowledge or reject it!  But you absolutely, positively have no right to discredit, mock, censor, limit, or totally eliminate my religious beliefs or symbols. 

Remember sensitivity and tolerance is a two way street. No one has a monopoly on religion, including the atheists. Your personal form of devotion is your absolute right. No one person or organization has sole ownership to that claim; it belongs to each and every American, without any form of forced malicious intent, prejudice or bigotry.

So acquire a copy of the United States Constitution. Read every article, paragraph and amendment with sincere reverence and pride. When finished, give it a big kiss and “Thank The Good Lord” every day, with every precious breath, that you are blessed, with the privilege, of living in The United States of America, our beloved free Nation, under God.

Happy Thanksgiving and a Very Merry Christmas!

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