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In our system of justice we may be innocent, but we might be taken into custody of law enforcement in order to make sure that we advance justice and what is right…at least is that is suppose to happen. If you have seen Cops or Live PD, you see this happen a lot. The police get tips, they come to the scene and investigate and if their is wrong doing, you arrest the person in question and so the story goes.

The people that strongly believe or say that President Donald Trump is guilty beyond reasonable doubt are themselves committed Democrats and/or are hard core progressives, believe in what the Democrat Party is and its cults of personality from Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and the legacy of the Kennedy’s, Clinton’s, LBJ’s, FDR’s, Obama’s and to a lesser degree Jimmy Carter. They believe that the Democrats are the party that can make government an equalizer, and can make America into that utopia of “Justice & Joy.” The Democrats have always been a political party devoted to statism and tyranny however, even before the worldview of Karl Marx caught on.

With the election of Barack Hussein Obama II, the progressives brave new world was finally realized. Laying the ground for an eventual government take over of health care, making allies with certain Muslim groups that want to take out Israel, and making a deal with Iran who would love to see America (and Israel) shot down in flames, our latest public education program Common Core, the Supreme Court making marriage meaningless other than it is about “love” and sex…well SCOTUS made it happen on Obama’s watch. The American progressives with a globalist worldview truly believed that their new age was finally emerging and all they needed to solidify it was Hillary Clinton. With Hillary as President, the Democrats would gain more bragging rights about women and minorities and would have been successful in forfilling LBJ’s con…you just need to give America citizen citizenship to more immigrants (especially the illegals). So what if the Democratic Party was about slavery…they saw the light…right? Not really, just found a new way to enslave people.

The Democrats thought with Candidate Donald Trump, Clinton would have this in bag and their dreams of a more socialist America or at least another step towards global socialism would be achieved. But middle America responded and they choose to back Trump and he won the Presidency in 2016. The progressive left was full of rage, and they wanted payback for their setback of their endgame.

Mark Levin’s gut instincts were right on the money. The Democrats indeed were looking for a way to put Trump out of the way. They just can’t put up with a setback. They are no different than that “bad egg” (or “bad nut”) from Roald Dahl’s Charlie & The Chocolate Factory; Veruca Salt. Her musical number said it best; “Don’t Care How, I Want It Now.”

The left has always declared its targets guilty before proven innocent. When you are driven by an agenda to “fundamentally transform” people and things, you have to play dirty. Otherwise it will be easy for those who oppose these transformations to call their bluff and defeat them and their respected agendas.

I have to agree with what Levin said recently on his radio talk show. We need to have President Trump’s back right now and not wait for more evidence that clears him. If you are a conservative, even if you think Trump is still a scumbag and/or shady, the garbage that he is going through right now is truly unfair. You need to put aside your convictions on this one, and have President Trump’s back…because should you get your principled conservative (and I am for that myself) in the oval office; he (or even she) may likely face the same drama that Donald Trump is going through right now. Until the Democrats or even Republicans and principled Conservatives can truly prove beyond reasonable doubt that Trump committed a crime, we must declare that he is an innocent man. Like Levin, I would want the whistleblower to come out, and find out who this person is (I doubt that will happen anytime soon). Their was something shady indeed going on in the CIA with certain rule changes and their is a plot to remove Trump from office without a very good reason.

Meanwhile the Democrats continue to cover up their scandals that their men did in the oval office and down the line; from John F. Kennedy and LBJ and their respected sexual pursuits, to Obama’s watch in which the IRS used their power to take out certain conservative groups, the Veterans Affairs (VA) waiting lists, allowing the Benghazi Compound to be attacked and burned, Operation Fast and Furious, and Hillary Clinton’s Emails. And now we are leaning about Joe Biden and his son Hunter and his dealings in foreign affairs that have an impact on America and I just want to know if they are just projecting their wickedness on Trump.

I hate the Democrat Party (and I hate the Republicans too but that’s another piece), and I hate those who treat them like it was their favorite sports team. If you have been to or even watched the games on TV or listened to the coverage on the radio, the spectators heckle every time when their team is penalized…especially if they deserve the penalty. The Spectators want their team to win…no matter what. The Democrats want to win, and they will defend the shortcomings of their idols in order to have the America they want. Just remember that politics is not just a team sport, but rather something that can be used to force certain people into harms way, if not forcing them to snuff the candle and the name of who knows what? More often than not, that name is convenience and compassion and not wanting the burden to take care of their elderly and/or challenged family members until they finally buy the farm…some people would view it that way, but their is a God that still wants us to honor their lives rather than their quicking deaths.

The Democrats truly think they are above the law, that they are the modern day saints and that their wickedness will never ever comeback to haunt them. Perhaps, but one day they will be held to account somehow. From the enslavement of the Africans to their attempts to enslave middle and poor America.

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