Have We Slipped outside the Overton Window and We can’t Get Back Jo Jo!

Glenn Beck’s new book is fiction, but it could end up as nonfiction the way this country is going.

Overton Window is a great novel written by Glenn Beck. It is a prequel to his latest book. It is fiction but it brings home a few good points that we should discuss today. This writing is like a Ludlum book, but lacks the guns and shooting Ludlum style. And in a Ludlum book, the suspense would keep you from ever putting the book down. This was an easy read and at the same time it left you with some powerful thoughts to ponder.


For the conspiracists out there the Overton Window maybe what you are looking for. Most of us believe that the country is on the wrong path. Most of us think it is by mistake, others may think it is by design.


The basic plot of the book is that a PR company lead by powerful folks who happen  to be men were in the process of causing the United States to implode so that liberty would be lost and control would be in the hands of a select few. After the NSA screw-up would we really disagree with the plot. Don’t get me started on ObamaCare!


Couple of points of topic. The two party system. There is a quote which states that the 2 parties should almost be identical. We can argue that the heads of the party seem to be more concerned about power and money than about guaranteeing the freedoms of our constitution.


And when we look at the two parties today, they appear to be complete opposites. The Democrats appear to be for screwing businesses into the ground at all costs. Who needs jobs any way. Let immigrants into the country and we will borrow money from our enemies to support the immigrants and the citizens. The Republicans seem to be against all that but don’t seem to know how to gain the momentum of the people to disembowel the liberals from power. If anything they empower the liberals with every chance they get.


Overton discusses that there are four types of people. The visionaries. They are in it for the long haul and the power and the money. The Greedy and the corruptible. We see these as short term leaders of unions, politicians, bureaucrats, and the media. These are usually short term at best. Violent and backward thinkers that stand in the way of progress. Backward may be a hard thing to calculate but we do have violent people. I thought most of those were the insane. And then we have the masses who are the lemmings that just follow the leaders without any backbone and commitment of their own.


So in Overton’s scenario, we should be watching the visionaries. All these little people that are paraded by the media are just that the little people used by the media to turn the dial of the Overton Window.


So people think the government was intended to be the servant to the masses, But with folks like Obama and his liberal cronyism, we are beginning to see a definite pattern of the servant becoming the master of the masses.


A quote  about propaganda: ” Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” This is not a new thought but let’s think about all the jobs in the name of Free Trade that were sent to other countries while the unemployment among blacks is at an all time high. It was not high under President Bush! But it has nothing to do with civil rights. The problem may be the visionaries that saw billions to be made had no concern if unemployment in the U.S. went up.  They can always pay more in taxes to sooth their guilty consciences.


Another notable quote:   “Topical storm: a state in which so many conflicting thoughts are doing battle in your brain that you lose your ability to discern and to act on any of them. Used by PR experts to cloud and control issues in public discourse. and keep thinking people depressed and apathetic on election days, and to discourage those who might be tempted to actually take a stand on a complex issue.”


This is a made up word but very powerful. This is an area that conservatives fail to take advantage of. The liberals use it well. But the right sits on its bibles and  they don’t feed the correct information to the masses directly so they are no longer depressed and apathetic and show up and vote for the right cause.


Overton Window concept: “that only a few scenarios that currently sit inside an established window of acceptable debate will be taken seriously by the public. To move the window toward their ultimate goal , those pushing an agenda have to introduce radical ideas that fall outside of the current comfort zone. These ideas will normally be dismissed, the window will also be subtly nudged in their direction. This allows ideas that would’ve previously seemed unthinkable to be introduced and eventually, even seriously considered as solutions.”


Think about this in terms of liberty. Before 911 you would never have accepted the concept of body searches at airports. Taking your shoes off and standing in line for hours for security reasons. But the window has moved.


Look at censorship on TV. Almost everything is x rated by yesterday’s standards. You would never have dreamed of it 50 years ago. But today nudity is just around the corner in the name of freedom of speech.


This is a great read for the conspiracy theorists. But more importantly think about what you can do to change the information curve. And how can we change the position of the Overton Window in America.


For years and decades the line graph for conservatism and liberalism has been totally moving to the left. We are more liberal as a county then ever. Are the visionaries out there today who will take that weakness and move us in such a direction that our liberties will be changed  forever. Can you step up and do something to change that direction? 

Overton Window is a great read and might open your eyes a little. The book is fiction but its thoughts can it be used to reverse the successful propaganda of the liberals?

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