Hey President DJ: Do we really want socialized medicine? We never would have voted for you if we knew that was what you wanted!

Hey President DJ: Do we really want socialized medicine? We never would have voted for you if we knew that was what you wanted!


By Dr. Phil Taverna


For 220 years we have not had socialized medicine. We do not want it, and you were not elected to create another albatross called ObamaCare.


We already have socialized medicine in the form of Medicaid and Medicare. And all the other folks that fall into one of those categories in the form of disability.


We don’t want socialized medicine. And we don’t even want a flat tax. Just lower the capital gains tax and lets release the engines of success that have been held back by Obama in the name of fairness. Build a wall and chase all the illegals out of this country. If they wanted to be part of this country, they would have become citizens long ago.


The loons to the left call this a single payer health care system. For about a hundred years or so there have been forms of insurance. Mainly like liability for an auto accident. In 1929 the start of employer paid for insurance. But when you use the word single payer, or ObamaCare you really are not talking about insurance. It is more like a tax. It is socialized medicine! Didn’t you learn that lesson with ObamaCare. Even loopy Roberts called it a tax. Taxes do not help the economy. That is like saying illegals add to the economy. What! Only a loon can say that. Put that in the bin with the saying:  Drugs the crime that is not violent!


The idea of insurance was for unexpected emergencies. That is why I always laughed at Dental Insurance. If you plan to have your teeth checked and cleaned every 6 months why would you like to pay extra to have the insurance company pay for it. Insurance also drives up the cost of the procedure. And it takes away all ability to negotiate. There is no free market it is controlled by the whims of the insurance company.


That is what single payer is all about. Instead of just dealing with the insurance company and customizing a plan that fits you and your pocketbook, they want to create so many middle women to make the price outrageous. Why do you need the government to pay for your insurance. You really want to pay for the livelihood of all those losers so you can buy socialized medicine. Do you have any idea how much money was wasted on Obama’s socialized exchanges. What does Obama’s economy show for it. Nothing because it was only a tax, not a benefit. The benefit comes from the insurance company, why pay the government for that privilege.  Unless you are stupid or really rich!


Look at the joke called Medicare. You have paid into it since the 60’s and then it still costs you over $3,000 a year in premiums not counting the deductibles and co-pays.


Of course if you want free healthcare like Medicaid then of course it must come from the government. Not really. The government still pays the insurance company. Why not let the insurance company run it and have crooked politicians for oversight. Why do we have to pay all those government employees. And at the same time pay for their lifetime of benefits that are far better than yours!


The purpose of Medicare is to trick the doctors to work pretty much for nothing. They used to call this bread and butter. And then make the real profit with the non-Medicare patient. Well if all the patients pay like Medicare patients, you will have a tough time convincing folks to go to school for so many years to make as much as a school teacher. By the way, that is what they do in Italy!


We have the best healthcare in the world. Now some idiots want to make it free. Free like social security. Free like welfare. Free like education. How come the politicians seem to get free stuff but the people can’t get it. NY wants to give free tuition. How long before the professors will be making minimum wage?


So now you really believe you can be given free healthcare. A cheaper healthcare. A less expensive healthcare. As long as there are greedy politicians in the mix. Taking your good money and giving it to others how cheap can it be. It will never be cheap!


President Trump quit spending our money. And take care of the needy etc. But leave our healthcare alone. Let us deal with the insurance company and get the best deal possible.


The system has worked well for the middle class for 220 years. Now you want to muck it up. You want to call it a right. The liberals want to make everything a right. That is code for let the middle class pay for it so it can be free to the politician and everyone else.


The only right you should be focused on is the right to be free. Free to choose what you want. The liberals want us to think it will be free when they know it will cost you double and made useless by outrageous deductibles and co-payments.


President Trump was elected overwhelmingly to be the anti-Obama. The anti-communist. The economy needs to be free. Does not need to be bogged down by expensive healthcare and carbon taxes.


Do your job President Trump and cut spending rather than mucking with taxes to fool the people. If you don’t cut spending than we are no better off than we were with that loser Obama!


Please vaporize the notion of FREE socialized medicine.





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