High School Coach Bullied Into Dropping Prayer at Football Games

jkndyPolitical correctness has invaded my alma mater. I was disappointed to receive an email from our hometown pastor last week, informing me that the assistant football coach at my high school alma mater in Washington state was being investigated for praying with his team. My late brother played football on that team. How could the school have strayed so far off?

Football teams and saying prayers at games go hand in hand; it is a longtime American tradition. Coach Joe Kennedy, a Marine Corps veteran and well beloved by students, has been leading a prayer after each Bremerton High School football game for nine years. But after two people allegedly complained to the school, he was told to immediately stop. Kennedy, who is Bremerton’s junior varsity coach and varsity assistant coach, said he was told he would be fired otherwise. He was not even allowed to bow his head.

After last Friday night’s game, where supporters showed up with signs to support him, Kennedy gave a speech, but didn’t  pray. However, the team spontaneously said The Lord’s Prayer, and supporters met on the 50-yard line and sang all four verses of Amazing Grace.

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