Hillary and Kimmel whose the biggest liar?


Hillary and Kimmel whose the biggest liar?


By Dr. Phil Taverna


It is hard to believe that Hillary is actually getting votes. Her husband was a liar. And then she appears on Kimmel and she tells Jimmy that Billy Bob’s comment about Obama’s legacy was not about Obama? What! And I didn’t read any of the pundits addressing this. And since then Billy Bob Clinton has attacked the blacks. And he really didn’t say blacks. I think maybe he said jacks or better.


But lets be clear. Jimmy was instructed to ask Hillary: … “Awful legacy of the last eight years. …It was a shot at President Obama. Hillary said: No It wasn’t. It was obviously not. He (Billy Bob) nominated Obama for his second term.


So now you go to the reports on Billy’s statements and it is clear he basically said that Obama’s legacy is a joke and that was preceded by trickle down economics. This was reported by several sources. And that’s ok. I think most agree that Obama was the worse president. Obama didn’t believe in trickle down economics. He believed in trickle up taxation. Do the voters want Hillary who without a doubt may be the biggest liar in politics. Could she be worse than her husband! Or Sanders?


It is hard to believe that money has turned Kimmel into a liberal. Leno was smart enough to stay in the middle. But we have Jimmy crying over a lion. And kissing up to Hillary. Kimmel seems to be surrounding himself with liberals and he has made some off the wall comments. Jimmy:  We turn you on to laugh. We really don’t care what your political affiliation is or has become, we just want to be entertained. And politician bashing is fun. But never take sides. Once you do people like myself will stop watching your show and switch to reruns of Leno. If enough people stop watching you, your show will be cancelled. Then you won’t have any money to  pay those outrageous taxes you enjoy paying. Ask George Lopez?


This phenomenon of making money and paying taxes has always amazed me. If you make as much as Oprah, well that is one thing. But if guys like O’Reilly and Kimmel make $10 million dollars a year for example and pay over half of that in taxes, Do you really want to sound like someone that wants a liberal in the Whitehouse to raise taxes.


Sanders and Clinton swear up and down that they will raise your taxes. They are not kidding. But Clinton never mentioned raising taxes on foundations run by the Clintons, Obamas and the McCains! So to be fair, don’t we want to raise taxes for everyone that actually pays taxes in any way shape or form.


The other day O’Reilly wants justice for Black people. Wouldn’t it make more sense to forget 1865 and find jobs for everyone in the United States today.  They would never be satisfied with any form of justice. Who do you think you are kidding!


Speaking of jobs, which is being talked about by Clinton, Sanders and Trump. But they never mention how they will create terrific or great jobs. And nobody seems to ask. History will tell us that politicians can not create jobs. But liberals can make them disappear in a hurry.  Ask Obama!


Today one of the radio pundits was speaking of paid family leave, and minimum wage. As you may recall the liberals always start things as free. You can take family leave and you won’t get paid for it. Now we have cities demanding paid family leave. And if its for maternity it can be for several weeks for the father as well.


So what the liberals are trying to do is mandate paid family leave. I can live with  it, if  you negotiate that up front with your employer. Does the father need to take off 6 weeks as well. Hell yes. If you are paid for not working you would be an idiot not to play hooky. And my co-worker took off a month and a half, why shouldn’t I. Also I am burned out, I need a break.


These are wonderful liberal terms. And…. If you really don’t want to work. line up for disability and you never have to work for the rest of your life. This is America!


But if this is all true, why would an employer ever open up a business in this country. It is easier and cheaper to open a business in a foreign country. Don’t need to deal with all this liberal nonsense and high taxes. And the Americanos will gobble up all my cheap foreign products at a good price. And they will never be able to make the same product at such a reduced cost in the United States.  I think that may be a self-induced monopoly!


So the grownups need to decide what country do they want to live in. You have Obama and Hillary preaching equality. But women have out numbered men in colleges for decades. They receive more financial aid and higher rates of acceptance. So tell me again what equality we are looking for. Equality for male to female. Equality for white to black and whatever groups we can make up. So is Hillary saying if a women votes for her, she will get more women into colleges? That doesn’t make sense, women are the majority in colleges already!


Most people want to work. But they need a job. If the liberals are willing to pay them more to stay home and not work, why should they work. I wouldn’t work!


Income tax credit is never mentioned. People get money for not working. So when they say most of the income tax is paid by the upper class, that is nonsense. But you need to define upper class. Obama used $250,000 to be rich. But if you get a tax refund and you don’t pay any taxes, that is another form of welfare. So when we look at the bottom segment of the economy, their income should be looked at as a negative number. They are getting refunds and not paying any income taxes. Whose the idiot that came up with that idea. Somebody making $200,000 a year pays too much tax now. Liberals want to make them pay more!


So the adults need to decide that the new liberal socialist economy of the Clintons and Obamas and the Sanders can not be sustained. That means there is not enough money in the economy to ever pay hundreds of millions of system suckers not to work.


Let me explain it another way. If you taxed the hell out of the rich. Empty all the vaults of big business, the liberals would still not have enough money to pay all these folks not to work.


Now I don’t hear Trump talking about lowering taxes. But somewhere in the near future taxes will need to be lowered. And a lot of benefits and public salaries and benefits will need to be lowered as well.

The system suckers must understand that there will come a day that there will not be enough money. Obama ruined our credit rating. So what do you do when the feds don’t have enough money to pay the bills similar to countries like Greece and Puerto Rico?


If it was up to liberals like Obama, they would spend everything and more. They seemed to be more concerned about whose peeing in what bathroom, than an economy that will need to provide millions of jobs to Americans. Do you really think you would be  better off voting for liars. Taxation gets in the way of progress. Always has and always will! Taxation takes away Liberty and Freedom. Which country do you want to live in!



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