Hillary and National Security Part 1

The Clinton e-mail scandal will not go away anytime soon. Although both this administration and the media have tried to keep from the public the corruption within this scandal, the majority of citizens who are god fearing hard working family members understand that national security is at stake. The use of a private e mail server caused the exposure of hundreds of classified e mail to foreign intelligence agencies. It has and will continue to expose sources, methods and the lives of clandestine operatives worldwide. It will result in a total rebuild of the American Intelligences services in operations as well as in the day to day handling of agents and foreigners of the payrolls of our Intelligence services. All this has been found on the server and it must be considered compromised.
The dark corruption of the e mail scandal will continue to hound her campaign and no amount of blaming a right wing conspiracy will make it go away. More and more information is starting to come out about the server and the emails it contained. The apparent misconduct of both Hillary Clinton and her staffers must be dealt with if the American people are ever going to trust our government again.
Hillarys Blackberry was not authorized to be used at her main office which was a “Secure Compartment Information Facility” (SCIF) where all equipment must be certified as fully secure from penetration electronically. The SCIF was the only truly totally safe space to read intelligence, send Top Secret information and conduct meetings. Clinton and her staffers, after being fully briefed on the security procedures that needed to be followed refused to use laptops in the SCIF and only used their Blackberrys as they always had. It was a matter of convenience for them and national security be damned.
When Clinton requested a custom Blackberry from the NSA like the President had, she was turned down. The project was considered too time consuming, expensive and had no definite need. A March 2 memo from the diplomatic security chief stated that the review had been done and that the “vulnerabilities and risks associated with the use of Blackberries at Mahogany row (NSA offices and SCIFS significantly outweigh the convenience of their use”.
A lot has been made of the possible hacking of the personal server that Clinton utilized. Being unencrypted, it would not need to be hacked but just the routine use of interception would work. The e mails which were not encrypted and being on normal commercial pathways could be seized at any time.
This is just another example of Clintons “prima donna stuff” and that “the rules pertain to others” so prevalent in the Clinton legacy. As Secretary of State Hillary was present for only one security briefing in her four years as Secretary of State. These security briefings were used annually to reinforce security measures, as well as changes to the cyber security threat. Once again the rules are for the little people. That one meeting was the day after her confirmation as Secretary of State. This may turn out to be the excuse Hillary uses for not recognizing that the information she was receiving on her personal Blackberry and personal server. As Secretary of State she must have known they the messages were classified. The Classified Information Non-Disclosure Agreement states that classified information is marked or unmarked, it is still classified. The claim that she never sent any e mail marked classified is without merit. The other statement that she has used continually is that she received nothing marked classified, In my Navy career I has some instances where I was in possession of classified material. “Classified” is used to cover a bevy of material. That material is marked “Confidential” “Secret” or “Top Secret”. There may be more that I don’t know about, but they are hardly ever marked “Classified.”
When her aide, Jake Sullivan told her he couldn’t send a classified memo. It was Clinton who told him to take the classification marking off and send it in a e mail, a breach of security protocol.
For Americans to trust our government there must be transparency and equality of justice for all people. The FBI, pushing forward in the investigation will eventually choose to either indict or not. It will then be up to the Justice Department to go forward. Many feel there is already a deal in place for the Justice Department and the partisan Loretta Lynch to protect Hillary and her staffers from indictment.
In the event Lynch and the DOJ do not prosecute there is enough information readily available from the FBI, NSA and others and with leaks being sent to the press it may finally put an end to Clinton corruption that has gone on for many years and been covered up.

Editing of the e mail by Hillary staffers left gaps of months including her trip to Libya. Those government watchdogs who have been relentlessly following the story have no information on why Hillary went to Libya. There is no information on what was discussed, and what actions were taken because of this trip. Even the House Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy has stated there are no emails from that time period. There are no messages from Libya about that meeting nor are there any e mails about the foreign donation made to the Clinton Foundation during this time period. The iconic picture that showed Hillary in sunglasses with a dour look on her face on her Blackberry was in fact on aC-17 from Libya. It would be assumed she was sending or answering emails in that picture, but none exist in the information turned over to the committee. The State Department has been proven to have known about the private server and made no mention of it to the committee until forced to do so by evidence from other sources.
When the server did come to light, Hillary lied about when she started using it. There is now proof that Clinton and Cheryl Mills were sending and receiving email as early as February 2009. Hillary had earlier claimed that she did not start using the server until March 2009. There is also proof that Clinton was communicating with Gen. David Patraeus on a server she used in the Senate and transferred to her private server upon becoming Secretary of State.
Another proven fact is that there was a “Benghazi Group”, specifically put together by Hillary and including Cheryl Mills, Phillippe Reines and probably other to control the damage done by the Benghazi debacle. Cheryl Mills has been called instrumental in putting out the video lie and Both Mills and Phillippe Reines took part in “Operation basement” which deleted the 30,000 e mails that may have been detrimental to the Hillary candidacy in the future. No mention of any of this was in the Clinton e-mails so far. We are to believe that either none of this happened, or perhaps the staffers involved did all this on their own. Another answer may be that there are still more secret accounts that the public do not know about, and all of this was done with the administrations approval.
Other secret accounts would also explain the nexus between the Clinton Foundation and just how many favors were done for donors on a “pay for play” scheme of unprecedented proportions. It may show that both foreign governments and corporations within the country received favors that cost the taxpayers enormous amounts to line the pockets of the Clintons. This would not be the first time that “pay for play” had been proven against the Clintons. Johnny Chung, a Chinese middleman on Bill Clintons campaign was an integral part of a Chinese scheme to be given vital information about the American Rocket Program during Clintons time in office. Some things never change.
Ms. Clinton received emails from Sid Blumenthal who was running private intelligence for Hillary. Mr. Blumenthal, not a official part of this administration was sending Signals Intelligence to Hillary as a private citizen. Signals Intelligence is always Top Secret. The question then becomes how did Blumenthal get the information he sent and why did he send it on a non secure transmission. How did the information from four different NAS Top Secret and Special Access Programs (SAP) documents make its way into Blumenthal’s report. SAP is highly sensitive, and were sent by Blumenthal “word for word”, even to the cutting and pasting of entire paragraphs over non classified means. What was done in this case still has not been resolved. But a civilian, with no attachment to the administration getting hands on four Top Secret communications and then sending them on a non secure system to the Secretary of State is something that Hillary should have questioned herself as a matter to national security.

There are more question that need to be answered. But enough is known that Hillary compromised national security in a willful and deceitful manner and is a felon. The fact that she is a candidate for President is a blemish on those who give full measure to protect this country.

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