Hillary and National Security Part 2

As was mentioned in the first part of this column (http://intellectualconservative.com/hillary-and-national-security-part-1/), it has been proven that a top official at State suggested to Huma Abedin, Hillarys top aide that she should start using a government e mail account to protect against outages and hacking. The State Department was rebuffed by Abedin who stated that a State Department e mail address that would have been behind the firewall of the State Department system did not make a lot of sense. Hillary who felt she was above the law, even continued to use her private server after a June 28, 2011 memo instructing State Department employees to avoid conducting official Department business on personal email accounts because government workers had been targeted by “online adversaries.”
This proves that not only was Hillary using a private server to keep her correspondence from FOIA but also that the State Department from the top on down were aware that Hillary was in fact using a private home brew server. This is a direct violation of National Security rules, and a felony according the the law and regulations of the federal government.
The Clinton Foundation, the pay for play Foundation set up by the Clintons to make millions giving speeches and selling influence was also located on the same server. Those using the Foundations portion of the server were Chelsea Clinton, various office holders in the Clinton Foundation who may have been hacked to enter the server and move into the State Department files located there. In many instances, Hillary Clinton and her aides along with those at the Clinton Foundation were involved in raising funds for the Clinton Foundation using State Department contacts including accepting funds from Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman, Kuwait ,Qatar, China and Iran. Hillary was known to have personally sent thanks to foundation donors while Secretary of State, a clear conflict of interest under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
18 U.S. Code 793 subsection F makes clear
“ that anyone who has materials relating to the national defense can not lose of give them away”. If material is lost by “gross negligence that permits materials to be removed of delivered to anyone in violation of this trust to be lost, stolen, or destroyed.”
After a trip to China, Hillary made contact with Ambassador Boswell about “intelligence concerning the vulnerability during her recent trip to Asia. Hillary even went so far as to request that an informal memo be sent to provide a briefing on the matter.
It still has not been answered, nor does the media seem interested in who at the State Department knew and approved of this arrangement . Patrick Kennedy, the undersecretary for management at the State Department must have known. Kennedy, in charge of logistical and e mail for the State Department would have to have been one of those who would responsible for the e mail debacle as it now stands. The media is silent on this, and has asked no questions about how many others both in the State Department and in other branches of the administration have e mail of the covert type that the Inspectors General do not know about.

In August 2011, a email sent to Mills, Abedin, Kennedy and Monica Hailey stating
“We are working to provide the SOS per her request a Department Issued Blackberry to replace her personal unit which is malfunctioning, Possibly because her personal e-mail server is down.”

The State Department Blackberry was turned down because while it would mask her identity it would still be subject to FOIA requests. In court filings in the case the agency did not mention the attempt to procure a State issued Blackberry or the outages that occurred on the Clinton personal Server, but stated that they did not believe that there was no State issued computing device to the Secretary of State. Other than that one statement made to the committee, the State Department has refused to make any other statements.
So the count as of now of Clintons e mails? 33,068 released, 22 TOP SECRET , 65 SECRET, and over 2200 marked CONFIDENTIAL. Of course, the excuse is that none were marked classified, which is true. They would have been marked as above (TOPSECRET, SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL) if her aides had not removed the markings. And there are e mails sent from Hillary to aides discussing doing just that. Another felony of the National Security regulations of the federal law.
Hillary Clinton has put operatives in danger. Her basement server, easily tapped into by anyone with a basic understanding of technique was open to the signals intelligences of China, Russia, and perhaps even Iran and the Taliban. These has been an door pushed wide open into the server, and perhaps other servers that it interacted with, to even further infiltrate our federal security apparatus.
The FBI has stated that they will be interviewing Hillary Clinton. The lady who put out national security at risk, and called the investigation a “security review” will be required to answer questions again. Perhaps this time she will take it lore seriously, after all this is not the sycophantic media asking the questions, but trained professionals with a deep respect for national security and the safety of our nation.
There are those that will maintain that, yes, Hillary made a mistake, and has not been forthcoming with the information required to solve the challenges we now face3. Not being a lawyer, I put it a little more down to earth. She lied, and she has shown a total disregard for this country’s security, the operatives both foreign and domestic that have worked hard to maintain secrecy and have now been outed.
But because it is Hillary it does not rise to any criminal charges, She made a mistake, and it is up to others to continue to fix that problems that allowed this to happen. The blame will be found in the rules and regulations and Hillary will receive a slap on the wrist, and continue to run for President. What is unfortunate is that there are those that will vote for Hillary even though she has put our nation in mortal danger. There is no secret, no covert operation that the country may now perform with the total assurance that our adversaries don’t already know about it.
The question then becomes, will Hillary be indicted and convicted for the damage she has done to the country, or were her willing treasonous compatriots continue to keep her out ahead of the law, and make excuses for the further degradation of our country’s security.

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