Hillary Clinton freed rapist from his sentence, had inside man

Recent information has just been released regarding Hillary Clinton’s rape defense in 1975, where she defended a rapist in court, ultimately having him plead guilty to a lesser charge of child fondling. Clinton has claimed she was a court appointed attorney that had no choice in her own appointment. It’s also been reported that the rapist spent only 10 months in jail for his heinous crime. However, there are some new questions that have arisen.


Let us ask, why did the judge, after urging his son to back Bill Clinton, take this case on? Why did his son sign the Arraignment Proceedings for the case, appearing to scratch out the word “denied” and inputting the word “granted” instead, when he was only student at law school the year before? Only judges sign Arraignment Proceedings, and only special judges can replace regular judges. Why did the judge’s son apparently scratch out the name of the previous lawyer and input Hillary Rodham’s name, when Hillary has said that she had no role in her own appointment? Was the judge and his son helping Hillary after donating to Bill’s campaign?


The answer is that Hillary Clinton had an “inside man” on the court case, whose name is Gordon Cummings, the son of the judge presiding over the case. Gordon granted the preliminary hearing even though it was initially denied, because he wanted to help Hillary. Gordon inputted Hillary’s name into the court document because they were working hand-in-hand at that time. Who knows what other strings were pulled.



On another issue, we ought to also ask, when the judge in this case wrote that he has “no objection to defendant being released to work in day,” two days after sentencing Taylor to ten months to prison, did Hillary help free Thomas Alfred Taylor to work in the day and return to jail at night? As that judge had allowed many work releases, including a man named Ashworth to be free during the day to work and return to jail at night. Or did he just free Taylor outright, because as Hillary Clinton once said, “I got him off with time served“? Isn’t it wrong to release someone with sex offences into the community for work release, especially when those offenses involve children, and where that workplace is only 5 minutes walk (0.3 miles) away from the victim’s home?


The answer is that this rapist was indeed freed by Hillary Clinton to work during the day, right near his rape victim and near his friends who could intimidate her. Hillary notes the victim’s address and the local newspaper lists the address for the paper company. The rapist worked for nearby at 500 E. Meadow Street.


No wonder Bill Clinton campaigned for work release for convicts between February 1976 and April 1976 when he ran for the Attorney General primary, at the same time the rapist was on a work release, according to the Clinton House Museum in Arkansas. The child fondler was convicted on November 4 1975 and initially sentenced to ten months.


To summarize, Hillary Clinton’s rapist client was “released to work in day” after being convicted of child fondling and did not spend the 10 months he was sentenced to fully in jail. His work was a 5 minute walk from his victim. Indeed, in Hillary’s own words, “I got him off with time served”. As well, the judge in this case was compromised as he instructed his son to donate to Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1974. The judge’s son signed the document that appears to appoint Clinton as the new lawyer for the client, lending the appearance that Clinton had a role in her appointment as attorney, thus contradicting her recent statements that she had nothing to do with it. Astonishingly, Bill Clinton campaigned for “work release” in his 1976 run for Attorney General, at the same time that the child fondler was “serving” his sentence by going to work. As well, according to the Washington Post, the judge Maupin Cummings directed his son Gordon Cummings to donate to Bill Clinton in the 1974 failed campaign for Congress, and Gordon did indeed donate and attend campaign events. Hillary was at these events with her future husband. The source for this is the Washington Post, only they must not have realized that Maupin Cummings was also a judge in this rape case.

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