Hillary Clinton Makes Another Attempt at a Clinton Dynasty

hlryclntn4It came as a surprise to no one when Hillary Clinton announced on Sunday that she was formally entering the race for president. Most political observers think she will easily win the Democratic nomination, since few Democrats dare to challenge the Clinton dynasty.

The former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State made the announcement via video, apparently to show her “digital media” savvy. Jon Stewart described the video on The Daily Show as a “State Farm commercial gone viral.”

It didn’t seem like a campaign announcement. It featured a series of mostly conservative-looking young people, discussing happiness and hard work. One couple talking about their dog sounded like participants on the dog-whisperer show Cesar911. There was a token gay couple expressing their delight to be able to get “married” — an idea Clinton used to oppose. A bit later there was a lesbian couple — or maybe just a couple of cuddly women comfortable in their heterosexuality — nose nuzzling.

Heady stuff.

“There’s no pumping rock anthem or cheering supporters waving ‘Hillary’ banners,” reported CNN. Instead, the announcement consisted of vague statements like, “Everyday Americans need a champion. And I want to be that champion.”

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