Hillary Cronies Try to Explain Wikileaks

This country is facing an election where neither of the candidates is admired much. There is a strong demarcation of the values of the two sides, although it is not evident in the media.
Wikileaks has been putting out various e mails that were hacked, with the Democrats declaring it a Russian plot to get Donald Trump elected. Like most of the talking points that the progressive socialists they are mostly lies. What they hoping is that if they repeat them often enough and can count on the media to also spread these falsehoods far and wide, the low information voters and those benefitting from the agenda they have forced on the American people will believe it. Even the current head of the DNC tipped off the Clinton Campaigns Jennifer Palmieri how a question on the death penalty that CNN was going to ask at a Townhall between Hillary and Bernie Sanders. Donna Brazile is the same person who claimed strict neutrality in the primary and at the same time that she was providing Hillary with these questions was considered an impartial analyst on CNN.
In socialist countries, the media, controlled by the government decides what information the public receives. In our country it is the major media in collusion with the government who tells us what to believe. If you are strictly getting your information on this election from the mainstream media, you do not understand the ramifications of these leaks and what they have done to this country. A leak from Wikileaks points to an e mail from Bill Ivey to John Podesta on March 13, 2016. In the email is the statement that they have be quite content to demean government, drops civics, and produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. Look at our education system and media and you will understand what has befallen the citizens of this country. Ivey even went so fat as to state that unawareness among voters is a positive for the Clinton campaign. The Clinton plan is not to move the country forward it is to move the government forward, intruding in every aspect of the citizens everyday lives with that same public unaware.
You would know for example that the DOJ colluded with the Clinton campaign on the e-mail scandal. Brian Fallon, an official Clinton campaign spokesman had discussions with “DOJ Folks” about an upcoming conference about the Clintons Email and the release of these documents to the public. There may have been collusion and the DOJ documents that have been requested through a FOIA have yet to be resolved. A meeting between Bill Clinton and DOJ’s Loretta Lynch at the Phoenix airport may have had far reaching effect on the case, including the FBI’s non indictment. There are questions about how much information has been withheld from Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.
Lawsuits that have been filed to require Hilary Clinton to be deposed have been fought by both the lawyers for Clinton and the Obama administration. The lawyers have claimed that Hillary has no personal knowledge to be provided, even though the server was set up in her home and was in constant use. The FBI stated that Clinton deleted thousands of “work related” emails from the server AFTER being subpoenaed, a violation of federal law. Comey, ruled that these work related e-mails were deleted in error, believing they were personal and were not deleted to hide them. If the object was not to hide them, why was the hard drive than Bleach-bitted to erase all trace of them?
Wikileaks has also leaked an e mail stating that Hillary hates the phrase “everyday Americans”. This is understandable when you read one of her paid speeches given at the Goldman-Blackrock conference in 2014 that she is “far removed from the middle class” because of the fortunes my husbands and I now enjoy. Money from the Clinton Foundations and other shakedowns , including favors being done at the State Department. This is something you would expect from an elite globalist who is narcissistic enough that only she is smart enough to tell others how to live.
Republicans, since time immemorial have be criticized as the party of rich, racist, homophobe bigots. It may come as a surprise then that the Democrats hold the opinion that some minority groups are not a good as others. John Podesta of the Soros backed Center of American Progress, and a member of the Clinton cabal called African-Americans, and Muslims never-do-wells. Claiming that these groups never do well no matter what the circumstances flies in the face of the perception that the progressives want the public to hear. After 50 years of the same talking points and no solutions, blacks are especially starting to wake up to the fact that the Republicans may actually have solutions for the blight that the Democrats have forced on the African-American communities, specifically in the inner cities.
Another group mentioned in the leaks are Catholics. Calling those with a religious foundation in their live backwards . Ms. Palmieri wrote” the conservative movement within the Catholic church is a bastardization of faith…They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and totally unaware of Christian democracy”. I have been a Christian for most of my adult life, and have spoken to many pastors, and elders in many Christian churches. Christianity is based on the Bible. Perhaps to the modern Christian this may not mean anything, but I know a great many people of all ages who believe that the Bible is, in fact, the word of God. What is in the Bible is true, and infallible. Of course, to those in this administration you see it this way, you are a bigot, a homophobe, and belong to the past, to be seen with contempt for the belief that morality is important, and the faith is a guiding principle in life. Sorry, Ms. Palmieri, I read the Bible and if it is in the Bible, I believe it. I guess that makes me contemptible as well. But this attitude, once again from those who feel they are superior to Christians and can tel all the people how to run their lives and beliefs is not surprising. After all, even Hillary Clinton has proclaimed that those of the Christian faith” will have to change their religious beliefs to expand abortion. The laws have to backed up with resources and political will” Clinton said, and deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and biases will have to change”. Good luck with that Ms. Clinton. Christians are not the type of people who will change their faith on a whim, just look at the genocide in the Middle east. Hopefully it will not get that bad here, but Christians who have true faith will not support you, and will not bend their knees to your global decrees. It might be wise to understand that Christians were here long before you, and have battled Islam before, and we will be here long after you are gone.

Free trade has been another areas where Hillary has switched, for the sole purpose of trying to take a position to thwart Bernie Sanders. Hillary was a supporter of NAFTA and the TPP, but criticized both during the primary with Bernie Sanders. On the issue of open borders, Hillary has also switched since her speech to a Brazilian bank in 2013 when she lauded both open borders and open trade.
Railing against Wall Street is also new to Hillary. In a 2014 speech to securities law firm Robbins, Gellar, Rudman and Dowd in San Diego she assured them as New York Senator she would do and continues to do all she can to make sure that “those that make their living in finance continue to prosper.” Trying to pass herself off as being a target of Wall Street has spent considerable time and effort collecting donations from what she calls “fat cat bankers and hedge fund managers”.
Just some of the lies of Hillary and her cronies. More in a few days.

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