Hillary Part 2 Hard Choices that went Awry. But not for Liberals.

hlryclntn2It is amusing to say the least to read Hillary’s book Hard Choices. She must have thought she could be like Obama and write a book for blacks and get the black vote. Hillary thought she could write a book about woman and mention the words woman and climate change over and over again and get the woman’s vote. But following Obama’s failed presidency, you wonder how many Democrats would ever come out to vote and vote for another wacko liberal. 

Hillary’s book is a failure as well. And the publisher is wondering what happened. Nobody wanted to read Hillary’s book. Not enough of the village idiots, perhaps. Some one joked on the net that you would be lucky to get to page 32 of the 650 plus page monstrosity. But Hillary must have had a goal and a clicker to count the number of times she could write the word “woman”. 

In this section we will take some of the quotes from the book and prove that she is a useless liberal. And why they sat around and did nothing while the world fell apart around them.

In a nutshell of sorts the liberals think or imagine with the right side of their brains that what they will imagine will happen. So Obama and Hillary based their assumptions on the facts or belief that human rights were more important than a secure nation. But there were no guarantees that the human rights would be forth coming after the Arab Spring. And they couldn’t blame President Bush! 

She makes out that America has been championing global freedom for 50 years. Well in the Middle East that may be very far from the truth. “Championing Democracy and human rights had been at the heart of our (American?) global leadership for more than half a century. Hillary and others in the Whitehouse thought it was crucial that the rhetoric from me (Hillary) and others … help Egypt achieve the reforms most of the protestors (Muslim Brotherhood) sought.” 

One of the fallacies Hillary seems to swear by is that Democracy is what makes a great country prosperous. So clearly Hillary is an idiot. But her foundations just seem to grow in leaps and bounds as she flew around the world on the taxpayer dollars. Leaving her carbon footprint every where she went. 

Hillary and Obama imagine that first freedom through democracy comes and then prosperity follows. How many poor people especially blacks thought they would be well taken care of, once Obama was elected. Today they are still waiting for their free stuff. 

It is funny but a monarchy she mentions in the Middle East is doing quite well as far as prosperity and human rights go. What no democracy! 

But Hillary and Obama read the wrong history books. Before the American Revolution there were no human rights issues. Most people in America were happy and prosperous. When King Georgie decided he wanted more of that prosperity brought to his England, a revolt began. They weren’t fighting for their freedom per se. They were fighting for their prosperity which was later politicized as the American Dream. 

But after all you didn’t build that. In the beginning the roads and the buildings were built by business men that wanted to prosper. Some where along the way as the politicians lost their way… They thought they could do a better job if they taxed the businesses and then have their crooks and cronies build the roads while they received kick-backs. 

Getting back to Hillary and Obama, Arab Spring was actually an orchestrated uprising led by the Muslim Brotherhood. There were women protestors who believed that the Muslim males would give them their freedom. So it appears that Hillary and Obama sat back and did nothing while the Muslim Brotherhood tried to take over Egypt. That didn’t work out too well. 

Hillary states that in 20 years all may end up copasetic in those bizarre countries. It always cracks me up when people think nothing of 20 years. 20 years is almost a lifetime for many of these people. They may end up with a dictator and or a strong leadership, and corruption just like the American system, but they keep some form of order in an otherwise chaotic world. Look at Iraq, Libya, and Egypt to name a few. What chaos ensued after Hillary’s Arab Spring? 

The bottom line in most of these countries is that there are too many people and not enough prosperity. That is why we should bring them all to the United States. Because we have so much prosperity we can share it with all these people. I think people like Obama and Hillary believe this nonsense. And as long as they become richer, they don’t seem to notice that the American people are being taxed to death by thieves like Obama and Hillary. 

Hillary comments: Don’t measure prosperity by profits like President Bush,

Measure prosperity by social changes: Reducing inequality – lifts them out of poverty. 

This is why Hillary and Obama are idiots. And this is the basis of Global Warming propaganda. The “Global Community” thinks or imagines that by redistribution of wealth will bring about equality and prosperity. My guess is the Americans may revolt before that happens. These liberal Democrats may want to move to these other countries and prosper on their own. 

So the global liberal idiots think that if we can make social changes that democracy will follow and prosperity will be just around the corner. I think you could be the dumbest person on the planet and you will not buy into that. If you could get a piece of the money being redistributed as a Clinton or Obama then why not. But wouldn’t you be a Benedict Arnold to the rest of the Americans? 

One line I can’t resist. She states that:   Hillary learned to keep eyes wide open when it came to dealing with the Castro’s — but not so much with Billy Clinton fooling around with interns and sexually harassing several women for decades. 

If you really need to read this book, please don’t buy it. It is sitting at the library collecting dust and can be borrowed for free. There is a lesson to be learned here. The reason history is no longer taught in our schools is so that people will forget that prosperity comes first. If there is enough work to go around, there will be abundant prosperity to go around. The reason to have Democracy is not to eliminate corruption of politicians like Obama and Clinton. It is to limit the amount of money they can steal from the taxpayer here at home and globally as well. Let’s get prosperity correct in this country first before we worry about global prosperity! 

Bottom line is that these countries will do better if private businesses were allowed to invest in their country. This is not new. It has been going on for centuries. And there is a risk. At some time in the future the country will steal the investment and say they own it. But in the meantime, some people will taste the freedom of prosperity. And as more people prosper, then the country can afford to make social changes. Maybe if we stop shipping the people over here, they will stay there instead and make a difference. But how much money changes hands as the legal and illegal immigrants look for your prosperity in the land of the FREE. 

I feel sorry for Brian Williams. He has spent decades reporting on these liberal politicians lying to the people. He covered it up well! Why wouldn’t he have that same right to lie! 

It goes to show you how stupid or insane these people are. It is one thing to think about it, but to actually write about it!   So we all can see what a loser Obama and Hillary are for prosperity at home as well as globally! Prosperity can never come from the government. But the government can take your prosperity away!

For the global warming alarmists: In Pennsylvania it was 5 degrees last week. This week should have record breaking temperatures. Qaanaaq, Greenland was -24 degrees. And our idiot president told us all we had to do was keep our tires inflated and we would not be oil dependent. Where’s algore when we really need him.

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