Hillary, Politics and the Presidency

Now that there will be depositions from Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and a deposition already completed by Bryan Pagliano as approved by both the State Department and Judicial Wat6ch, what should we expect from here? In February it was ruled that Judicial Watch should be permitted to take depositions for information pertinent to both the e-mails and Huma Abedin’s employment outside of the position she held in Hillary Clinton’s staff.
The agreement reads
“ that discovery shall cover the creation and operation of clintonemail.com for State Department business and the actions of the State Department for processing the FOIA requests that implicated Hillary and Ms. Abedins e-mails that is subject to this action.” It does not cover matter unrelated to any State Department search, the employment status of an individuals employment, storage, handling, and transmission of classified information and any pending FBI investigations.”
Thus far, the lawyers for Mills, Abedin, and Paglianoo are not on board with the ruling. There is nothing to keep all three from pleading the fifth, although Pagliano has been granted immunity. None of the three lawyers have responded, including how they will respond to the subpoena.
There are four others that have been included in the subpoena, Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy, Executive Secretary Stephen Mull, Secretariat Executive Director Lewis Lukens and Diplomatic Security Official Donald Reid.
The proposed order would restrict the release of transcripts for three days in order to allow time for State Department to block release of possible classified material.
Telephone transcripts have already been received by Judicial Watch from the night of September 11, 2012. The phone transcripts show that, at 7:49PM on September 12, Hillary Clinton informed Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil that the attack in Benghazi in which four American patriots were murdered had nothing to do with a film. She stated during the conversation “ It was a planned attack, not a protest”. This was also shown to have been mentioned in her congressional testimony and ignored by the media. It was during this same testimony that Hillary admitted that she told her daughter that the attack was by an Al Qaeda-like terrorist group.
At 10:00 pm on the night of the Benghazi attack, Hillary issued an Official State Department press statement, having been approved by the White House, blaming an internet video that no one had seen or commented on for the attack.
This is the same woman who during Congressional Testimony, said
“ What difference at this point does it make?”
This leads one to believe that Hillary Clinton considers the American people irrelevant to her goal of becoming President. That the American people really don’t care about Benghazi. This a woman who gives no credit to the American people for caring about the security of our country .
There are those that tout her experience as Secretary of State. Let’s start with the “reset” with Russia. Our relationship with Russia is now worse than anytime since the Cold War. During her time as Secretary of State she showed no challenge to Putin, and combined with a weak, Muslim/Marxist President has allowed Putin to run through Crimea, and create a civil war in the Ukraine. Both she and Obama have allowed the Russian administration under Putin to ignore our Country and do what he can to build back the old Soviet Union. It will not end until this President is just a memory, or until Hillary is elected President whereas the path chosen will continue until the United States is ignored by the world and slips into being a third world country.
This is the same Secretary of State that declared Boko Haram was not a terrorist organization. This would not change until the kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria. Combined with Obama calling IS a JV team, is it any wonder why our allies are backing away from anything this administration says? This is the same lady who was fired from Watergate because of ethics violations. The debacle that turned out to be Whitewater, , or the speeches she was paid millions of dollars for given to countries where there is a real war on women. Or what of the cattle futures that made over 1100% in profit in a week that have never been answered by the media or law enforcement.
Still, many have talked about Hillary’s tenure at the State Department as being a shining example of what she would be able to do as President. So let’s look at some of what she has accomplished.
It was Hillary who the New Yorker called out about calling Syrian Bashar Al-Assad a reformer. In a legal brief that was linked to systematic torture and murder of tens of thousands to a policy agreed to by Assad. Just like his father, Hafez al-Assad, Bashar has suppressed dissent with the same brutality.
In Haiti, Hillary was instrumental in interfering in the 2010 Haiti election, and it still has not be explained how the Clinton Foundatiions pet project, Caracol Industrial Part project was such an abject failure.
It was Hillary who convinced that the country needed a pivot to Asia. A study completed and released in January by the Center for Strategic and International Studies expressed that the re-balance to Asia would not be enough to defend American interests in the area. Coupled with the destruction of major military policies has caused the United States to become an entity without the ability to fight even a one theater conflict.
Now that IS has started to take over Libya, Hillary has stopped calling Libya a success, and is now calling it a work in progress. In actuality it is a country of chaos, most to the government has stepped down and left, and ISIL is planning to use Libya as another route into Europe. Even when Obama called not planning for the aftermath in Libya one of the biggest mistakes made by this administration, Clinton still stands firm in declaring her failed policy will eventually be a success.
And now, Hillary is trying to take her fingerprints off of Libya and placing the blame on Obama. All the decisions made were made by Obama and she just obtained information. Obama’s plan didn’t work, according to Hillary, because of the Libyans obstruction and not following the orders she perceived would help the nation. It is the Secretary of State who is responsible for the day after, and again, Hillary failed.
This is the woman who wants to be President. Who feels it is owed to her, and that eight more years of progressive policies will help America to become the power it once was. There is so many more things that could be written about the criminal enterprise that the Clintons run. Look close, and you will see the cracks in Hillarys foundation. Following the Saul Alinsky template she will continue to divide the citizens so that her and the elites in both political parties can continue to take the money from the people and lie about what they promise to do for the American people.

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