Hillary’s Hard Choices are About to Get Harder

2013-01-17T015659Z_1_CBRE90G05F200_RTROPTP_3_OSCE-CLINTONI finally finished the epic book by Hillary. I should at least be up for a Nobel peace prize. Obviously the book did not do well. And at the end of the day, it looks like Hillary has not accomplished much in all these so called years of public service. But she does have her name on a lobbyist organization that they have named the Clinton Foundation. No one seems to know who the chief lobbyist is, could be Billy Bob, Chelsea or Hillary.

It doesn’t really matter. They are part of many  lobbyist organizations.  Can a lobbyist organization really seek donations without claiming they are connected directly or indirectly to lobbying.  After she left office, Hillary admits lobbying in the Whitehouse for stricter regulations  on preserving elephant ivory. And she wants a medal for succeeding, but did she really succeed. Used to be fun to feed the elephants at a local circus. Now with the new liberal interferences, it will be hard for anyone to ever get up close to an elephant again. I wonder what will happen to all those left over elephants.  Elephant burgers perhaps!

The best thing you can do to get a taste of the real Hillary is read the final sections in her book. Of course not many people could get very far in the book. At the end of the day and after spending billions of dollars, it is hard to find anything that Hillary has accomplished. And if you really want proof, then just look at her emails.

Another reason Hillary will probably not run or will lose the election, is that she is not likable. When she speaks she is in a tone that is not very enjoyable. One of the problems with Palin, was her voice. Well Hillary has the same problem. Billy Bob could charm the socks and whatever off most women. And when you see the victors: Reagan, Bush, Kennedy, and  Clinton, these were likable people. Look at Romney, McCain, Dole, Johnson, Kerry, Weiner and Algore, these are very unlikable people. So a lot of times it is not what you say, but how you say it. And Hillary is no Billy Bob. She knows the liberal rhetoric she just can’t deliver it in a likable fashion. She would have been better off born  into royalty and demand her position on the throne. But to say you will not see the private email server, can never be taken as a likable assertion.

Back to  the book, the last sections deal with LGBT rights. And woman’s rights that she has allegedly fought for. And Hillary really isn’t very bright, but the more she says, the more she usually hides her intelligence and shows her ignorance.

Let me give you an example of her intelligence. She claims or dreams that as the United States donates its money through the UN to poor countries this will help the people living in poverty. They in turn will become prosperous and will buy American products and help the American economy.  Let’s start off a little simple here. If a person is making a dollar a day working in a factory in China or the fields in Africa, how much do you think they will need to be earning to buy American products?  Maybe $10,000 a year? If they made that much and were Chinese, they would try to sneak into the US of A and have a baby on American soil. That doesn’t bode well for communism?

So Hillary writes about Haiti. and how President Bush and Clinton rounded up all this money. When ever you see the word Clinton and money you know someone is out to get rich, and it usually is not the guy or gal at the bottom of the totem pole.

So in Haiti 6 tenants are producing $26 million dollars in exports. and they are providing jobs for only 2000 Haitians. And this single mom is making $1820 a year. and if she gets promoted she could make $2730. (p542). Yahoo!

Let’s say for argument sake that each worker makes the same amount. So 2000 Haitians are going to be paid $600,000 dollars. But the companies are exporting $26 million dollars in widgets.   It just doesn’t add up. Hillary as Secretary of State spent most of her time lecturing foreign countries about human rights. At one point she also linked global human rights with security of this country.

So if we extract $600,000 from the $26,000,000: Houston we have a problem. The same capitalism that Hillary bitches about, seems to be at play here. But my guess is as long as the  tenants and the government are making contributions to entities like the lobbying Clinton Foundation it is all well and good. This is only one building in Haiti. The U.S. has donated billions to this country . All we see in return is the wrong people benefiting from the infrastructure investments. I don’t know how many American products can be purchased by someone in Haiti making $3,000 a year? I wonder if Hillary knows.

So Hillary’s theory is a lot of garbage. American dollars in other countries is not going to help the American economy. It will help Hillary’s economy!

Very rarely in Hillary’s books are there substantial numbers or dates. Sometimes she switches to percentages. The number of solar or windmills increased by 50%.  What is that 2!

It would seem to me that the State is there to protect our national interests. It appears that Hillary was more concerned with building the banks of the Clinton Foundation. She seems to believe that Human rights should come first then prosperity and democracy will follow. You could be the dumbest person on the planet and that doesn’t  make  any sense.

If there are not enough jobs to go around for everyone, someone is going to be without a job. And Hillary thinks she can wave her magic wand and if we give the jobs only to the people who are in poverty and lack human rights, then all people will end up with jobs.  It appears that idiots like Hillary and Obama really believe this stuff.  But reality and as Hillary would say or make up, history has taught us, that when there are not enough jobs to go around, the mighty will end up with the jobs. Not the weak and powerless.

So a smart person like Hillary should be working to create more jobs in these countries. If there are more jobs, there will be a need to hire more people. 

LGBT rights seem laughable. In a country where it is outlawed, does she really think that some how after Hillary has given a speech the people will change. Again the same problem, if there are not enough jobs to go around, you attack the ones that are “different”. Not because they are different or may be at odds with strong religious beliefs, because the other people want the jobs first. That is human nature and a means for survival.

As history will teach Hillary if she would open her eyes, it is all about the survival of the fittest. We need more jobs. If we have more jobs then everyone will have a job and won’t care about fighting for one. So if Hillary is concerned about security, what ever that means, maybe she should discover how to create jobs rather than human rights.

Hillary also mentions how the State was involved in hooking ambassadors up with American companies that wanted to do business in other countries.  I don’t remember seeing want ads in the NY Times. Was this special arrangement only available to contributors of the Clinton Foundation or the Democrat PAKS? If so we have a major disconnect and a conflict of interest. And this is from a socialist that doesn’t believe in capitalism. Only capitalism that benefits the Clinton Foundation.

There was also a foolish comment about fracking. Some believe or have professed that fracking has helped to lower fossil fuel costs in the US of A. But Hillary hints in her book that she is ready to regulate this industry. So do you want her to be president or Secretary of Energy?

By the way it appears that the price of oil went down when the sanctions were lifted from Iran. Think about that one. So what caused the price of oil to go up!

Also there was this one section on wood smoke and poor people. There are 3 billion with a “b” cooking on wood stoves. Hillary like the climatologists believes that all these poor folks are suffering because they are inhaling this black smoke.  So she allegedly starts a new wood stove entitlement handout. This cost to US of A was $50 million dollars so far and it only handled about 8 million stoves. The numbers don’t add up do they! 

It was funny because the EPA has never said anything about wood smoke which is pretty bad stuff. Now you know why. They can go after fossil fuels but not wood burning, The problem is that wood stoves last forever. It is the stove pipes etc. that probably start leaking and cause problems. They can be fixed or replaced. So instead of teaching the people how to fix the problem, they want to give them a new stove. A stove probably made in China and inferior to what they were using. What you need to do is follow the money. What company is making all the money and how much of a kick back is the Clinton Foundation and other liberal supporters receiving on this deal. So it is really not about the smoke. It is about the money they can steal from a made up cause. And thank god most of the people using the stoves are women and children. The men are out on the veranda breathing the fresh air.  Maybe its all a bunch of smoke and mirrors.  I wonder how many of these stoves have been sold or stolen before they were installed!

It would make more sense to give the people the fossil fuels like natural gas and give the poor people natural gas rather then useless and expensive wood burning stoves. Wood burning is dirtier and more polluting than all the fossil fuels. Especially if they use wet soft woods as fuel. Remember the American people must decide what jobs they can do without,  so other countries can enjoy the American jobs. And if they are not happy with their own country they are free to come to this country any time they want. Vote for Hillary and these liberal Obama policies will continue.  Maybe we should tax the Clinton Foundation at a higher rate. Isn’t this considered a windfall! And by the way the nonsense of global warming and climate change is only for one purpose: To punish anyone who chooses to prosper while using fossil fuels and make the lobbyists richer!

Well I am proud that I was able to get to the end of the Hillary book. If you want to see the real Hillary take a shot. Please don’t buy it, it sits in your public library collecting dust.

I am not sure why someone would write a book so long and filled with utter nonsense. I guess Simon made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Imagine if she wrote a book about the life with Billy Bob Clinton.  How she allegedly covered up all his carrying on with the opposite sex. If he was the first Black president, how come Hillary and Billy Bob were marked absent at Selma. But the great President Bush and his wonderful wife were there.  I guess the Clintons were too busy deleting the emails on the Clinton server.

It is hard to believe that the Democrats want to nominate a Hillary. This person couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it. And people actually think President Clinton was the best. He was an embarrassment and sold many American businesses and secrets overseas. The Clintons got filthy rich, but you didn’t. 

President Bush is still being ridiculed by his own party. Is there anyone with a brain, who wouldn’t want President Bush instead of Obama. President Bush was an honest man. By the way they are still finding wmd’s in Iraq and Syria. But President Bush never said a bad word about anyone. He was a man to be trusted. Would you ever trust a Clinton  to be truthful. Not on your life. So would you want another person like Obama in the Whitehouse?  Now that shouldn’t be a Hard Choice!

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