Hilllary and Benghazi

The debacle that was Hillary Clintons testimony before Trey Gowdy and the Benghazi commission was hard to take. I know the progressives/socialist/Democrats have started an unending campaign to convince the American people otherwise, but except for the low information voters who will vote for her anyway, many were not convinced by her lies and lawyerly explanations. I suppose we can be feel good about her not saying “I don’t recall” or “I don’t remember. It shows that even she knows that her explanations are false, her memory selective, and the overall atmosphere if her time as Secretary of State was a disservice to the American people and American policy.
The attack on Benghazi was a tragedy of unspeakable terror. Fighting for their lives were four Americans who allowed themselves to be put in harm’s way. They didn’t so it for the glory, or for the money. Those four gentlemen were there because they believed that America was worth fighting for. They died because no one in this administration was there for the “3 a.m. phone call that Queen Hillary made such a big part of her legacy. A legacy of dishonesty going all the way back to Watergate, and to this present day, with a complicit media, lies to the American citizens with impunity. In the end, Hillary was trying to find a way to use Benghazi to uplift her status in the run up to her presidential campaign, and Obama was two months away from an election.
The President of the United States should be beyond reproach. There will be disagreement and even arguments with the other side. But this administration has shown it can not be trusted and does not have the people of this country as its first priority. Obama has shown what an American tyrant can be, and Hillary is no different.
There can be no explanation for facing the families of these four men and lying as both Obama and Hillary did. There can be no excuse for Susan Rice going on all those talk shows and pushing what this administration knew was a lie. There can be no excuse for Samantha Powers going in front of the United Nations and speaking on what she knew was a falsehood.
Foremost upon the Clinton sycophants is Representative Cummings. This was the same man who was found to be colluding the with IRS in the scandal of holding up approval of Republican 503c’s that prevented them from taking part in the 2012 election cycle. It has been shown that Cummings who was the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was responsible for the targeting of Catherin Engelbrecht of True the Vote and King Street Patriots, even going so far as using the Committee’s letterhead in three separate letters. Cummings didn’t want to get to the bottom of that fiasco as well. Perhaps he should be asked about how he ran interference for the DOJ in Fast and Furious and lied to the Brian Terry family as well. This is the disreputable type that are running interference for Hillary. The Democrats must be so proud.
And then, there is Sidney Blumenthal. A long time confidant of the Clintons, who appears to have been a secret intelligence network for Hillary Clinton. While feeding Hillary “intelligence “ on Libya, Blumenthal was also being paid by the Clinton Foundation $10,000 a month. Why was this allowed to happen when even the Obama adminstration wanted nothing to do with Blumenthal? At first, and until yesterdays hearing Hillary claimed all the email between Blumenthal and her were unsolicited. If that was the case, and they were of no use to Hillary, why did she pass them on? Of course, Hillary who describes Blumenthal as an “Old Friend” knew nothing of his business dealing in Libya, a clear conflict of interest. Hillary sent an e mail to Blumenthal is which she stated “ Another Keeper, thanks and keep them coming.” After being confronted she changed from “unsolicited” to “started out unsolicited”.
Further on into the questioning Hillary admitted she did not know who wrote those intelligence memos, even though it has been proven that Blumenthal did not write a single one directly. Hillary was getting intelligence memos from someone she did know, and yet never asked who they were from. It was later proven that those intelligence memos were being written by Tyler Drumheller, former Chief of the CIA’s clandestine service in Europe. Drumheller was a part of the Alphom Group which employs former CIA personnel to use contacts to acquire and sell information. It was Blumenthal who approached Drumheller telling him that a good friend, Hillary Clinton was looking for information on Libya. Both Blumenthal and Drumheller commented about members of this administration in less than glowing terms. The targets of the malice they felt was towards the former Secretary of Defense Gates the Presidents national security advisor, and even about the President himself.
Blumenthal was an integral part of what went wrong in Libya, would not be hired by this administration, could not pass a background check, had no experience or expertise in Libya and worked for Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, and various media outlets, and was used for political advice on how to take credit for Libya before Benghazi. He has been found to use his connections with Hillary to promote his business interests on at least one occasion.
Hillary Clinton still insists the ouster of Ghadaffi was a success, that moderates would control the country. Democracy would take hold, and the Arab Spring was a revival of democracy in countries that had never been democratic. It was Hillary who instigated the air campaign in Libya and still claims that it was a successful intervention. It was an unauthorized war that never had congressional approval. Hillary wants the American people to believe that the reason it all fell apart with Islamic terrorism spreading through all of North Africa and the Middle East was because of a video.
In the House Select Committee during her testimony, Hillary has the audacity to claim that she never blamed the video. Her statement was “ I said “some” have sought to justify the attack because of the video. She told her daughter, the Libyan government, and the Egyptian Prime Minister that it was a terror attack while going forward upon the televised return of the four man who died At Joint Andrews AFB and in front of the American people and the families of those who had fallen that a video which we know had nothing to do with was the reason for the deaths of these four American Patriots. You lied to them, you lied to the American People, you will not be allowed to lie your way into the Presidency of this great country.
She casts off all responsibility even when saying she takes full responsibility for what happened. She has even gone so far as to cast aspersions on the Ambassador, claiming he knew the risks and never asked to be taken out. Many other diplomatic or humanitarian offices had been closed, but the office was kept open to facilitate Obamas grand slogan for his campaign: “Bin Laden is dead, GM is Alive, and al-Qaeda is on the run”
Hillary has the attitude that she did nothing wrong, that the rules and regulations of the country do not apply to her. She does not understand that her incompetence in foreign policy had led to the death of four Americans, and countless others in the aftermath of the collapse of Libya. The malignancy of this debacle will be with us for many decades to come.
The deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Navy Seal Tyrone Woods, Navy Seal Glen Doherty, and Information Officer Sean Smith and countless others who have had blood spilled because of this debacle is on your hands Hillary. And no amount of Democratic filibuster and shouting will ever make it go away.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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