Hilllary and National Security Part 3

Democratic Princess Hillary is in trouble. She continues to talk about the FBI doing a security evaluation rather than an investigation. The media will not tell the American People that it is , in fact, an investigation.
In the past weeks the developments have been forthcoming. The private e-mail that Hillary used, clintonemail.com, was set up by an aide of Bill Clinton as a private e-mail domain for Hillary. At the same time, the President was giving speeches about having the most transparent administration in history. The accountability was for the entire administration, including Cabinet members and all those who work for them. It was to be a “profound national commitment to ensuring an open government”. Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff led an effort with Huma Abedin, Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy and Hillary’s logistics chief, Lewis Lukens attempted to force the State Department to issue Hillary an encrypted Blackberry like the President had. When the response was no, Hillary continued to use her unencrypted Blackberry. Hillary was never used a device, laptop, personal computer or e-mail account issued by the State Department.
The request was pushed further after Hillary’s trip to Asia when it was shown that there was an intrusion into her personal Blackberry. The U.S. Intelligence community caught another country reading Hillary’s unencrypted emails during a trip to China in February 2009.
The State Department has been shown to have known that Hillary was using an unencrypted e-maiol server against the transparency laws if the State Department and the NSA. It is a felony to use any unauthorized device to thwart Freedom of Information Act laws, wh8ich is what Hillary did. The State Department did nothing to ensure that the private e-mail that Hillary used were secured in any way.
This is the same woman who is running for President who claimed at a rally “No one is above the law. Everyone who violates the law anywhere should be held accountable.” The question now is what will Loretta Lynch, our progressive attorney general do? Can she honestly say that nothing has reached the level of a prosecutable offense?
And what of our President? He claims that “There’s classified, and then there’s classified”. Mr. President there is only “Classified”. Classified covers confidential, secret and top secret. It isn’t that hard to figure out. And now they want to tell us that Hillary did not recognize classified information. There has never been a challenge to the procedures of how to keep classified information secure. Not until we had a Secretary of State who felt convenience was more important than national security and is now trying to wriggle out of the damage she has done to operations in our intelligence community.

And now comes information that “Guccifer”. The Romanian hacker who originally broke through to Hillary’s server is being extradited to the U.S. This not just a matter of coincidence, or that Guccifer can shine information on a “security review”. Not only did Guccifer, real name Marcel Lehel Lazar, break into Hillarys server, but did it through the email account of Sidney Blumenthal, a confidant of Hillarys who was a Clintons compatriot not vetted or authorized by the administration. Blumenthal has been shown to have received NSA memos that were Top Secret and passed them onto Clinton over not traditional unencrypted channels.
Lazar had already published memos from e-mails between Hillary and Blumenthal about the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks. Lazar has claimed he used to read Hillary’s e –mails for five or six hours a day6 according the a prison interview in Romania by Matei Rosca for Pando.com
It is informative that Lazar had no formal training nor the backing of any government entity. If it was that easy for Lazar, how much easier would it be for foreign governments who are our enemies to obtain this information?
Another area of importance is those who were on the Clinton private server. Huma Abedin, with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood saw everything that was on the server. The FBI is setting up an interview with Abedin, and one of the questions that must be answered is what did Huma know and what did she do with the information that she saw. In March of this year Hillary CLinton attended a public appearance in Los Angeles and sat nest to an Islamic Supremacist with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. She has been a highly enthusiastic supporter of Salam al-Maryati of the Muslim Public Affairs Council whose purpose is to subvert the United States and the free world by “civilizational jihad”.
Huma has overwhelming influence on Hillary as shown during her tenure of Secretary of State. In 2010, Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to overturn the policy of the administration to allow one of the Muslim Brotherhoods top operative Tariq Ramadan into the United States. As Secretary of State she was instrumental in the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya. She was personally involved in the approval of UNHC Res. 16/18, that makes it a crime to defame Islam. Going so far as to say we can use “old fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming, so that people don’t feel there is any support to do what we abhor. Hillary thinks nothing of the freedom of speech, and intends to push further the concept of Islamophobia. A concept that has been debunked even by the man who coined the phrase.
Into all this comes Obama. It is Obama who is sending the message to Loretta Lynch over at the Federal Attorney General office that although Hillary was “careless” with her e-mails, but has also stated that there was no damage to national security. He claims politics will play no part in the outcome, but if that is the case, why did he comment on the investigation in the first place? Of course, he claims Hillary did an excellent job as Secretary of State, and we can all see that with Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Russia. The question is more what did Hillary do that didn’t crash and burn on the foreign front.
Now another question has arisen. Why do the Clintons have shell companies in Delaware. One of the most stringent secret financial hubs in the world. At the address of 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington Del is over 285,000 shell companies, two of which belong to the Clintons .WJC,LLC was set up by Bill Clinton as a pass through for consulting fees. The other ZFS Holding, LLC was set up one week after Hillary left the State Department for payments from his book publisher.
Hillary has claimed she will crack down on shell companies and tax havens such as these. She has decried the “tax havens and loopholes” that the super rich have used to avoid taxation. The Clinton Foundation, already under investigation for “pay for play” also has three Delaware shell corporation. Accesso Fund LLC was set up to channel money to a columbian based private equity fund Fondo Acceso. Acceso Worldwide was set up in 2013 and a third the Haiti Development Fund LLC was registered in 2010.
But it all boils down to the server. It was not a personal account, but an e-mail system set up privately to avoid responsibility and the FOIA. Her original claim that she never sent or received classified information, has now been changed to she never sent or received any “marked” classified. The matter they were not marked or not is irrelevant according to the law. I can not believe that as Secretary of state and time in government she could not recognize classified material.
Obama like to say she was careless. How does that explain Hillary telling a deputy to remove the markings from a message and send it via e -mail. Is this being careless or a willful disregard of the law? Is this the person we can trust with national security on a national level, or the work for the country instead of herself. Unfortunately, there are those who will vote for Hillary without taking any of this into account, Just because she is a woman or a Democrat, or because of Bill Clinton.
A vote for Hillary is a vote for another 8 years of Obama.

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