Historic Gun Range About To Be Shut Down By Leftist Bureaucrats

KRRC Chief Executive Officer Marcus Carter

KRRC Chief Executive Officer Marcus Carter

Gun ranges are frequently targeted by left-wing activists in the government, andKRRC sadly, one is finally about to be wrongly shut down. This is alarming, because it marks the beginning of a slippery slope leading to forcing other gun ranges out of business. This will ultimately lead to a lack of reputable places for people to learn how to defend themselves with firearms, and a major step backwards for the Second Amendment after years of withstanding progressive attacks.

The Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club in Washington state has been targeted fornearly 20 years now by left-wing activists in government. I covered the events leading up to this previously here and here. KRRC has bravely fought the attacks off so far, mainly due to the efforts of its chief executive officer Marcus Carter, who has represented himself pro se throughout most of the proceedings, forcing himself to learn the law. But this last battle looks insurmountable if something doesn’t change.

The targeting has been going on for so long that local mainstream news sources frequently run political cartoons about it. It all began due to a vendetta that gun-grabbing Democrat prosecutor, Russ Hauge, developed against the club. His hatred became so well-known that virtually every attorney who now challenges him in elections – even Democrats – denounce it during their debates and declare that if elected, they will stop running the office based on political vendettas. The Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild issued a strong statement this year announcing it would not endorse Hauge for reelection. Unfortunately, so many people entered the race to challenge Hauge, they split the vote in the primary election, and he may very well end up winning in the general election again.

Russ Hauge

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