How Google, Facebook and Twitter Skew Internet News Against Conservatives

biasEver notice when you search for news or politics on Google News that the majority of search results tend to be articles from left-leaning publications? A search on Hillary Clinton today returns almost entirely articles by left-leaning publications on the first page of results. But is that just because liberals are more likely to search for stories about Hillary and are also more likely to prefer liberal sources? Maybe the Google result is just reflecting user preferences. Well, let’s try it for Donald Trump. I just did and got a similar result.

Fox News didn’t show up in either search, never mind that it’s a top ten news website with the most most popular television news network in America, and one that has been covering Trump’s presidential campaign obsessively. Only after clicking “Explore In-Depth” and scrolling well down the page did a Fox News story appear, in the 12th position, just below an article by Bloomington, Indiana’s Herald Times.

Similarly, the Google News homepage also contains a long list of left-leaning news sources first. These include The Washington Post, CNN, ABC, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, TIME, The Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, ABC and Reuters. There is not a single right-leaning news source in its list of top headlines. You have to scroll way down the page to the Business section, where the very last article is from The Wall Street Journal, whose news division often tilts left despite — or perhaps because of — its ties to Wall Street.

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