How I Massively Triggered the Left on Twitter

I merely tweeted after their exchange, “CJ Pearson, the teenager running circles around this adult!”

Boy did that set off a reaction. The adult I referenced, Tariq Nasheed, who describes himself as “the world’s #1 Race Baiter,” promptly accused me of racism. He has 229.5k followers, who also started responding back to me.

But one person who appears to be on the left attacked back.

The accusations of racism piled on. So I decided to defend myself. I tweeted a photo of me and my ex, who is black, both wearing MAGA hats.

Boy did that trigger the haters. They said the rudest, most racist things about my ex, including calling him a coon and tweeting a gif of a raccoon dancing. Some of the tweets are too profane to include here (they can be viewed here). They could not bear to see a conservative black man supporting President Trump. But the photo also got 49 likes.


The original person I had responded to blocked me. Before he blocked me, Larry Harris initially replied back and claimed he didn’t accuse me of racism. I responded and asked him why he criticized me for being a white woman.

That prompted a lot of responses from people admitting they did not know whether I am white or not, they had been too quick to judge (I have such a variety of nationalities I could pass for Hispanic). I didn’t give them the satisfaction of clarifying. Unlike people on the left, I try to treat people as colorblind.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 3.18.18 PMscreengrab

They claimed I was still racist despite the photo.


They didn’t hesitate to bring up racist stereotypes.

They accused me of using the n word to refer to my ex, even though I haven’t. I responded.

They trolled my Twitter feed, and tweeted photos of me and my ex, including a photo of him wearing a Confederate flag bandanna. He bought it for the reactions, not that he cares strongly about the Confederate flag one way or another. Boy did that trigger them!

They made fun of other pictures of us.

One woman demanded that I be fired.

Some of them admitted they do not like interracial dating. This is a ridiculous position, since my ex is half-black and half-white. Does this mean he should never have been born? And even though he’s half-white, he’s not allowed to date whites?

Tired of seeing my ex called a coon, I responded back.

One person claimed that my ex “looked lost.” Another rudely disputed that.

The obscenity was so overwhelming I finally addressed it.

My ex was over at my place the first evening this all started (we are still good friends) and had me respond to the haters.

Not everyone who dislikes Trump was hateful.

Nor were all the black people who responded against me.

One person offered some advice.

When I complained about all the racist tweets, one person claimed I was lying.

My friends jumped in to defend me.


This experience just reinforced how radicalized the left has made some on the left regarding race, especially blacks. I have never been called a racist and white supremacist so much in my life. It should be obvious if I am dating a black man that I am not a racist. But they’ve turned it around because we support President Trump. Evidence that I’m not a racist becomes evidence I am a racist. And their pretend horror at racism is exposed by all the derogatory and racist remarks they make about my ex.

If I actually said something racist, they would stop at nothing to destroy my reputation and my career. But they get away with the racist remarks, no one is coming after them. Hopefully this article will do a little to expose some of that. People need to realize just how bad it’s gotten. I’m not even that high-profile on Twitter (I have fewer than 20,000 followers) but the viciousness launched against me was overwhelming. It’s almost like these people feed on accusations of racism and white supremacy. I used to think if Trump had a black wife, the left would back off on the accusations of racism. This experience has caused me to change my mind on that.

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