How Immigration Insanity Is Destroying The Family Unit

As hordes of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East continue to flood into the West, there is one major aspect to the immigration crisis that is rarely discussed: The decline of the family unit in Western societies and how this is going to shape the future of all Western nations.

Following the sexual revolution of the swinging sixties, the marriage rate has been in steep decline, plummeting seventy percent since 1970. Modern generations are simply not marrying and having large families as previous generations did. Sexual equality and equal opportunities have led to women entering the workplace en masse, choosing to pursue a career over marrying and having a family. Indeed, thanks to the success of second-wave feminism, many young women now regard marrying and raising children as something undesirable and even oppressive.

More and more young adults are choosing to live alone, with the United States leading the way in this destructive trend. Self-gratification and the pursuit of a hedonistic lifestyle have replaced the natural urge to find a partner and procreate to ensure survival of the genes. The invention of the contraceptive pill has given women the sexual freedom denied to their ancestors. And liberal attitudes towards sexuality mean sex is now recreation instead of procreation, with promiscuity accepted as a good lifestyle choice.

Those couples who do marry are choosing to have smaller families and all of these factors have caused birth rates throughout the West to nose-dive. It’s not just genes that aren’t being passed on. The morals, traditions and values which were the foundations of Western civilization aren’t being passed on either.

All of these factors are transforming the once mighty West and indicate that the people of the West seem to have forgotten the most basic rule of survival dictated by Mother Nature: Demography is destiny. If a people don’t replace themselves in sufficient numbers, they will be replaced by those who will. In the 21st Century, Western nations such as Italy, Germany, France and especially Spain, are not replacing themselves in sufficient numbers to ensure continuation of the culture. Watch the video below to see how this will be nothing short of catastrophic for these nations:

Demography Is Destiny

If this failure to reproduce wasn’t disastrous enough by itself, the nations of the West are aborting millions of children every year. Ninety percent of these abortions are purely because the baby is deemed to be inconvenient. So not only are Westerners failing to breed sufficiently, they’re snuffing out the lives of the most precious and vulnerable human beings solely for the crime of growing in their mothers’ wombs.

This failure to reproduce in sufficient numbers can be summed up in a single sentence: The people of the West have rejected the Judeo-Christian values which created the most advanced, flourishing civilization and have embraced liberal values that have never created anything, have never worked and never will.

The generations whose blood, sweat and tears built the once mighty West over centuries of struggle weren’t stupid. They knew promiscuity, hedonism and selfishness were toxic to both individual and society. They were able to build strong, successful nations because of their Judeo-Christian beliefs and duty to God, family and community. These values gave them a sense of belonging and purpose with service to something higher than the self a cornerstone of their lives.

For most, life was very hard and the support from your extended family and community was crucial in the fight for survival and the quest to solve the problems presented by Mother Nature. Remember, there was no such thing as welfare back then, no government largesse to bail you out. So solid were these foundations, no other peoples were able to achieve what the generations of those who built the West did.

As the people of the West have rejected traditional Judeo-Christian values en masse, the extended family is in terminal decline, there’s been a loss of community spirit along with sense of serving something higher than the self. So what you may ask? The problem is the West is importing millions of third world immigrants who regard the family unit as vitally important. These immigrants believe very strongly in their religions and in their values and traditions and they are bonded by a strong sense of community.

What may come as a surprise to many is to discover that the decline of the family unit and the loss of Judeo-Christian morality aren’t happening by accident. Since the 1960s, there has been a relentless “progressive” attack on Western families to lower breeding rates, empower women and demonize and feminize men.

Driven by a fanatical belief in the teachings of Mao Ze Dong, second wave feminists launched an all-out assault to breakdown the “oppressive patriarchal society.” Women were encouraged to break free from the chains of marriage and pursue careers and challenge for leadership positions. Matriarchal values such as sympathy, empathy, pity and compassion were promoted at all levels of society so crucial decisions were driven by sentimental, irrational emotions instead of reason and logic.

Such a dramatic shift in society mean leaders now think in terms of what is “moral and best for all of humanity” instead of being in-tune with the harsh reality of life and the competition for survival. As a swarm of immigrants continues to pour over Western borders, the leaders of almost all Western nations will place the interests of aliens above the interests of their own people because “the refugees are poor, desperate human beings who are suffering terribly and who just want a better life.”

Of course the underlying belief at work here is the golden rule. If you’re good to others, they in turn will be good to you. That the millions of immigrants entering the West don’t share this moral code is conveniently never mentioned. Bound by their own quite different moral codes and cultures, they will always put their own interests first. They have no sympathy or empathy with the West, believing they are entitled to claim the territory and bounty of the West without giving a second thought for how this impacts on the indigenous peoples and their culture.

The vast majority of these third-world invaders come from honor/shame based cultures that are fiercely patriarchal. In these societies, the golden rule simply doesn’t exist. For example, Islam is a supremacist ideology that commands believers to fight and kill unbelievers. Women have next to no rights and are treated like beasts. Men can marry up to four women and have children with each of them. They are raised not with Western values but Islamic values and Muslim immigrants demand their ways and traditions are accommodated at the expense of the indigenous people who will be smeared as Islamophobic racists if they dare to object because they simply want their culture and traditions to come first.

There’s another grave aspect to the immigration crisis rarely, if ever, raised in the mainstream media. By opening up its borders, the West is importing thousands of Muslim males who are all of fighting age who have been raised to believe Islam must be the dominant faith. The example of their prophet Muhammad and the sacred texts of Islam command them to wage jihad – holy war – against the unbelievers to make this happen. In contrast with Western males, they are very masculine, not driven by empathy, emotion or pity and have complete confidence in their faith. They use women as breeding machines and have no guilt whatsoever about making others pay for it all.

While western men become more and more feminized; while Western women become more empowered; while marriage rates and birth rates have plummeted; while millions of babies are aborted throughout the West every year and as the values and traditions that built the West continue to be rejected, a message is being sent: We have given up and are ripe for conquest.

Islam isn’t the problem nor is mass immigration. The devastating attack on the family, once the solid bedrock of the mighty West, has inflicted a deep, festering wound on Western society. It hasn’t happened by accident and it’s been achieved largely by stealth and deception. Every family has been hit by this attack in some degree yet the vast majority of people remain unaware of it.

As the traditional Judeo-Christian family unit continues to decline, the transformation of the West continues apace and a gun is being pointed at the heads of future generations. It is they who will reap what the West is currently sowing and unless the people of the West rediscover the confidence in their traditions and culture, the greatest civilization ever created will suffer the same fate as the Roman Empire.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the new book: Death of the Family – True Stories of the Charlatans Who Deceived the World and Broke the Backbone of Our Society. To discover how and why the family unit is being deliberately destroyed along with the identities of those responsible, click here now >>

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