How Much Should Women be Paid?

women make less moneyI have hired a lot of women over the years. Most of my employees were women. A few of the  associate dentists were male. But all the rest were female. There was one male dental assistant that was considering a position, but he was never hired. 

I also worked the books for my father who owned a business as a general contractor and he hired mostly males and I handled the books and knew what these folks were being paid from the time I was 14 until I went into the USAF at 25. 

So no one gets paid the same. Sorry gals and Obama it just doesn’t work that way.  If you work for the government it is a bit different for regular jobs they use a number system balanced by the number of years in service. But in the real world where profit rules most people are paid by what the market will bear and what the recipient will take. 

So Obama has another fairy tale that women make 75 cents on a dollar compared to men. And this has been found to be false by all accounts. And last week it was found that it is true in the DSCC office. Whose going to fix that! 

When an employer hires someone there are some goals to be met and it is different for all industries.  If the learning curve is short and there are multiple applicants than the employer really doesn’t care how long the employee lasts.  On the other end if the learning curve is long or the skill set is quite high and the employee pool is limited, then the employer wants the employee to last longer and will probably pay more providing a few important details are attained. One factor that Obama never had to deal with: There must be a profit and the person hired must bring in revenue that exceeds the cost of employment plus taxes, etc. 

In dentistry the hygienists in most cases could not see the whole picture. To some it was only a job and if she was bringing in $200 dollars an hour, she expected to be paid most of that money. This is a problem is a capitalistic society. In a commie society you just keep raising taxes and printing more money. But in a dental office there are all sorts of expenses. The overhead is expensive. Someone has to be paid to make the appointments. Someone has to be paid to do the tons of paperwork, order supplies, pay the bills, dismiss the patient. Oh and just maybe the doctor should receive a little remuneration. Now they want to pay college athletes and form a union. Now that makes a lot of sense, I wonder what the union dues will be like? 

I remember when I was a young buck and going through a mental exercise. If I hired an extra dental assistant and paid her $10 dollars an hour,  all I had to do was produce an extra $10 dollars an hour and I have it covered. And unfortunately most  businesses that fail think that way. It should be more like if I can’t produce another $100 dollars or more an hour, DON’T DO IT! 

It takes time to figure that out. And some companies end up with a lot of revenue and don’t know how to deal with it. Some times prosperity can be short and sweet, especially if you need to make a profit. Anyone can hire people and spend money, but at the end of the day, you need to have the money to pay the bills. If only Obama had any sense of that… Fact of life.

The biggest problem with hiring folks is not the employer. It is usually the employee or the potential employee. 

I always used to ask how much do you want to make. And that was the deciding factor. If the price was right I would hire the person all factors considered. Some folks will walk away from a job if they don’t make enough. Sometimes they buy the song and dance that they will get a raise in a few months if “things work out”.  That means different things to the employer and the employee. Some employees it means if I show up. To some employers it means if enough money comes in and the bills don’t go up, I will pay this employee more money. Usually that doesn’t happen and the pay raise is slow to come if at all. 

So the bottom line is: Are women more willing to work for less than men on the average.  That  is probably true. And people usually don’t know what others are making so until they find out, things may work out for a while. And whose fault is it, if women are willing to work for less! 

I remember one time that I hired an assistant who ended up being pretty good and the front desk person found out about it and quit because she thought she was worth the same amount. What she didn’t realize was that she was a pain and not an enjoyable person to work with. So you see there are many factors that come into play when you hire someone and want to keep them around not just the money! 

The way the socialists think is that there should be equality. As an employer there will never be equality. Personalities are important. Demands are always challenging. At one point when I was trying to build the practice, there was always someone at the bottom of the totem pole that was blamed for everything. It became a joke after a while. Some folks are good managers and hire the right people. But they are few and far between. It makes it easier if your business is very profitable. What comes first the chicken or the egg. At the end of the day, you don’t want to end up with egg on your face! 

But the socialists  see equality as a bit different. They see all the money coming in as being divvied  up among everyone. We can look at the Whitehouse payroll and see that isn’t happening. So the overall scheme is to tax the rich to raise taxes to minimize the purchasing power of the wealthy and raise the minimum wage. Equality will come from the fact that if you make less than $50,000 you will receive all these benefits and probably won’t have to work more than 30 hours per week. 

The wealthy will have to work like hell to make over $100,000 and they will pay through the nose for taxes, healthcare, etc. So in the commie dream the wealthy and poor will be equal. The problem is: Will the entrepreneurs who build the US of A want to take the risks for no capital gain when they can do better in other countries? 

Now maybe that is why some women are willing to work for less, with the hope that the job will lead to better positions and more money. Obama said grandma should have been a bank president. We will never know if she wanted the position or if it was offered to her. But if she was worth it she could have gone to another bank. Why did she slave in the same old bank that did not promote her. Just because she wasn’t promoted, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t paid well. If she wasn’t wouldn’t she have quit and taken her precious grandson out of the expensive private schools in Hawaii! 

The commies and liberals want equality. Everyone gets paid the same. The capitalists want opportunity. You control your own destiny. If you don’t like the offer for the job, go some where else. But with the Obama economy, are there really that many jobs out there that will pay you more? 

If you compare apples to apples, men and women make the same amount of money. Why would Obama want to lie about this. Maybe it is all about winning the vote of ignorant women who think socialism will provide them with the job of their dreams. News blast to all commies: It won’t!   

Capitalism is the potential for prosperity for all and communism is prosperity for a few like the Clintons and Obamas. If you want more communism… Vote for the Democrats in November. If you want less intrusion and More FREEDOM… Don’t vote for a Democrat!

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