How Much Tolerance is Too Much?

This is not the America I know. Our culture that has always been a shining beacon for the world has been toppled, broken, crushed. It started long ago with a loss of pride in our country and a loss of individual responsibility. Those in our country with a lack of moral clarity bordering on the criminal have been allowed to overtake our institutions from academia to politics. The economic and moral support given to the charlatans has been given by an underclass whose sole purpose is to take from others and those of us who are going about our day to day lives trying just to get by. They find themselves without the clarity to think about such things as freedom, achievement, values or morals.
Crime and violence has been the response to the devaluing of the currency of morality. What was unthought-of 20 years ago is now commonplace. Our cities, mostly under Democratic control have become war zones, law enforcement is being stalked and ambushed, and the Obama administration has embraced the thug culture by actively criticizing law enforcement.
It is Obama who has caused a great deal of the turmoil that we see today. From the “Black Liberation Theology” taught in a church he attended for twenty years but ostensibly never heard the denigration of America while there, to Frank Marshall Davis his communist mentor while growing up, our Community Organizer has always had a deep seated bias against any authority, particularly white authority.
With a Department of Justice used for the implementation of revenge type social justice this bias was allowed to blossom into the full time bias we observe today. Holder discussed race only as far as blaming whites for the challenges blacks face even going so far as to call us cowards who would not discuss race. But his cowardice and bias was on display when he cancelled the Philadelphia Black Panther case. It showed that Holder was nothing more than one of Obamas thugs used to push a progressive socialist agenda.
Law enforcement has been forced to back off any situation that may be construed as volatile for fear of the federal government and the media creating a circus out of any decision law enforcement makes that the PC crowd does not agree with. Under Obama, Holder, and the media, the destruction of the rule of law has been ongoing for six years and is a fundamental building block for the chaos to come. If the chaos breaks down what is left of our cultural society, the radicals will be making the rules and deciding who will prosper under an “ends justifies the means” society. It is to be expected from an administration that has flaunted the rule of law, ignored both the judicial and legislatives branches of government to rule by executive order and has ignored the will of the country as a matter of routine. We have a President who lives in his own narcissist reality, claiming the economy is fine, and we are well loved by all in the world.
The customs, principles, traditions and moral values of our country is what makes us who we are. These teachings of religious principles have been overtaken by those in the politically correct movement. The Ten Commandments were a foundation to base the etiquette and conduct for many generations. The expectation of generally good conduct was within our society. Today things have changed. We use scantily clad women to sell hamburgers, children can use words to their parents that would have caused stern discipline in days past, and everyone except the white heterosexual male is a victim. Unwed mothers are given everything they need to live a life of dependence with no input from the babys’ father, and the taxpayer is made to foot the bill. &2% of black children and 30% of white children are illegitimate. But we have no one to blame but ourselves. If we allow the media, and progressives to tell us that traditional values and morality are not moral absolutes and that what is or is not moral is a personal decision, this will continue. In schools, students learn values clarification, undermining both parents and religious teachings. Where does this lead? It is one of the reasons why, in a great many states a teenage girl can now get an abortion with parental consent with the assistance of the school she attends. It is why schools have bowls of condoms in the nurses office so the students can pick one up whenever they like without any questions. We live in a country now where more and more people are being placed in positions where they must depend on the government for help, where more small businesses have closed than have opened, and where people are being told by the media only what the government wants them to know.
The different agencies of this government have taken it upon themselves with the blessings of this administration to pass regulations with the full force of law that have never been voted upon in Congress. Both the Democrats and Republicans are to blame for allowing the executive branch the powers given to Congress, allowing them to pass laws and then charge those who break these laws and levying enormous fines without benefit of trial. This allows our government to be accountable to no one.
Tolerance is no longer expected by those on the right. The progressives speak of tolerance, but only of the opinions and “truths” that they hold dear. There is a simple test to show how all encompassing this thought control is. Go into any school and mention God. You know what the response would be. We now are so tolerant that we allow satanic displays next to the manger during Christmas. To be honest in some places we can’t say Christmas anymore, it has to be Happy Holidays. Stores that require Happy Holidays do not get my business.
The tolerance expected of the American people is reaching a breaking point. What of the father of three kids who wakes up in the middle of the might worrying about how he is going to feed his children the next day without a job. Or the family who has to pack up the belongings they have and store them with friends until they can find a place to stay. How can either of them explain to the children that most of the jobs since the last collapse have gone to illegals, and there is no work to be found. And how can you explain to these same children that Obama refuses to deport these illegals until the job market improves.
Tolerance can only go so far. This country was based on certain values, and tolerance was one of the. But tolerance stops at the barrier of social degeneracy, tyranny, and victims of their own stupidity.

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