How Nazi Ideology Lives on in Post Modern Environmentalism

grnnzsEver since my days at the Evergreen State College when I listened to died in the wool Marxists and environmentalists peddle their propaganda to many empty jeans (Evergreen students), I have always been criticized for being an idealist in my writings and discussions – which is a no-no when you talk to Marxists and environmentalists.  Marxists and/or socialists believe economics determines ideology and/or ideas, and environmentalists want people to believe that nature knows best so that you virtually do away with your ideas.  Such unthoughtful dogmas have done much damage to how people reason and think today, and is the primary reason why many discussions, whether political, religious, philosophical or otherwise, are so devoid of thoughtful expression.  While it is true the natural created order, history itself, and everyday experience (all of which are existentially based to be more philosophical) have much to teach us rooted in the concrete details of life that are designed to protect us from foolishness, such things are not the only drivers of thought.  Watch this very insightful introduction by Dr. Stephen Hicks on his excellent book entitled “Nietzshce and the Nazis” where he quickly dispatches with such unthoughtful modern dogmas in about 5 minutes.   

Ideas matter, and have profound effects on what people do in spite of the existential struggles in history and in the world which we live.  This was no less true with regard to National Socialism, who in spite of their stiff opposition to the Judeo-Christian worldview and un-German western philosophy, propagated harmful ideas that led to destruction and catastrophe.  Yet very few histories on National Socialism take seriously Nazi ideology, reflecting our very unthoughtful modern cynicism that has been greatly influenced by Marxist and existential thinkers opposed to idealism and the importance of ideas.  Such an approach to the history of fascism has left us with a very superficial understanding of National Socialism overloaded with simplistic caricatures that have not sufficiently warned us as to the dangers posed by this movement in the western world.  While National Socialism was defeated on the battlefield, it has not been defeated in the world of ideas – far from it. 

Part of the reason why modern scholars do not take ideas very seriously is that it takes a very long time for them to inculcate themselves into the mind, and spread from there into the broader society – sometimes taking even a century or two to have its fullest impact on as many as possible.   In a world that fixates on all things now, it is therefore hardly surprising that ideas and ideology are routinely ignored in many modern studies, but movements like National Socialism did not spring out of nothing or nowhere all of a sudden into worldwide conflagration that cost the 20th century some 50 million lives and much suffering along with it for those who did survive.  Many godless proto-Nazi foundation stones were laid in Germany throughout the 1800’s that percolated and stewed in the hearts of many before such a historical manifestation of National Socialism could arise in the first place.  More critical, many of these proto-Nazi ideas are still with us in today’s western world, including modern environmentalism.  Please read my latest article entitled, “How Nazi Ideology Lives on in Post Modern Environmentalism.”  Modern environmentalism is currently on the warpath of deconstructing the West materially, but what few understand is that such deconstructive policies are founded upon deconstructive philosophies that raged in Germany throughout the 1800’s and spilled out into the West from the racist forests of the fatherland (German romanticism/existentialism is at the heart of our modern madness).

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