How Political Discrimination Has Replaced Racism

Model Zoe “Zosobe” Bethel loses contract for conservative views.

“There is real evil in the world.” – P. Lieberman

Following the 2016 election, Republican and conservative minorities have become some of the most ostracized groups in today’s society. Racist incidents and politically motivated assaults are on the rise, as needless evil has seemingly made its home in American politics. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real, very contagious condition afflicting extremist Democrats, Clinton sympathizers, and Alt-Left ideologues. Consequently, as a result of such deranged hate, minority and LGBTQ+ supporters of President Trump have become so marginalized they face unchecked prosecution, well beyond the protections of free speech enshrined in the First Amendment.

What if I were to tell you that you could tour the entire East Wing of the Whitehouse, and attend a full-service reception alongside a fantastic performance by the Marine Corps band, but your employer would terminate you for doing so? Zoe Sozo Bethel, a conservative model of Bahamian descent, has recently become a trend across social media for that very story. Ursula Wiedmann Models terminated Ms. Bethel the morning of November 1st, citing her “racist political connections” as contrary to the company’s policies of “love acceptance and inclusiveness.” The extent of Ms. Bethel’s “racist political connections” include attending the Young Black Leadership Summit (“YBLS”), where Ms. Bethel took the aforementioned trip to the Whitehouse, as well as a few photographs on social media of the young model wearing MAGA branded apparel alongside more prominent black conservatives, namely Candace Owens and former police officer Brandon Tatum. Clearly, to Ursula Wiedmann Models, love and acceptance apply to all except minority conservatives, who must all be self-hating “racists” in support of a “racist” President. Beyond Trump, is it not racist in itself to assume a summit of black conservatives is racist? While employers, racist or not, do have a right to choose and release employees at their discretion, releasing an employee solely for their non-violent political opinion is discriminatory, illegal, and in direct violation of state anti-retaliation laws. I attended YBLS 2018 and can give my testimony regarding the utmost professionalism and kindness Zoe exhibited, especially when she relayed a picture of the weekend event itinerary to me when I had misplaced my own. When asked for a statement, company owner Dapper Lou remarked: “The radical Left movement is taking this country in the wrong direction, making well to do people targets of hate.” Manager Ursula Wiedmann could not be reached for comment.

Apathy for and violence against Trump supporters is a common theme in today’s society. Another growing trend, this time on YouTube, are videos of men, not typically intoxicated, stealing the hats of, and even assaulting Trump supporters, some as young as 16. Kino Jimenez is one such example, being charged with felonious theft after stealing a minor Trump supporters’ hat and throwing a Cola drink in his face at a What-A-Burger in San Antonio, Texas. To quote Donald Trump Jr., “No one should feel unsafe supporting their President.” Kino Jimenez could not be reached for comment. These incidents, occurring in battleground and safe-states alike, are more often than not hate crimes in the guise of political disagreement. “Hatsnatchers” represent the worst of America, and more specifically, the worst of the Left, as a compounding result of the ongoing feud between the Left-wing media and the President.

Where does the blame for public contempt of all-things-Trump fall? It is not unreasonable to say the beginning of this avalanche started in the Republican primaries, where candidates viciously attacked each other’s families in competition for the Presidential nomination. Turning on cable television today, watching the news; it’s something different altogether. “The media is drunk on Donald Trump,” as commentator Rob Smith puts it. Rather distastefully, every headline, along with every negative connotation you could assign to any word, is directed in a malicious manner towards the Trump administration. Bear in mind, the same organizations attacking the President are the ones privileged enough to send reporters to the Whitehouse, where they shout questions about alleged assassination attempts while the President meets with leaders of foreign nations. These organizations have no, or very little respect for the President, and look to see him fail at every turn. Regardless of political affiliation, such behavior is counter-productive in the face of a two-term presidency.

The media, or more specifically the Left-wing media, is still suffering from their 2016 diagnosis of Trump Derangement Syndrome, further perpetuated by Democrat frontrunners like Eric Holder who remarked “When they go low, we kick them!” when asked about party platform at a 2018 Democratic campaign conference. Such divisive, venomous rhetoric is not only damaging to the relations of political parties, but also to the relationships of politically divided families and friends across the nation. Such language is also not conducive to creating progress, which is what the progressive Left exactly tries to sell to the American people; the ultimate hypocrisy. Perhaps instead of a donkey, Eric Holder’s Democratic Party can have their emblem be a vignette of a snake oil salesman.

Political discrimination, today, has replaced racism as the vehicle of choice for hate and bigotry. Instead of preaching progress and unity in, the face of adversityDemocratic candidates stoke the fires of division, so they burn ever hotter. Class and racial lines are no bounds in this game. Should Democrats survive the midterms, such nefarious behavior will only be allowed to continue. The last thing America could do with is another civil war. Vote early, vote well, and vote for a prosperous, united America.

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