How the “Left” Thinks!

The problem with all Leftist arguments and debates on any position is that they completely blur any distinction between lawful and lawless, in an effort to confuse, distort, and force their position that since everyone is lawless in some way, no one is, and individualism still means everyone is the responsibility of everyone else, from each according to their wealth, to each according to their fair share.

Take the Second Amendment.  There is no difference to the Leftist between a law abiding gun owner, and a mass murderer, because all gun owners are potentially mass murderers, they think, which is how they rationalize banning all guns and gun ownership ever incrementally.

There is no difference to the Leftist between a lawful immigrant going through the process, and an illegal alien dropping anchor babies and taking advantage of the Leftist misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, bringing in generations of illegal aliens living off welfare.  If everyone is guilty of something, then no one is, therefore all people crossing the border are “immigrants.”  Then a sanctuary city is merely to keep families together, and so communities will trust the police and inform on their neighbors to solve crime, all of which is nonsense.  There are lawful immigrants and illegal aliens.  There is no such thing as an undocumented anything, because everyone is documented from somewhere.

There is no difference to the Leftist of someone completely happy with their employer health insurance plan, and a low income person without any health insurance.  So if some people are without health care, then evreyone is.  And the only way to insure everyone gets the same system, is to force everyone under a government mandated plan.  The low income person could be taken care of by tax credits, vouchers and subsidies, and leaving everyone else alone, but that would mean people are individuals and independent.  Anything that comes from the government, can be completely mandated and managed by the government.  Because everyone is the responsibility of the government, everyone’s health care is the responsibility of the government.  And if your health care is government controlled, your life is government controlled.

There is no difference to the Leftist between a tax cut and a tax increase.  The reason there is no difference between a tax increase, and a tax cut, is because they ask the same question, “how are you going to pay for it?”  You don’t pay for a tax cut, because you get money back.  You PAY for a tax increase.  The reason the tax rate is irrelevant to the Leftist is because they believe all money is government money.  And since the economy is a closed system where the only money one gets is money taken from someone else, all money has to be government money or it won’t be distributed fairly.  Which is why no matter how extorting the government taxes, it is never enough for the Leftist because money only belongs to the government, so it is just circulating in the closed system. You didn’t earn it, build the company, or do anything on your own.  It was always government money, all of it.

There is no difference to the Leftist between those who disagree slightly, and those who disagree completely.  You are all the enemy.  If you agree completely with the Leftist politically, then you are politically correct.  If you disagree however slightly, you are politically incorrect, and therefore the enemy.  If you are the enemy, then anything can be done to you to make you “correct.”  The Left makes no distinction between civil and logical debate, and violent riots, assaults, and homicide.  It is all “resisting.”  How many police have been shot in their cars for example.

To the Left, all enemies are called Fascists.  Fascists are full of hate they say, therefore their speech can not be protected.  Hate speech isn’t really speech under the First Amendment, which only protects Leftist speech, because that is real speech.  The Fascist is to be hated, but that’s okay because they are Fascists, and therefore anything done to a Fascist, however violent or destructive, “by any means necessary,” is irrelevant because it’s being done against Fascists.  So even though the Leftist’s have actually become real Fascists themselves, the only people that are actually people, according to the Leftists, are the Leftists, and once they dehumanized everyone else, anything done to the “politically incorrect” is completely justified.  Which is essentially the definition of Fascism.

Once they blur all the distinctions, they can do anything, and justify it in their minds.  And that is why the Left is always so violent when they are out of power, and why they control or try to control everything, when they are in power.

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