How to Deport Millions of Illegal Aliens, Without Employing a Single Stormtrooper.

Every time the issue of illegal aliens or deportation comes up, the Left, argues against something they know isn’t going to happen. But the reason the Left always brings the conversation to the line, “how are you going to round up and deport 15 million undocumented immigrants?” is not to get an answer, It is to get you to feel bad for even thinking about deporting anyone. Because they know it isn’t going to happen the way they describe, their argument is completely bogus. But it is incredibly effective, which is why you keep hearing the line.

The Left loves imagery, and if they can get average Americans to envision huge numbers of federal agents doing house to house searches, breaking doors down and seizing criminal aliens in their sleep, then they win. They plant the seed that this is the ONLY way to remove illegal aliens, and therefore if this is the ONLY way, then no way should be tried. And the Left accomplishes their goal of changing the argument to actually making it acceptable for aliens to remain, because the cost and trauma of the ONLY way to remove them is so horrendous to even contemplate, the ONLY alternative is to let them stay. It’s all B.S. of course, as it is an all too common tactic of the Left to make a claim that isn’t true, that the Right has never proposed, pretend that the Right did, and then argue against it. No one in the Trump Administration or Trump himself has said that Trump will send out thousands of stormtroopers door to door to round up and deport illegal aliens, yet for anyone who hears a discussion of deportation that is exactly where their mind goes, because of the propaganda and false imagery planted by the Left. That is how propaganda works.

*** The answer to illegal aliens in this country was never to round them up and force them to leave, that’s just silly. The answer is to make it impossible for them to stay.

So how do you do that. The first and most important thing is to immediately pass Representative Peter King’s bill, H.R. 140 of 2015, to revoke the misinterpretation of the so-called “birthright clause” of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. That misinterpretation is responsible for every “anchor baby” wrongly granted citizenship since 1965, and for every extended family member brought in to this country that is somehow barely connected to those anchor babies. Current policy is to immediately grant U.S. citizenship to any baby born on U.S. soil, regardless of whether the mother is an illegal alien, or tourist, or visa over stay, or anyone else not a citizen or legal registered immigrant. This is insane. No other country but Canada still engages in birthright citizenship. Why? Because it is national suicide. There is no reason for it, unless you have a vested interest in illegal aliens.

The current misinterpretation of law started back with the 14th Amendment, which was passed properly to grant citizenship to former slaves, and native Americans including Aleutian, Inuit, and any other native people. It was never meant to grant citizenship to the children of people who are neither citizen nor legal resident alien (green card holders), yet that is exactly what is happening every day and has for decades.

The Immigration and Nationality Act regarding so called birthright citizenship takes language from the 14th Amendment and purposefully distorts its meaning, to justify granting citizenship to anyone who for any reason is in the country when they are born. Here is the actual language of the Act.

• SEC. 301. [8 U.S.C. 1401] The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth: 
(a) a person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof;

The key words of the above section are, “ and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Those words are also in the 14th Amendment. Our government has purposely used those words to create the birthright policy based on their changing the original meaning of the 14th Amendment. That policy says that anyone born in the U.S. for any reason, is subject to our jurisdiction, and therefore is entitled to citizenship. That baby then becomes an “anchor baby” and several generations of their family then get residence status here. That interpretation is a lie, because it is not what “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” means.

What it means is people are “subject to the jurisdiction of their native country or country of citizenship.” Only U.S. citizens and registered legal immigrants are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. So to grant citizenship automatically to illegal aliens, visa overstays, baby vacationers, or anyone else “subject to the jurisdiction of other countries” is absurd, insane, and a total travesty of any sense of justice. All those babies and mothers crossing our border before birth are subject to the jurisdiction of the country of nationality of the mother, before and at birth, not the United States. Ending this policy, TODAY, is the first step to stopping the 350,000 – 750,000 anchor babies illegally granted citizenship every year. And all of this has happened because of an uncorrected misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, codified in the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which has also been purposely misinterpreted and so far uncorrected, that has been allowed to stand for all these years.

The first part therefore of making it impossible for illegal aliens to stay, is to stop granting illegal babies citizenship when there is no conceivable reason to do so. It certainly isn’t the law, or in the Constitution. Without this draw, there is no reason to come here just to have a baby born here.

That is the complex part of making it impossible to stay. The next part is far simpler. Proof of citizenship or registered immigrant status, demonstrated by passport, birth certificate, or green card, with photo I.D. confirmation for the birth certificate, shall be required for each of the following below, no exceptions. No other form of I.D. is valid for establishing citizenship or legal immigrant status. This is the list for my National Proof of Citizenship Program where proof of citizenship or legal immigrant status is required to be shown.

To vote in any form, and to register to vote.
To purchase a car from a dealer.
To register a car with the DMV.
To get or renew a driver’s license.
To rent a car.
To open and maintain a bank account.
To get and keep a credit card.
To get a commercial or private bank loan or mortgage.
To open an investment account.
To enroll a child or adult in any elementary school, high school, college, graduate program, vocational school, or any academic or trade school.
To own or rent property.
During all routine traffic stops by law enforcement.
During any law enforcement proceeding.
To serve in the military.
To work in any capacity for any government or private sector job.
To get a business license to open a business.
To be certified to operate a truck, bus, boat, or airplane.
To purchase a firearm, but such check shall not register the firearm or owner.
To receive a tax refund.
To start a new phone contract.
To send money in any form, e.g. wire transfers, outside the country.
To receive money in any form, from any foreign country.
To receive any form of public assistance, including but not limited to: food stamps, section 8 housing, welfare, WIC, any cash awards, government job training, or any other grant or subsidy.
To receive any public health assistance aka Obamacare.
To purchase health and car insurance.
To serve on a jury.
To receive any publicly funded health care except emergency care.
To receive Social Security, Medicare, or any other service, entitlement, or retirement plan.

Records such as those required with E-Verify shall be maintained for all of the above. Anyone found not being a citizen or legal immigrant (green card holder) by a check of status shall be denied any of the above services. The question is whether anyone found to not be a citizen or legal immigrant by this program should be turned over to federal authorities? I don’t think so. I think it would be enough simply to deny the service. If all these services are denied there is no way to live in the U.S.. That is the goal of this program. It is not the goal to turn everyone into law enforcement officers by default. However an encounter with sworn law enforcement officers should of course be followed up with Homeland Security.

*** During the first 6 months of the National Proof of Citizenship Program, any illegal alien and their family can leave the country and take all their money and transferable assets with them. At the end of 6 months, any illegal alien caught by Homeland Security by the usual means will have all their assets forfeited under the asset forfeiture laws, and will be sent back to their country of nationality without anything except what is on their person.

This would also apply to any person overstaying a work, tourist or student visa. In all cases anyone deported would be ineligible for citizenship or any future visas. Work visas should also be tied to U6 unemployment, such that if we have U6 unemployment, we don’t have international guest work visas.

The point of this list is to make it impossible for illegal aliens and anyone else here illegally to stay here. If you have no place to live, no bank account, no credit, no access to schools for kids, no job, no government services, no car, no anything you need for normal life, then the only chance to live except for on the street, is to go back to your country of jurisdiction. There will be resistance to verifying citizenship and legal status by the illegal alien first crowd, so hopefully with such an extensive proof of citizenship list, somewhere in the chain people will be denied services.

You may think this harsh, but every illegal alien is a serial criminal who makes the conscious decision to violate many of our laws — every — single — day. Think of the contempt they have for us, our laws, and the value of citizenship. The fact that they are serial criminals is not our fault or responsibility, it is theirs. And shame on the parents that make criminals of their children by bringing them here illegally. That is child abuse and the parents are completely responsible for the fate of their children. “But they just want a better life” says the Left. Everyone wants a better life! Some people start a business, work hard and prosper. Other people rob banks and live off their ill gotten gains. Think of illegal aliens as bank robbers of your account and you have a real metaphor with which to judge. Here is another related policy. Millions of people are drug tested at work, and millions of people are alcohol tested at checkpoints. If that is constitutional, then so is checking for citizenship.

Now, for this program to work, every employer, DMV, government agency, school, hospital, car dealership, place of employment, landlord, mortgage officer, police officer, and every other person subject to verifying citizenship on the above list is going to have to cooperate. Which means there are going to have to be severe penalties for non-compliance of citizenship verification. There would have to be jail, fines, and asset forfeiture of business and personal property for failing to verify status, for this program to be effective. Otherwise it won’t work. This program won’t be in operation forever, but maybe for a year or two. And leadership has to come from the President. Seriously, wouldn’t you carry a birth certificate card, passport, or green card, for two years, and showing it a few times as necessary, if it meant getting your country back, and insuring that only legal people are in our country?

During the time the National Proof of Citizenship Program is in operation, “the wall” could be built and our border made secure. Once our border is secure and the right laws and policies are in place, we can evaluate how much of the National Proof of Citizenship Program we want to keep. Voting and registering to vote should always require proof of citizenship.

Now of course the Left will go into apoplectic fits over this list, and changing the interpretation of the 14th Amendment and the Immigration and Nationality Act back to their proper meaning. But I don’t care. They will talk about Nazi’s and carrying “papers” and so forth. But they already do that for voter security laws, and they’ve being saying that Trump is a fascist since he announced for President, so again, who cares. It’s worth it to get our country back. How much do you think 30 million illegal aliens, visa overstays, vacation birth trips, and others are costing all of you?

Lastly, what are we going to do with the so called “Sanctuary City” mayors, supervisors, and complicit law enforcement officers, who have already confessed to the crime of harboring illegal alien fugitives, have refused to turn over illegal alien fugitives to federal law enforcement, have aided and abetted illegal alien fugitives in their escape from federal law enforcement, are accomplices in the murders, rapes, and other high crimes caused by the illegal aliens they released, and have confessed their plans on the record to keep doing all of the above? Simple, arrest them! All of them! I have below referenced Title 18, chapter 1827 which covers harboring fugitives. There are many sections on this covered in the Office of United States Attorneys website. Here is the site:

The second series of laws that need to be brought against the mayors, supervisors and complicit law enforcement officers, as this is a conspiracy and organized alien crime syndicate, are the RICO statutes and federal asset forfeiture laws. All of the personal property, money, accounts, investments, assets, and any other tangible property connected to the mayors, supervisors, and complicit law enforcement officers, have to be subject to seizure under the RICO and federal asset forfeiture laws. Granted withholding federal funds to the cities will have effect, but my plan will leave the mayors, supervisors and officers completely bankrupt. Here is the Department of Justice website:

One thing to investigate for a future article is whether Sanctuary City policies encourage human trafficking of illegal aliens and whether mayors, supervisors and complicit law enforcement officers are also complicit in those crimes?

Illegal aliens cost us billions and billions of dollars every year. This is the way to change that and get our country back. Then we can develop a better system for legal immigrants to come here, for those who want to make our country as great as our fellow citizens and legal immigrants already here want to do. That makes sense. What we are doing now makes no sense. Please share this article and my National Proof of Citizenship list everywhere and let’s start talking about it.

The arguments and evidence for the correct interpretation of the 14th Amendment, and the Immigration and Nationality Act, are complex, and probably new to most of you. So I have provided a wealth of sources so that you can learn all about this incredibly important issue.

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