How to Force an Ethics-Plagued Democrat to Finally Resign

kitzhaberMired in scandal, the longtime Democrat governor of Oregon, John Kitzhaber, finally stepped down from office last week. Plenty of Democrat politicians become embroiled in scandals yet continue serving in office for many years, so what made this different? Kitzhaber took on a powerful government union and failed to implement an Obamacare exchange, the kiss of death for a Democrat. Powerful members of his own party failed to stand up for him in the end, as well as the state’s formerly adulatory left-wing newspaper, The Oregonian, which called for his resignation. 

The 67-year-old Kitzhaber’s problems originated with his much younger fiancee, environmental consultant Cylvia Hayes, age 47. Armed with a degree in “sustainability” from one of the most radical colleges in the nation, Washington’s Evergreen State College, Hayes obtained several lucrative consulting positions thanks to her relationship with Kitzhaber. She then proceeded to intermingle her private consulting work with the state’s official business, holding herself out as part of the administration to exert influence in her personal capacity. Kitzhaber gave her broad authority to direct senior administration officials, which she did without disclosing who her private clients were.

Bizarrely, she gave speeches and performed services as “Oregon’s first lady,” even though she has never married Kitzhaber. The Oregon Business Council paid for her to have a spokesperson, which cost $35,000 in 2013. At the same time, Kitzhaber promoted the council’s business plan, the Oregon Business Plan. Hayes’s efforts resulted in exhaustively pushing alternative fuels, sustainability,  and padding her own pocket.

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