How to Spot Hillary’s Fake, Paid Twitter Trolls

hlrlytrlsEarlier this month, I wrote about an army of paid online trolls which the SuperPAC associated with Hillary Clinton’s campaign is using to attack anyone who criticizes her. Correct the Record’s anonymous social media accounts are easy to spot, and are frequently called out by savvy conservatives (and during the primary, Bernie Sanders supporters) for lying about who they are. It’s one thing to create an anonymous online account to support your candidate, but it’s simply lying to falsely say you are a “middle-aged Asian woman” who is “supporting Donald Trump.”

Since my last article, savvy Reddit and Twitter users have started aggressively outing the fake accounts. Although the election is almost over, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has used the trolls going back to at least 2007, so this is not the end of them.

How to Identify a Troll Account

You can identify Twitter trollbot accounts by looking at most or all of these features:

  1. Only a handful of followers (easiest way to spot them), so they have hardly any RTs and interactions
  2. Joined Twitter very recently, within the last couple of months or so
  3. No profile photo, or if there is one, it is an image from the Clinton campaign or something vague
  4. Every single tweet is related to helping the Clinton campaign
  5. Repeats the same tweet multiple times in a row
  6. Retweets other pro-Clinton tweets a lot
  7. Name is is either very generic, like Joy Johnson and Samuel Smith, below, or a random phrase
  8. Directly tweets criticism at Trump supporters

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