Humanity and Halloween

The continuation of society as a whole has nothing to gain from being connected. The idea of being connected is the idea that destroying ourselves so that we can gain a few more minutes of immortality. Some artists have 14,800 tweets, for example, and I’m the exact opposite. I try to use Twitter as a business, but sometimes I have to make a position known. I never impose a rule on anyone. Freedom of Expression is the idea that you can do or say whatever you want. But knowing what people think all the time is what makes the world more terrifying. The more you know, the more terrifying the world becomes. Horror movies, as today is Halloween as writing this, is the idea that what is known is often not scary, but the more people talk and devolve in the same way people want their image to be upheld to a higher standard. The perception of knowing what a monster thinks takes away the idea that it’s terrifying. Usually when a villain speaks, it’s to portray their inner psyche, but never the perception we see or imagine is the same as we see in real life. Not only does this make horror terrifying, but the problem of knowing what we really think, is the way we only give up our secrets we have.

Not that you must keep secrets, but sometimes, saying everything is not going to make you happier. More knowledge only makes people sadder, but this doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to your emotions either. It takes hard work to be a better person, but technology seems to be a waking nightmare. It’s not what the founders of technology wanted. They wanted people to communicate or find a way to say things to one another. Before the telephone, people felt more lonely because they didn’t have cars or planes to go see their friends, and there was a quiet sadness in not seeing someone, making it more meaningful when you see someone you haven’t seen or talked to. The idea that we are connected all the time now instill a new nightmare of having to answer everyone, and the idea that we should always makes people feel more isolated, because no one is really paying attention to one another. It’s a new kind of loneliness that you may have 14,000 followers, but no one is talking to one another or trying to comment on what they say, because it’s easier to get lost in the average volume of tweets that people write. The problem is that we don’t have the ability to make the time to see all the tweets we can because we are busy.

The problem of being connected is a new horror story. Sometimes you say the wrong thing and it could cost you your job. The idea that you have to watch what you say s the new nightmare of what social media can bring. It’s not about freedom of speech, but posturing what you really mean, in order to say what you want behind closed doors. It’s not like this is a new concept. It has gone on forever, but with the rise of social media, everyone is connected and what you say can hurt you as well. The idea that you are a victim of your own aspiration makes you a target in the way others have yet to coincide their next meal. Boomers rarely think about social media, but as a millennial, I use it for business as well. Business in the very loose term. I follow other writers to make sure that we are all connected, but the notion of looking over our shoulders is what social media has done. I am rather aware that writing about tweets seems like a boomer thing to do.

The constant idea that you are watched for what you say, and no matter what you say, can be used against you. The idea of never being able to say what you want is a part of a fear that most people rarely think about. It could disappear very quickly. The idea that most of what you can do is say recorded forever is a good thing if you are a business owner, or a writer promoting your work. Social media should be used for business, if you are on twitter (which I don’t recommend for anyone’s sanity), but free speech advocates like Gab, will not censor you for what you say (so far). Horror, and succumbing to it is knowing that you can’t say what you really want to say. Halloween, as it is today, comes as a very interesting day. Avatars are likely the only costume that people wear on social media, but little kids always go out once a year to get candy.

However you celebrate it is not the point. The problem is that horror, right now, is most likely a day when all our rights will be taken away, and a Purge like society arises from it. If people are most likely afraid it will happen, they are exhibiting a real fear. Fear of the unknown and what we really have is the idea that what will happen is not the same. Knowing we are going to die gives you a bit of time to prepare and stave off death. Not knowing is what makes us all afraid. Being connected is another fear that I have.

Knowing what we really have to lose is a sign that we are ever in a state of constant fear, but the idea that we will lose it becomes real everyday. Like a shark fin looming out of the water. It makes the ideas more palpable, and gives rise to what we truly know in the world. The world is a scary place and shouldn’t be hidden from anyone. That’s what makes Halloween so great is that we can embrace the creepy weird side of the holiday to give into some pleasures. Maybe a scary movie, some candy, or whatever vice you choose to get into. What we may lose is very real.

The way we lose interest in one another should be admitted around this time. The consideration of whether the soul of man is nonexistent. These questions are good things for people to ask around Halloween. If you have encountered it, then you are human. The very nature of Halloween is to come face to face with who we truly are, and the mask is just a defense of what we truly fear. A power that must be met to overcome adversity.

No matter what demon you may have, they can always be vanquished, but the nightmare of life never truly ends. Halloween is every day for a conservative, as they must hide what they say in order to get along in the work place. They can’t be free from liberals and the censorship dictators on social media. Every day is truly clown world in the eyes of the leftists, and we must wear our masks so that they can go back to the hole they came. We only wish they would go away, and then maybe we can have fun on Halloween again.


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