I Admit, I’m Christian Because I Need a Crutch And I’m Brainwashed

athstcrtchI cannot understand how atheists are able to ignore the spiritual realm as if it doesn’t exist. They explain away miracles and supernatural events as if these thousands of occurrences over many years are all just random. I’ve had hundreds of answers to prayer in my life, but atheists tell me they’re all coincidences.

One of the most frequent arguments I hear against my faith is that I believe in God because I’m “weak” and need some kind of support. Really? Me? Weak? I may be horribly flawed, but I wouldn’t describe myself as weak, after all the loudmouthed articles I’ve written, which I take a lot of heat for every week. I am flawed just like anyone else, prone to sin and doing things that don’t measure up to God’s standards of holiness, so why would I want or need some religion that tells me I can’t cheat, lie, etc., ever?

Although I was raised in a Christian home, I’ve discovered that it’s not easy living a Christian life. You’re never going to be very cool or popular; for the most part, Hollywood and being a musical star with their scanty clothing and drug-using lifestyles is off limits for Christians today. As the culture becomes more and more degenerate, it’s a daily battle to not cave in to it – to obey God rather than man.
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