I am Embarrassed to be an American Today

 Today I am embarrassed to be an American who can not understand my own countrymen. 

Barack Obama is not my President, not by a long shot, but unfortunately he is the President of my country.  I am embarrassed to be an American today where so many people are oblivious to the damage being done to the fabric of our country and who voted for four more years of his destruction.
I can not understand how so many people know so little about this man, and when they find out the facts about his background, choose to ignore his anti-American influences, his checkered past, his hidden records, and his lack of any accomplishment other than being elected to political office.  I can not understand how these same people see Obama’s economic policies that failed to address the underlying problems and served to stagnate and elongate the economic recovery.  I  can not understand how these same people can watch Obama’s foreign policy tactics and not see America’s reputation and influence degrade before their eyes.  It is sad that there are now two Americas that are not on speaking terms. I certainly do not understand this other America.
We have finally finished the most divisive and negative Presidential campaign where Obama ran away from his record and instead attacked his challenger as his only campaign strategy.  Again voters elected a President with no defined agenda, other than a continuation of his failed policies from his first term. His biggest electoral advantage was the mainstream media who “came out of the closet” to openly embrace their liberal icon President.  I will not stand by quietly and watch this administration do further damage to my country.
I guess it will take another four years for enough American voters to wake up to find their country in shambles and finally begin the painful process to reverse the damage done by this liberal regime.  Today I am embarrassed to be an American who can not understand my own countrymen.  My job now is to begin the search for someone who can energize voters to re-embrace American exceptionalism and develop a vision and plan to retake our government back from those to seek to tear it down and replace it with some form of socialist utopia, that has never worked in the past and surely will never work in the future. 

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