I am not an Immigrant. I am a Citizen of the United States of America.

I am not an Immigrant. I am a Citizen of the United States of America.


By Dr. Phil Taverna


It is always funny to hear the loony left make up their spins. Like abortion. It is a women’s right to abort the baby. And the baby can’t survive outside the womb. Hey, at nine months they can’t survive outside the womb. Some of these kids at 18 can’t survive outside the womb.


So by 1830 there were about 13 million folks in the United States and about 143,000 immigrants over 10 years so that averages out to about 14,300 per year. So the country had 13 million people. That probably included everyone, slaves, non-slaves, citizens and non-citizens. So by 1830 most of the citizens were not immigrants. My grandparents came over between 1890 and 1910. They were immigrants. And they were quick to become citizens. They worked and raised large families. And all those families were not immigrants. They were born to citizens of the United States. Those children grew up and had children. Again all U.S. citizens and not a one an immigrant. Most of the parents  probably never saw another country.  Maybe Canada if they were lucky.


So the liberals want to paint another false picture. We are all immigrants. Does anyone agree with them? Think about it, in 1830 we were only taking in about 14,300 immigrants a year. Today Obama and the liberals want to take in millions of immigrants a year.


There is always talk about Lady Liberty that protects the New York Harbor. First off for the loons it is not on Ellis Island. Ellis Island is where legal immigrants were processed to get into the country. In some cases they were given difficult tests. Like can they put a round peg in a square hole.


Many liberals like to talk about the Statute of Liberty as the hostess with the mostest, inviting all immigrants to this country. That is not actually true. It was a gift from France as a thank you representing independence and liberty. Thus the name is the Statue of Liberty. The island is now called Liberty Island.


Many years ago my dad and friends rowed a boat to the Statue of Liberty. The guard there kicked them off. Must have thought they were from Cuba. And they almost lost their lives in a storm. So much for Liberty.


So they never called it the Statute of Immigration. But the liberals would like to call it that. There was a Museum of Immigration on Liberty Island. It closed and was moved to Ellis Island. Well after all,  that is the island of past and legal immigration.


So its kind of funny how did we get from 14,300 immigrants a year to millions a year.


Some illegal, some legal, some documented with Visas. Some seeking bogus asylum and refugee status. Just the other day it was revealed that Obama was taking Muslim unvetted refugees from Australia, and they were getting Christian refugees.


It will be fun to talk about all the stupid things that Obama tried to do. Lets see, we are a Christian nation. So if given a choice which set of immigrants do you think Obama should have accepted.  Fact of the matter, Australia didn’t want them, why should we take them.


There are different kinds of Visas mentioned in President Trumps executive order which has been deemed a travel ban.


It appears that the visas canceled by the U.S. were diplomatic visas. Connected to NATO, UN and other diplomatic purposes. So again we are hit with fake news. Why would we want to accept diplomats from countries who are not friendly to the USA. And if you dig deeper, these are not really useful visas. These are political visas that are allowed as a courtesy to other countries to allow important people to move to the United States. Do we really want that. And if the Trump administration barred this for 120 days why would Chuck and Nancy think it is unconstitutional, It may be unconstitutional to the Global constitution. But the Democracy of the United States has a right to pick and choose who they allow to become citizens in this country. The concept of open borders only exists in the minds of liberals. None of these Visas were work visas. So why are there so many people without work visas trying to come to this country?


No one ever talks about the state of affairs in these chaotic countries. A) Do you really want these people in our country. B) Do you really trust the vetting if the whole process is political.


My thought is that we should never allow refugees. illegals, legals to immigrate to this country from countries that are in chaos. You don’t know who they are. And this policy encourages the chaos to continue. If all the good people are allowed to come to the United States then you leave a county in more chaos. Do you really want someone who has lived in a refugee camp for several years. It would make more sense  to wait until this person figures out how to make their way to Germany. Let them live there for at least 5 years. Then if their record is clean and we really need more people to fill out our Medicaid, Medicare roles. We need more people to go on welfare because they don’t have a job. Or we need more people to work for less pay to drive down the American cost of living. Then we would allow these people in.


And all these folks should have only 6-8 years to become a citizen of the United States. And there is no 7 years of not paying taxes. We will waive that right in countries the U.S. citizens are allowed to make money as tax exempt. In other words there is a reciprocal agreement with other countries to allow U.S. citizens in for 7 years without paying taxes. And they expect the same in return. That should be revoked, so we can charge immigrating folks the same tax that all citizens are paying.


After 6-8 years, the visas and green cards should be revoked and they can emigrate the hell out of this country.


We don’t need workers. And we don’t need welfare recipients. So lets tie the amount of legal immigration allowed to the unemployment numbers, national deficit and Number of folks on disability and Welfare.


If they are coming here with bags of money to invest in this country great. If they are coming here to become another system sucker… Do we really need them? The liberals would call this diversity and all inclusive.  You should call it BS.


We need citizens who will invest in this country. And become citizens and not immigrants. If you don’t become a citizen the liberals will claim we are a country of immigrants. Even back in 1776 very few people were immigrants. Every 20-30 years the immigrants give rise to citizens who are no longer immigrants.


Once the anchor baby rule is re-interpreted, then only natural born citizens will come only from United States Citizens! Not from illegals and all other walks of life that are not welcomed in this country.


We the People as a Democracy should decide who and when we allow people to enter this country and when they need to leave! Obama and the liberals want open borders. The majority of our American Democracy has never believed in open borders. And that is why President Trump was elected. If they wanted open borders and partial birth abortions, they would have voted for Hillary!






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