“I hope England gets stuffed at the World Cup,” says English Muslim

rshmhmslhThe level of visceral hatred in Roshan Muhammed Salih’s article, ‘I hope Italy stuffs England at the World Cup’, is disturbing. There’s enough hate in it to make a Muslim want to become… well, a terrorist. That hatred is very much like that of MPACUK’S Asghar Bukhari; who similarly foams at the mouth about the evil West when he’s interviewed or when he writes on his website. 
Indeed the level of hatred of England and the English is so strong that it effectively amounts to racism. Take these comments:
The happiest moments of my life have usually been spent in the moments after the England football team has just been knocked out of an international competition…. preferably on penalties. The feeling of pure joy is indescribable.”
And from then on, it gets even worse. It ends up verging on some kind of anti-English sexual sadism; such as in this passage:
To see the nation’s expectations raised so high after a lucky win against a mediocre team, and then to see those very same expectations brutally crushed after a devastating defeat is something I will never tire of. It’s bliss.”
Roshan Muhammed Salih then elaborates:
Yes I want England to lose, I want them to lose badly, the more goals conceded the better because that would be total humiliation.”
Finally, we have this rather sick and perverse statement:
I’m almost in tears of joy as I write this.”
Now these aren’t the words of some young Pakistani Muslim hooligan or sexual groomer from Keighley or Alum Rock. You know, the sort of Muslim who often displays an obsession with “killing the kuffar” and “raping [your] mothers and sisters” on Facebook and other Internet sites. Mr Salih is a middle-class professional with quite a history.
Roshan Muhammed Salih is the editor of the website 5 Pillarz, in which this piece can be found. (Lauren Booth and Yvonne Ridley, two well-known English converts – or “reverts” – also write for 5 Pillarz.) He was also London’s Head of News for Iran’s Press TV (2007-2012) and for the Islam Channel (2005-2007). Before that, he was a researcher/associate producer for London Weekend Television and Granada. He even worked – according to his own LinkedIn details – on the Jonathan Dimbleby programme.
The England Football Team
According to Roshan Muhammed Salih, the English football team are his “oppressors” (or at least he “associates” them with his oppressors). Yes, that’s right: the three black players, as well as the ones of Irish, Polish-Scottish and other ancestry, are his “oppressors”. In fact the Anglo-Saxon players will all be from working-class backgrounds (historically speaking). That’s strange because the English working class didn’t have that much to do with the British Empire in the 19th century and before. Still , they are kuffar. As are the blacks of the English football team. And that’s what matters to Mr Salih and to many other Muslims. You can dress it up with Marxist/Leninist talk of “colonialism” and “racism”; yet, in the end, Salih is saying the kind of thing that Muslims have said (about the kuffar) for over a thousand years.
His Islamic sadism and anti-English mania even takes on a sporting hue when he says that “the English team has consistently played the most turgid, uninspiring boring brand of football for decades”. Yes, he’s right: Pakistan, or Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka, is a much better football team.
As I said, Salih colours his extreme Islam with a bit of Leninism (as in Lenin’s ‘Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism’ of 1917). I’m not saying that this Islamic zealot has necessarily read Lenin. Nonetheless, this Marxist analysis (though of course without the atheist materialism and hatred of all religions) of English “colonialism” has been taken up by very many Muslims. (It has been since the 1960s; and, in some cases, before that.) It’s convenient for Muslims like Salih and MPACUK to tart up their Islamism – and even their Islam – with Marxist theory. They do so primarily to sell Islam to Western Leftists and to other secularists: all the better to achieve what they want to achieve (i.e., increased Islamisation in the UK).
Muslim Racism
Roshan Muhammed Salih is a Muslim racist. He claims to have been turned into such a racist primarily because some English/Welsh people called him a “Paki”. So does that mean, then, that the hundreds of young English girls who’ve been victims of Muslim grooming gangs (as well as the hundreds of of white lads who have be beaten up by Muslims gangs – especially in the north), should also become racists towards towards what Salih calls “Pakis”?
Salih either cries crocodile or self-indulgent tears when he says that he has “lived in Britain most of my life but have been the victim of racism and Islamophobia much of it”.
Well, that’s the state of play in England; at least according to Salih. What about the state of play in, say, Islamic Pakistan?
In Pakistan, between 2001 and 2011, 35,000 civilians were killed by Islamic terrorists alone. Above and beyond all that, a church is burned to the ground almost every other week. Numerous Christians, Hindus and Ahmadiyya have faced death – not just Salih’s name-calling. Whole Christian villages have been burned to the ground. Hindu and Sikh temples have suffered the same fate.
Now how does all the compare with English “Islamophobia” and calling someone like you a “Paki”, Salih?
And that’s just Pakistan.
What about the one and half million deaths in Sudan caused by the sadistic Islamists in the Sudan? What about Boko Haram, the Janjaweed, al-Shabaab, ISIS, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists in Egypt? What about the up to 80 million Indian Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, etc. who died as a result of endless Islamic jihad on their country?
What about all that, Salih? Are you honestly trying to convince the kuffar, and even yourself, that all that was and still is the fault of non-Muslims?
Or, as MPACUK, Salma Yaqoob and so many Muslims seem to believe, do only Muslims truly bleed? (Such Muslims reverse that claim and outrageously claim that the kuffar completely ignores the deaths of Muslims; despite the existence of the large cry-for-the-Muslims industry which numerous Leftist kuffar have built in this country.)
Salih makes another explicitly racist statement about the English (or at least about all English patriots) when he says that he
contributes far more to this country than your average patriot who causes mayhem in a town centre on a Saturday night and scrounges off the social”.
As I said earlier, the level of racism here is blatant and deep. It’s the sort of racism that’s classed as a “hate crime” when committed by white people. It’s the sort of hate crime that Tell Mama and Mo Ansar screenshot when spoken by whites against Muslims. However, when spoken or said by Muslims, not much – or anything – is said or done about it. You see, generalisations about Muslims are bad. But generalisations about the English are good.
What’s more, Salih confesses that his intense hatred of the kuffar is “shared by many” other “immigrants” (his word, not mine). Well, well. We’re often told the exact opposite of that. Then again, this article was written for Salih’s fellow Muslims, not for an Interfaith event or for the BBC. Thus what he says will be far more honest than anything Muslims say on the BBC or at an Interfaith event. But wait! I mentioned the BBC. You’ll never guess, this man has actually written articles for The Guardian. I bet that none of them are so petulant and sadistic as this one; even in the case of the pro-Islamist Guardian. Nonetheless, it just goes to show what kind of fanatical Islamists The Guardian is cosseting… That’s if anyone needs to be shown this blatantly obvious fact. (In one article, Salih defends the Iranian mouthpiece, Press TV, by saying that it’s not an “Iranian mouthpiece”. He then tells us that he works for Press TV.)
Using England
Roshan Muhammed Salih admits to using England for his own ends. He says:
Like many immigrants I came to this country not out of choice but because my parents took an economic decision to emigrate from my home country…”
This is strange really because when “Islamophobes” say that (about Muslims), interfaithers, Leftists and some Muslims deny it outright.
Despite all that, Salih is still here in the UK. But that’s because he’s “been stuck here ever since because this is where my family is and this is where they will stay”.
He uses England partly as payback for what he calls British “colonialism”. He elaborates on this English colonialism when he says that the “English invaded and occupied my country; they forced me to come over here for economic reasons”. And that’s why he “hopes they get stuffed at footie”.
Like MPACUK, he propagates a Muslim – or Islamic – “narrative” about everything being Britain’s fault. How predictable! Muslims have been blaming the kuffar for all their failures and violence for 1,400 years. Muslims even blamed infidel attacks for their conquest and subjugation of almost one third of the planet some 200 years after the death of Muhammed.
You see, it’s always the fault of kuffar; just as Iraq, Syria, etc. are the fault of the kuffar today Of course Muslim like Salih won’t say “kuffar”. They’ll talk about “Western capitalism” or, in Salih’s case, “English colonialism”. Still, it’s strange that all these evil capitalists and colonialists are kuffar. Heck, you’d hardly expect Muslims to blame themselves or their own religion.

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