I Should Have…

shplIn 2016, if America does not correct the imbalance imposed on this nation by a socialist President who has opened our national coffers to entitlement seekers and created a situation where over half of this nation is now on some from of entitlement or subsidy, has designated certain Americans as winners and others as losers and has not only defied our rule of law but now has mocked his opposition by his comment of “so sue me…”;  we have failed as a nation. At that moment, when the tipping point has been exceeded and America has accelerated downward in a death spiral with years more of enforced liberal/progressive/socialist/communist policies headed by a post-Obama selectee like Hillary, we will all collectively look back and say…

I should have…

Been less observant of being polite and PC to people that were destroying America.

Not tolerated double standards where hate speech was used to denigrate freedom of speech, racism is only acknowledged in one direction and that our Constitutional “rights” have been expanded WITHOUT QUESTION to include not just life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but now include unlimited health care, free cell phones, food stamps and unrestricted welfare to recipients who don’t even have to take a drug test to get the monies GIVEN to them from working Americans who did have to take drug tests to EARN the monies that the government took.

Been so accepting of people and American subcultures completely dedicated to the use and expansion of unlimited and unrestricted entitlements.

Recognized and opposed any way I could our entertainment and news media that used out own movies, TV and “news” networks to control history, ignore issues damaging to this administration and push the pro-drug, anti-marriage, pro-minority, anti-family, anti-Christian and anti-business liberal message in every TV show, movie and “news” program that America sees.

Not been so observant of laws and civility when the people that are destroying America consistently ignored and broke the law of the land with the sanction of the government.

Done more shouting and less listening.

Protected my rights instead of being forced to respect others.

Brought the fight to the people who feed off this country instead of continuing to fund and accept them.

Took every opportunity to identify, harass and make liberals uncomfortable to prevent them from feeling like they had no opposition.

Been less nice and more forceful.

Acted more like our President and selected which laws worked for me and ignore the ones that didn’t

Not stayed silent when people in line at stores used their food stamps to buy items that I could not afford and then left in a Cadillac Escalade while chatting on an Obamaphone.

Insulted, harassed and ridiculed members of the IRS, DoJ, NSA and VA who organizationally have failed this nation but have not been held accountable and still get paid by tax monies.

Not accept that I cannot use certain words, have to like certain groups or talk quietly when discussing how much of a failure this administration has become.

Not allowed the fear of being called a racist, misogynist or redneck to identify the true underlying problems, people and issues that are trying to control the way this country acts, thinks and talks.

Tried to stop this country’s culture, government and media from being focused on empowering minorities at the expense of the majority rule that seems to have been displaced in favor of enforcing the ability of minorities to decide what we see, hear, think and even how we act.

Marched, protested and even rioted to protest a government who does everything it can to meet the needs of illegal immigrants while our veterans die waiting for help by the VA who tried their best to cover up the issue and gave guidelines how best to explain and cover up the deadly delays in needed healthcare.

Been a better American like Washington, Adams or Jefferson who risked all to provide us with the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution. Our Founding Fathers specifically crafted those documents to prevent this republic from having to live in tyranny or toil under a repressive government ever again. They purposefully provided us the specific tools to correct the problem by either a beautifully designed three-part government or failing that, the right to bear arms. That was their intent; to ensure the exact threat that this administration has now presented is prevented from destroying the United States of America who was built on Christian standards of hard work, fairness for all and the belief that Americans should control our government, not be controlled by our government.

But in 2016 it will be too late for any of this…

Think about it.

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