Ideas for Ending the Welfare State in America

Soup line during the Great Depression prior to Social Security.

PREFACE: To Provide Opportunity for All and Compassion Through Altruism

One of Tea Party presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s political crusades is to dissolve the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) alongside the progressive income tax prescribed within the Sixteenth Amendment. Should he accomplish this if elected president, he will be lauded a great American hero, singing the fanfare for the common man. He is neither reflective of a fascist Democrat seeking to apply a national socialist Apartheid state persecuting Christians, Jews or anyone who is a conservative or libertarian or not a Muslim; nor the establishment figures in power within the GOP, a party today reminiscent of Toryism, or a political platform predicated upon hereditary privilege, of primogeniture and entail akin to the Bush family. Likewise as a man raised by Christian evangelicals, he would be appalled by any comparison to a religious icon. He is not Barack Obama, who delusionally believes he is God and master over all he surveys. He is also not Jeb Bush, who would engage in his very own globalist agenda akin to past family members in power.

The Tea Party epitomizes Main Street, U.S.A., of all who are American, dyed red, white and blue. It does not mirror the Obama-scorched Reichstag putsch at what is now our Capitol building by way of Ferguson and Baltimore, nor Wall Street for today’s GOP alongside many other Democrat cronies. It has now enough support to challenge as a major political party (24 percent on October 1, 2014 supported the Tea Party according to Gallup), as it possessed 58 percent of all GOP congressional seats in 2013 and has found the secret to declaring absolute victory either through the Republican Party or in fundamentally destroying it by its attraction of the “Reagan Democrats”, to the tune of close to 40 percent of its organizational membership and supporters. Citizens United among others through the Koch brothers has supported it financially. Sen. Cruz represents the America upon which we all are settled: the son of an immigrant, a patriot exuding the Spirit of 1776. No Tory neoconservative Republican nor Democrat eluding us all as to whether they espouse Fabianism, Marxism or that most unsavory plank for sake of comparison National Socialism can suppress the irrepressible spirit of the American Gothic’s farmers, poets and sailors. We the People create the art of her cultural virtue as Lady Liberty’s last stop before the road to serfdom’s dead end. We the People vote, and it is We the People who decide who we elect as our representatives, and not to the contrary.   

I. Deregulation, Privatization, Consolidation, Devolution: The Four Economic Planks of the Conservative Manifesto to End Socialism

Free Enterprise, correctly applied, recognizes no unnatural barriers to growth. The natural right to expand upon one’s talents and work ethic will be provided for all American citizens to acquire a sustainable living and wealth for all willing to make this endeavor. Taxation in any form is nothing less than legalized theft of one’s property, a pilfering of one’s hard work, determination and the natural right to realize the American Dream to empower those who govern yet do not relate, but especially those who can work, yet refuse. Debt atop of debt through oppressive confiscatory taxation, monetizing the currency through first inflation, then deflating the dollar and finally, borrowing from the people’s savings while taxing more lends credence to the present series of crises preparing to collapse for all time the global economy, realizing the nightmare of one final global conflict, just one step closer to death.

America and the world have no concept of liberty through the right of the individual; instead, most have been educated about the rights of man, that liberty means egalitarianism and brotherhood, that all are one and the same, united in purpose, spirit, drive and most unfortunately, identity. Taxation and central banking led to socialism and the death of the person in favor of collectivization. We must as a people take all necessary corrective measures to ween today’s parents for tomorrow’s generations ahead from this cancer, lest its metastasis lead to further calamities unimaginable to the human strata. How best government may accomplish this will not be easy, but it can begin by the full repeal of the national minimum wage in favor of the Swiss standard of negotiated contracts overwhelmingly supported by popular referendum. It entails the following:

  • Swiss law does not specify any minimum wage or average earnings. In most cases, pay levels are agreed between the employer and the employee during the recruitment process.
  • In addition to individual employment contracts, various branches or companies negotiate collective employment agreements. Trade unions and employers (or the employers’ federation) determine certain elements of the agreement, including provisions relating to wages, continuation of wage payments, vacation, working hours and termination of employment.
  • For certain professions with weak union representation and not covered by a collective agreement, the authorities can issue standard employment contracts.

I advocate a market-based tax policy which combined with a balanced budget amendment and the dismantling of the Federal Reserve, will not only pay off all debt over time by capping all budgetary measures and ending the debasing of the coinage through fluctuating interest rates, but too the frequency of hard, lengthy recessionary periods and the incentives under the Democrats’ socialist platform to go to war as it has the four catastrophic times since 1917. The Fair Tax is similar to this, providing opportunity for the inner city poor to have free economic zones unfettered by repressive federal business and capital gains taxes to encourage entrepreneurship and participation for the first time in a property-owning democracy.

  • For every Fiscal Year (FY) in Washington, a budget must be submitted, thoroughly detailed and crafted to be debated regarding the needs which must be reconciled as a matter of providing for the common welfare and national defense.
  • The budget must be balanced, with no provisions unless under strictly-enforced guidelines in which that budget may exceed its annual figure, such as in the case of an attack on U.S. territory, with our NATO allies in Europe or South Korea and Japan as well as Taiwan where we currently have defense pact agreements to which we are by our honor committed. All surplus revenue will be divided by two, with 50-percent paying down on national debt and the other redistributed to the American people as its natural stimulus. To override a balanced budget amendment law for one fiscal year only, a ¾ majority of both the House of Representatives and the Senate are required.
  • The Federal Reserve will be dissolved and all responsibilities to regulate interest rates relegated to individual private banking firms in order to decentralize state control of monetary supply. By this measure, the risk from a fixed source of a systemic economic collapse is greatly decreased as well as the apparatus which serves as the nation’s largest holder of federal debt will no longer contribute to further borrowing from the American people’s savings or purchasing bonds and securities for matters superfluous to what is necessary to maintain government’s daily functions. As well, no federal bailouts or purchases of private enterprise or financial institutions may be transacted, nor any private sector business or corporation ever nationalized through excessive regulations or direct state takeover. A return to the Bretton Wood-style of currency weight measurements and exchange rates is recommended.
  • In accordance to Article I, Section 8, Congress will retain the right to raise taxes for federal revenue, but no longer progressive income taxes in maintaining the spirit of the total repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment.
  • All state-run corporations are to be sold off as shares to the general public at cut rates compared to actual cost per share. All federally-operated banking lenders such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae are to also be sold off as shares to the private sector at cut rates compared to the actual cost per share. To do this privatizes public industry and creates the opportunity to own property and have a stake of the financial sector’s trends.
  • Through Congress alone may any action to engage in a military operation be approved at the request of the president of the United States. It therefore requires that the president present forth a request to engage in any exercise or shift in our national defenses within our borders or internationally, and must be approved by a margin of 3/4 of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  • Because of the sensitivity of warfare’s enormous costs, the War Powers resolutions which grant authority to the president of the United States to order military operations against foreign nations is no longer to be legal; it must require a joint congressional measure to declare any major conflict as war. In our defense agreements with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and in NATO, any act of aggression against our allies is therefore an attack on the United States of America. Therefore, this measure is to be automatic grounds for the president to seek a declaration of war. In abiding by the Monroe Doctrine (1923) and the Roosevelt Corollary (1905), our commitment to the security of the Western Hemisphere will also serve as grounds for a declaration of war. In addressing this interest based upon our treaty with allies under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a military alliance should be declared with all member states in protecting the national security and trade interests for one and all. No outside interference may rightly impair this arrangement unless a full partnership agreement among all member states is agreed to.
  • Per NAFTA’s mandate, no preclusive measures towards entering into energy economic interdependence treaties among any of our partners can be blocked by the president or his administration, and only a simple majority in both chambers of Congress is necessary to approve of U.S. entry in such agreements. Any punitive action by a member nation of  NAFTA to impede on U.S. rights to the free engagement of energy exploration and trade must be deferred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and to the NAFTA regulatory commission.
  • All future international trade pacts must be approved by Congress and signed into law by the president.

II. Domestic Policy on Trade and Labor Unions

With respect to labor unions, their power has long overstepped the right of corporate bosses whose capacities to pay for employees have been disproportionately surpassed by their inability to afford the tool and dye necessary to manufacture their products. Such policies as supported unconditionally by Democrats have not only led to the death of America’s industrial capacity to employee workers with skills to serve as her manufacturers, but overlapped into their hegemony in inner cities, cooperating with organized crime and community organizers, employing Marxist tactics in intimidation, even murder in order to expand their absolute power. No Republican has been elected to mayor of Chicago since before World War I; likewise, Detroit, perhaps the poorest city among developed nations, has not elected any other mayor who was not a Democrat in over sixty. Strikes historically grow more militant, deadlier by the decade and risk the full economic collapse of the American free enterprise miracle that long has funded their right to exist. The right to establish collective bargaining agreements no longer is arbitrary to two parties, but rather labor bosses, organized crime and the federal government which fund their illegal activities. The process of delegitimizing this awesome labor power has succeeded in its launch under Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) and has spread to California, where teachers are engaged in thwarting these same Marxist machines.

Through the United Autoworkers Union (UAW) in Detroit may one find another outlet for Islamic terrorists in Dearborn to attain greater, more fundamentally damaging power. Dearborn is the nation’s largest Islamic community where rape to honor killings on a scale yet to be revealed, intentionally blocked by our media and government. It is crucial all ties to organized crime and corruption in government, but also to Islam to be severed for all time. How this will be accomplished is a very dangerous strategy that may never fully destroy their presence in America’s crawl, but will be offered as a point to be adjusted as time surpasses.

The debate must begin with the Wagner Act of 1938. Within it lies the legal right to unionize as was passed by Congress and signed into law by Franklin Delano Roosevelt the last year his focus was on the economy. That year, the economy retracted to pre-FDR levels of unemployment and poverty due to the New Deal never yielding measure economic growth, the printing presses spitting out valueless fiat to pay for workers to employ themselves. It was a win-win for Democrats and big labor unions like the UAW and the AFL-CIO who may legally intimidate and do harm unto workers refusing to pay their membership dues, even turning blind eyes to suspicious murders in order to grow their power base in large urban areas. The First Amendment right to a peaceful assembly was nullified by passing the Wagner Act. As a result. labor and trade unions have militarized, mobilized through community organizers like ACORN, striking fear in the hearts of those choosing to cross picket lines. Without unions, the Democratic Party could never survive as a force for militancy and murder in America since their power base resides in the largest urban areas across the nation. The goal to repeal the Wagner Act of 1938 may be impossible, but as Gov. Walker has proven in defying his own physical safety as well as his family’s, there are many ways to cripple their ability to thrive off “scab lists”.

The goal to cripple labor unions will be modeled after the Walker standard. Deregulating the right for unions to require all employees to pay dues by force must be passed and declared a criminal act. The check’s mate to the imbalance favoring union power in collective bargaining negotiations cannot be achieved by leaders in a strategic partnership, but rather the American people disapproving of their corruption.

Lastly, no union can legally be permitted to require through coercion employees to be union members without due process of law. To be employed by union businesses is to slip into the role of nationalizing the private sector. To ensure unions do not strike under any conditions through militant force, all police forces will be armed heavily with rioting gear and more arms to contain the dangers unions pose.

To continue permitting militant political machines to topple what industry remains is to cripple American self-reliance upon its very capable means to achieve our own goals will continue expanding international trade deficits to foreign economic powers like China and Japan. To have hope to end America’s decadence as a debtor nation is to one day become the nation to whom foreign states become indebted. The more foreign debts spiral higher out of control, the greater the prospect for warfare there will be. The prospect of energy independence will surely aid this surge as America — the world’s largest supplier of oil and third in terms of crude — could employ the Keystone XL in concert with Canada to employ this leverage in order to engage in negotiations to alleviate this problem.

III. The Total Abolition of all Prohibitive Barriers to Life and Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in a Property-Owning Democracy

It was Sir James Steuart who in 1767, published An Inquiry into the Principles of Political Economy, who defined the term behind the treatise’s namesake.

… [just as] economy in general [is] the art of providing for all the wants of a family, [so the science of political economy] seeks to secure a certain fund of subsistence for all the inhabitants, to obviate every circumstance which may render it precarious; to provide every thing necessary for supplying the wants of the society, and to employ the inhabitants … in such manner as naturally to create reciprocal relations and dependencies between them, so as to supply one another with reciprocal wants.

The more limits applied to economic opportunity to prosper, that law descriptive of diminishing returns evokes the dangers of Malthusianism, where a declination in arable land and legal right to ownership of property yield trends towards population control, reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932), its base economies of scale imposed upon the populace comprised of mass production, homogeneity, predictability, and consumption of disposable consumer goods. This super state for America would appear so bleak as to portend the true misery index, a terminology invented by the liberal president Jimmy Carter. Sex would become a social activity as opposed to a means of reproduction. Promiscuity, then, encouraged from early childhood, would yield a world led down the hollows of libertine demoralization and profligate corruption, one where a handful are conditioned to use birth control, including the employment of a “Malthusian belt” emblematic of a bandolier and holds “the regulation of contraceptives” — and ergo, a popular fashion accessory.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the father of left-wing political thought, stated the following with respect to the rights of man in The Social Contract (1762):

In order then that the social compact may not be an empty formula, it tacitly includes the undertaking, which alone can give force to the rest, that whoever refuses to obey the general will shall be compelled to do so by the whole body. This means nothing less than that he will be forced to be free; for this is the condition which, by giving each citizen to his country, secures him against all personal dependence. In this lies the key to the working of the political machine; this alone legitimises civil undertakings, which, without it, would be absurd, tyrannical, and liable to the most frightful abuses.

Reflective of the father of left-wing political interpersonal abolitionism, such a maxim as “everyone belongs to everyone else” is preclusive of individualism and the right to the ownership of property and free expression, liberty to the free exercise of one’s faith and to raise a family, which would be considered according to Huxley, “pornographic”. Sexual competition, emotional attachments and finally romanticism through relationships are discouraged and rendered obsolete in deference to a world of one collective of souls and ergo, a streamline of heartbeats wanton of identity, intellectually numb and finally, amoral. Rather than God, the super state would ensure any widget begat by one’s sweat of brow or emotional response would be a right bequeathed from it alone, and nothing more. Marriage, natural birth, parenthood and pregnancy are to be too obscene to be mentioned casually. Thus, the public and political discourses with respect to reproductive comprehension are not only taboo, the concept of even one baby born out of the carefully-planned balance of the super state. The world becomes an unnatural survival of the fittest by means of unnatural barriers to ebbs and tides in life and death, prosperity and subsistence, morality versus amorality. Conservatives do not value amoral arbitrarianism nor totalitarian relativism. We seek merely to ensure in echoing Abraham Lincoln our right makes might, so help us God who grants us our inner strength and resolve. And sadly, the apocalypse Huxley forewarned his posterity through prose has not merely come to pass, this feckless series of counterculture ideology and ethos has the world at this time on the brink of disaster.

IV. Consolidation and Deregulation of Federal Bureaucracies

The federal government has become a monolith of titanic proportions, and to suggest it is anything less would depreciate the concept of hyperbole. Growing red tape is a great danger to all who do not meet the prerequisite of an agency in order to acquire political support. Cabinet positions and other regulatory agencies have become bureaucratically inefficient, usually overlapping into agencies not needed. There are federal agencies few realize exist; federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI, NSA, DHS and U.S. Marshalls that could exist as one complete entity. Probable cause in the war on terror, while well-intended under George W. Bush due to an unprecedented incident with the September 11, 2001 attacks on our domestic soil, has become sources for President Obama’s Gestapo, SS as well as the Soviet Union’s NKVD and KGB. Rather than denationalizing domestic terrorists emigrated from overseas, naturalized Americans are targeted for opposing the president. The rule of law only applies to some. This trend must end. No American — Democrat or Republican, black or white or Asian and Hispanic, Christian or Jewish or any Muslim — not linked to terrorism should again be permitted to live above the law of the Constitution, state and local authorities. Domestic terrorist organizations and political establishments in support through direct policy any cell or to organized criminal syndicates will be declared as such and banned through legal law enforcement investigative procedures (issued search and arrest warrants). Any non-U.S. citizen linked to terrorist organizations and organized crime will be arrested and deported, and those who engage in acts of terror will be arrested and tried in military court tribunals as they do not meet the qualifications to be prosecuted as American citizens. To deny any American citizen his or her right to habeas corpus, the president of the United States and any federal official or lawmaker included, Congress alone has the authority to do so, to suspend the right for one or for any organization or the nation. Such prerequisite requires a 3/4 vote for congressional approval and will take effect immediately. Any declaration of martial law is also contingent upon congressional approval and will require a 3/4 vote total from both chambers. Following this, the Bill of Rights cannot be infringed upon in any manner, and the addition of both the right to vote universally at the age of 18 as well as a firm, concrete wall of separation between church and state are to be added as constitutional amendments.

Which Cabinet positions within the Executive Branch to be either consolidated, deregulated or dissolved are arbitrary to how the best apply or relate to others. The following will by my proposal for such measures in order to cut funding and become more cost effective and increase efficiency:

  • Vice President – This position is to become the full-time presiding figure in authority in the Senate, to cast the decisive vote in the case of a tie and to lead the processes of debates, roll call voting and managing all senatorial committees including the issuance of chairpersons and casting the 51st and decisive vote in the case of a tie. The vice president will serve as the head of the party in the Senate, appointed by the majority party to serve in such capacity.
  • Department of State – Remains as status quo.
  • Department of Treasury – Remains as status quo.
  • Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Department of Transportation – The three departments will be consolidated, as the sole purpose the U.S. Interstate and Highway System was constructed was to ease the processes of mobilizing the armed forces in the case of an invasion or terrorist attack. The interstates will be deregulated on the federal level in harmony with the results with the German Autobahn, with no denoted Speed Limit, but that right is to be exercised at the discretion of each state per the Tenth Amendment. Veterans Affairs will be operated by military medical staff to ensure that a full understand based upon the sensitivity of military injuries or PTSD can be placed into proper perspective and funded adequately.
  • Department of Justice and all federal law enforcement agencies will be consolidated and regulated under the control of a central committee which in a vote among the Attorney General and the heads of the Secret Service detail protecting the president and federal lawmakers, FBI and DEA will determine the course of action for investigations and whether or not federal search and arrest warrants are to be obtained.
  • Department of the Interior – This agency will sell off all federally-owned land and shut down all Indian reservations before finally being dissolved. It serves no purpose but as the administration’s czar for confiscating land paid for by the taxpayers but is declared forbidden to trespassers. Following these policies, it will be dissolved, never again to return in any capacity.
  • Department of Agriculture will be dissolved and all authority to regulate domestic initiatives delegated to the state and local levels of civil government, and for those involving international cooperatives to the Department of State.
  • Department of Commerce and Department Labor – These will both be consolidated in order to issue economic policies and deal with labor disputes and union corruption and intimidation of workers. A committee will delineate and determine the rights to patents and trademarks as well as busting monopolies to promote fair competition in avoiding rising antitrust issues. The new consolidated Cabinet position will be responsible for regulating the Social Security Administration, including providing an option for all Americans to either pay into the traditional system or to invest in some measure in private stock options, with artificial federal controls to prevent suddenly losses in the prime of any recession.
  • Department of Health and Human Services – This will remain in the interest of maintaining controls over Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for any American citizen who is unemployed. No universal health care service will ever be permitted in the wake of the disastrous Affordable Health Care Act and in learning the lessons of the misallocation of monies to treat properly our veterans who fought for and defended our freedom to live in a property-owning democracy. All regulations of health care beyond Medicare and Medicaid are to be delegated to the states, with no exceptions.
  • Department of Energy – This will be dissolved and its authority delegated to individual states to establish regulatory agencies based upon need.
  • Department of Education – This will not only be dissolved, but all public education school systems gradually privatized through reallocating all tax dollars paid into each state legislature to afford Americans to attend any private school based upon parental prerogative. Additional monies will be provided based upon need to those among the poorest Americans to have the same opportunity to a quality of education, unregulated and to attend any school based upon the same standard for parental prerogative.
  • Department of Homeland Security – Dissolved. It has become the president’s vehicle to persecute political opposition by force. It now reflects the Gestapo and SS under Adolf Hitler and the KGB and the NKVD in the former Soviet Union.
  • The Office of Management and Budget will all be fully engulfed and dissolved through consolidation with the Department of the Treasury as there are no true purposes for additional bureaucracies that overlap due to the rising red tape and growth in public expenditures just to ensure their trending overbearance.
  • The Council of Economic Advisers and Small Business Administration will become fully engulfed and dissolved into the Department of Labor as it serves as overlapping bureaucracies perpetuating the overbearence in regulations and ostensible ambiguity of the federal economic policies.
  • The U.S. Envoy to the United Nations will be dissolved because no future administration will ever again be legally permitted to participate in the UN organization. The UN has become an international conduit for global Islamic terrorism as well as with organizations like the Irish Republican Army, and is pro-Communist and opposes Israel’s right to exist by its own charter from 1948.

The U.S. must fully exit the UN and revoke its right to continue setting as its headquarters in New York City. The goal is to ensure that government not only operates more efficiently, but with as little risk afforded it to engage in the still expanding colossus of corruption under Barack Obama.

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