If “Jeb!” is Right About “The Donald”, My Party Just Took a Wrong Left Turn

Donald Trump on Thinking Big

The fast-sinking Titanic we know to be the Republican Party is unwittingly authoring its demise. Personally, if the rise of the Tea Party and “The Donald” trump the most unprincipled politicians on Earth, I will not shed one tear in sweet sorrow for the mercifully departed. Instead, I will stand first in line to shovel the dirt atop that white elephant’s grave. And what the establishment fails to grasp is Mr. Trump is drawing to the public forum those who place Mexico and Latin American illegality before the rights of American citizens.

For a man not a career politician like “Jeb!”, he is playing the GOP like a heart from hell.

The implications for Mr. Trump foreshadow the transformation of the American political system. The RNC is so desperate to shut him down due to his position on illegal immigration, they willingly boycott his speaking engagements, publicly slander his good name and finally the one thing at which it has, and will, always succeed — political suicide. The Republican National Committee may abhor “The Donald”, but its disenfranchised conservative and libertarian bases loudly oppose “Jeb!”. No one has to love “The Donald” to hate the party. 

“Jeb!” refused to discuss “The Donald” with Bret Baier last week. His bruised globalist ego said “I’m done”. And indeed, Mr. Trump is right that a third Bush presidency “is wrong”. If Bush is right, what once was Right is now damn wrong. 

But the most comical nervous breakdown are tremors from the despised Lindsey Graham. When asked about “The Donald” by CNN last Thursday, I lost my gag reflex at Graham’s response. And my dinner. 

“He said something that has brought people who are frustrated about the immigration stem to life, but he also said it in a way that’s going to kill my party. Here is the problem with the Republican party nationally. We are getting 27 percent of the Hispanic vote. We are getting less than 10 percent of the African-American vote and about 25 percent, 26 percent of the Asian vote. You’ll never convince me that we’ve gone from 44 percent of the Hispanic vote now do you to 27 percent if it were not for the rhetoric around the immigration debate. This is a moment for the party. When Donald Trump says, who has done many good things, he sponsors charities for Wounded Warriors, he’s given a lot of money away to good causes, but as a presidential candidate he said the following, that most illegal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers and there may be some among them that are good. That’s reinforcing a narrative within the Republican Party and the Hispanic community that is going to destroy our ability to win a presidential election. And the party needs to be clear about how we handle this.” 

Sen. Graham failed to read the memo. That 44 percent of the Hispanic electorate voted in an election against Obama’s policies, which Sen. Graham supported to the ire of the American people. Furthermore Herman Cain, one of the foremost black conservatives in America, reported his friend and Gallup CEO Jim Clifton informed him of a promising trend. 

Fully 26 percent of blacks identify their ideology as conservative, compared to the 35 percent national average.

At the same time, 26 percent of blacks identify their ideology as liberal, compared to the 23 percent national average. 

Furthermore, Sen. Graham’s liberty rating is 47 percent and an “F” by the Conservative Review. He voted in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Loretta Lynch’s confirmation as U.S. Attorney General, the $500 billion Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act and to fully fund President Obama’s executive amnesty in 2015 alone. In the presidential field, Sen. Graham is second only to “Jeb!” in terms of his liberal policies. Testimonials of his incompetence from such notable conservatives are damning indictments.

“Well, we all know that Lindsey Graham is a nightmare. Vote for Lee Bright. That’s all, everybody. That’s all Lee has to say.”
– Glenn Beck on Graham’s 2014 primary opponent

“I don’t care who you find — oh, I do care who you find. We need a smart, savvy, Reagan conservative to run against Lindsey Graham in the 2014 election. He needs to be defeated, primaried, and we need to win that seat with a Reagan conservative who will not do this kind of nonsense. He needs to be punished, the liberal Republicans need to be punished, and they need to be thrown out of office at the first opportunity. I’ll say that until I’m blue in the face.”
– Laura Ingraham

This will shock most of you. I like Lindsey Graham. Always have for that matter. He’s always been very pleasant to me. We’ve shared a few common fights. And I respect that he is not as willing as some of his colleagues to shift his positions on all things merely for the sake of re-election. But I disagree with Lindsey Graham on immigration. I disagree with him on our nation’s role as the world’s policeman. I disagree with him on the NSA situation. I disagree with his votes for Kagan and Sotomayor. On the largest issues of the day within the Republican Party, though I may like Lindsey Graham, I disagree with him and think South Carolina could and should find someone to replace him in the Senate.”
Erick Erickson

Obamacare is a job killer yet Lindsey Graham refuses to do what it takes to stop this liberal train wreck.”
Senate Conservatives Fund ad

Goober Lindsey Graham is a disaster… Lindsey Graham is the Arlen Specter of South Carolina. He has many eccentric views and he’s just not a stand-up statesman.”
Mark Levin

“It’s pretty much a routine dog-bites-man story:  But, once again, Sen. Lindsey Graham has betrayed pro-gun conservatives.”
Gun Owners of America on Graham’s decision to support Loretta Lynch

What Americans may not know about Sen. Graham is startling.

“In a 2011 interview with the New York Times, Graham admitted he is consistently at odds with the Tea Party movement, saying, “everything I’m doing now in terms of talking about climate, talking about immigration, talking about Gitmo is completely opposite of where the Tea Party movement’s at.”  (New York Times)

“In 2010, South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley called for Graham to be censured for having a poor voting record.” (The State)

“In recent years, Graham has been formally censured by state party officials in Charleston (Fits News), Lexington (Fits News), and Greenville for supporting liberal causes.”

“Mayor Bloomberg, a leading supporter of gun control, donated to the Graham PAC.” (Politico)

“During the 2012 elections, when a super PAC affiliated with Rand Paul ran ads against vulnerable Democrats for supporting foreign aid to governments run by Islamists, Graham defended the Democrats.” (Daily Caller)

“Graham endorsed Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio in the 2009 Florida Senate race.” (The Hill)  

As for Jeb Bush, his record paints him as the most liberal Republican in the field.

Jeb Bush said people should accept court rulings that legalize same-sex marriage. Does he hold the same view of the Court’s 1973 decision declaring a constitutional right to abort an unborn child? If we are going to allow the courts to decide what our nation’s public policies are going to be on “controversial” issues why do we need a president? What good is a Congress? Heck we can save a lot of money and send them all home!”
Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

What is the solution to all of this?  It’s very simple.  The ideal, the perfect ticket for the 2016 election: Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush.  Now, they can figure out who’s on top of the ticket on their own.  But when you compare their positions, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, on the key important issues, they are two peas in the same pod.”
Rush Limbaugh

He’s not even a moderate, he’s a liberal Republican. He’s running on Common Core and amnesty. These are issues that Obama supports. It boggles the mind that anyone would consider him conservative.”
Brent Bozell, ForAmerica

Jeb is a very good moderate Democrat. He’s very boring. He doesn’t elicit excitement and energy outside a very small circle of wealthy corporatists and GOP Beltway operatives. Time to move on.”
Mark Levin

Roll calll of U.S. Senators voting for cloture on TPP from June 23, 2015.

Roll call of U.S. Senators voting for cloture on TPP from June 23, 2015.

Within the GOP, The Guardian reported the following received campaign donations, or what amount to bribes, from pro-TPP corporations. Marco Rubio, another neoconservative socialist presidential candidate, killed America when he cast the decisive vote to invoke cloture.

  • Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, who is the former US trade representative, has been one of the loudest proponents of the TPP. (In a comment to the Guardian Portman’s office said: “Senator Portman is not a vocal proponent of TPP – he has said it’s still being negotiated and if and when an agreement is reached he will review it carefully.”) He received $119,700 from 14 different corporations between January and March, most of which comes from donations from Goldman Sachs ($70,600), Pfizer ($15,700), and Procter & Gamble ($12,900). Portman is expected to run against former Ohio governor Ted Strickland in 2016 in one of the most politically competitive states in the country.
    Seven Republicans who voted “yea” to fast-track and are also running for re-election next year cleaned up between January and March. Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia received $102,500 in corporate contributions. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, best known for proposing a Monsanto-written bill in 2013 that became known as the Monsanto Protection Act, received $77,900 – $13,500 of which came from Monsanto.
  • Arizona senator and former presidential candidate John McCain received $51,700 in the first quarter of 2015. Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina received $60,000 in corporate donations. Eighty-one-year-old senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who is running for his seventh Senate term, received $35,000. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who will be running for his first full six-year term in 2016, received $67,500 from pro-TPP corporations.

Spokesman for the anti-corruption group Represent.Us Mansur Gidfar stated what most Americans understand too well.

“It’s a rare thing for members of Congress to go against the money these days. They know exactly which special interests they need to keep happy if they want to fund their reelection campaigns or secure a future job as a lobbyist. How can we expect politicians who routinely receive campaign money, lucrative job offers, and lavish gifts from special interests to make impartial decisions that directly affect those same special interests? As long as this kind of transparently corrupt behavior remains legal, we won’t have a government that truly represents the people.”

Among Jeb Bush’s most affluent (and notorious donors) is former assistant secretary of state under brother George W. Bush Dina Powell — who so happens to be an executive for Goldman Sachs — and the top corporate TPP-linked Republican donor, while its Chairman of International Advisers (Robert B. Zoellick) attended the Bilderberg meetings in Austria mid-June. Rick Perry attended the latter in 2007 in Istanbul, running for the presidency the following year.

List of corporate donors comprising of the U.S. Business Coalition for TPP

List of corporate donors comprising of the U.S. Business Coalition for TPP

If Jeb Bush is willing to “outwork” his competition, he better pray the least among his strategies will include counting “hanging chads”. As for Sen. Graham? Pssh! Please don’t force me to laugh! And if  “Jeb!” is right about “The Donald”, the Right has taken its final wrong turn Left. And I don’t want to be on the Right if the party turned hard Left, should one consider “The Donald” has grown more conservative since funding Democrats hundreds of thousands of dollars a decade ago.



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