If Russia Isn’t Behind the Hacked Emails From Wikileaks, Who is?

rshckdemlsThe Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign have maintained for months that Russia’s foreign intelligence service, the GRU, is behind the hacking of emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. They have some evidence for their claim.

Dell SecureWorks, a private Atlanta-based security firm hired by the DNC, concluded that Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear, two groups of Russian intelligence-linked hackers, attempted to hack into 4,000 email accounts, including 100 associated with the Clinton campaign. The magazine Esquire has put together evidence that the hackers are tied to the Russian government. It’s the kind of thing Putin could do. After all, he created a secret Russian troll factory to boost Russia anonymously online.

But are the Russians really behind it? There are reasons to think they’re not.

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