If the Election Really is Overturned by Democrat Operative Recounts.

There is an effort by the Clinton Campaign and their operatives and fundraisers to install Clinton as President. They are using the public face of Jill Stein to raise millions in funding, to force recounts in states that the Democrats think they can somehow overturn. But has anyone stopped to think for a second what would, could, or might actually happen at this time, should that come to pass?

* A huge malaise will fall all over the country as millions of people outside the Democrat strongholds will realize that the vote really does mean nothing, and this country has been sold out to the globalists.

* Across the country people will not work at any productive level because it doesn’t matter, there is nothing to work for or towards as anything can be taken away — their vote — their jobs.

* All the companies that have decided to stay because of Trump, will once again pack up and move to Mexico or elsewhere.

* Obamacare will continue its downward spiral.

* Trillions of dollars of corporate capital that are poised to return as soon as the Trump tax reduction goes into effect, will be once again frozen overseas for the duration of a Clinton presidency.

* We will continue to have the highest corporate tax rates in the world.

* The Trump infrastructure program is gone.

* The border will be completely opened up and millions of illegal aliens will come to take the jobs of Americans, further disrupting the citizen in favor of the illegal. Taxis will go up to pay for them.

* Terrorism is almost guaranteed as there will be no vetting of the mass increase of refugees and aliens.

* The Stock Market will go into free fall as all the optimism running it now will be gone, and a new flood of regulations and taxes will eliminate any possibility of an increase in industrial or business capacity.

* Crony capitalism will return and there will be a flood of new failures like Solyndra.

* All the jobs that would have been created by the Trump recovery program will be gone and unemployment will rise.

* Sanctuary cities will continue to harbor, aid, and shelter illegal alien fugitives, and more Americans will die.

* The government will continue to be staffed by corrupt officials like Attorney General Loretta Lynch and James Comey at FBI.

* No Clinton or Clinton Foundation crime will ever be prosecuted or even investigated by the Justice Department.

* All the energy programs that Trump would have expanded will be halted, rolled back, millions more acres will be forced out of exploration, and we will be more dependent on foreign energy than ever. Costs will rise on all types of energy and it will be a further drag on the economy.

* Iran will get nuclear weapons as the farcical Iran deal continues.

* Israel will probably be at war with neighboring countries because Hillary won’t support Israel, and Netanyahu will be forced to attack and destroy the Iran nuclear program.

* None of the awful trade deals will be touched and all workers under those deals will continue to suffer.

* The military will continue to decline and will be misused horribly.

* The Second Amendment, what’s left of it, will be effectively legislated out of existence.

* There will be absolute gridlock in Washington as a livid GOP House and Senate will block anything Clinton sends over.

* Clinton will rule almost exclusively by executive order, setting the stage for impeachment.

* No Supreme Court nominee will be considered and the Court will be allowed to shrink back to its original number of six Justices.

* The media will completely cover for all the illegal actions of Clinton, so crime, corruption, bribery, and fraud will be standard operating procedure, and the Presidency will never be the same.

* Most people will not trust anything the media or Clinton says.

* The national pride of untold millions of Americans inspired by Trump will be destroyed.

* We will look like idiots to the rest of the world and no one will count on us for anything. All alliances will be subject to review by the other countries.

* The made up hatred the Left keeps trying to attribute to the Conservative Right, may actually become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

* Future elections will be non-events.

* Trump will fight this of course and we will be in constitutional crisis.

* There will be real riots all across the country, not the paid for ones we are seeing now.

* There is the possibility of a military coup to restore Trump as rightful President and Commander in Chief.

* The states are going to revolt as they are mostly in Republican hands, and the power of the federal government will be drastically reduced through legal means, or just simple rejection of illegitimate power.

* State and federal cooperation, compliance, and enforcement of federal laws by the states and local law enforcement will be in complete jeopardy.

* Clinton will be the most hated, least respected, and most irrelevant President in history as millions will never accept her now. I wouldn’t.

* All the countries who donated to the Clinton Foundation will want their quid pro quo.

* There is the potential for anarchy and rebellion, and worst case scenario, armed resistance. No one with any common sense wants that.

At this point in the process, has anyone advocating this recount, or all the other attempts to overturn the election, considered any of the possible implications? Or is their blind lust for power so insatiable, that nothing matters except what they want? I’m not talking about decent Democrats who don’t like the election outcome, but aren’t trying to overturn it. I’m talking about the clandestine operatives who have no purpose other than the acquisition of power, by any means, regardless of what it will do to this country, and all the wonderful people in it who just want their country to work. I really question at this time the motivations of the recount crowd.

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