If there were no “LEFT” in America…


If there were no LEFT in America, no progressives, no socialists, communists, nazis, world government types, new world order folks, U.N., and international law over the Constitution folks, if there were no LEFT – not no liberals – but no hard, ultra LEFT, the type that leads to dictatorship – what would this country look like?

If there were no LEFT in America there would be no gun control laws.  This is because there would be no extremely well funded, completely lie filled agenda pushing the government to disarm America under the guise of “gun control” or the new “gun safety.”  Also because the LEFT uses gun control to disarm the population in preparation for dictatorships.  If there were no LEFT, guns would require no permits, licenses, background checks and there would be no “gun free zones” for mass murderers to kill defenseless victims, because nobody would be defenseless unless they wanted to be.  All gun laws would be based on the USE of guns, and whether it was criminal or not, so there would be no illegal or unconstitutional “prior restraint,” which is being arrested for what you might do, in the future – maybe.

Not everyone would choose to carry a gun of course, but what if carrying a gun were as “normal” as carrying a wallet or a cell phone, and carried completely openly and visible on a belt if people wanted to do that?  What if the sight of a gun on a citizen was as common as on a law enforcement officer, and more comforting since the law enforcement officer represents the government?  What if guns among citizens were so prevalent, a common phrase might be, “did you forget your gun today?”  With such an armed citizenry there would be no need for the police to carry guns, because every citizen would be responsible for their own defense, as they are now but don’t know it, and could “constitutionally carry” the implements of their defense, and the police would show up not at the crime scene, but the crime resolution scene.

If there were no LEFT in America there would have been no Progressive Movement and no President Wilson.  There would be no Federal Reserve and we would have U.S. Dollars backed by gold in our wallets.  We would have a free market instead of a managed one, that was managed right into a Depression in the 30’s.  There would be no Federal Income Tax, no huge overblown federal government from that, and prosperity in this country would be beyond anyone’s wildest dreams today.  There would be no popular democratic vote for Senators as they would be properly voted for by the State Legislatures, thus guaranteeing that the States who ratified the Constitution and created the Federal Government would forever be in charge of it.  The government would stick much more closely to the limited delegated powers of Article 1, Section 8., and the government would be about one quarter of its current size.  At least we would hope so.

If there were no LEFT in America we probably wouldn’t have the government socialist indoctrination centers known as the public schools.  We would instead have an excellent, varied, and competitive private school and home school system, which would be funded with vouchers for low income parents, tax credits for middle income parents, tax deductions for upper middle class, and after a certain level folks could pay on their own.  Equal access to education would be guaranteed through “universal school choice,” but the actual education, rather than being standardized and severely limited, would be unique to every individual, thus vastly increasing the total information and knowledge acquired during the school years, and by extension knowledge gained by our whole population.  There would be no gender neutral bathrooms, drag queens doing story time, requirements for “diversity” where everyone has to think the same, no war on boys nor drugs pushed like Ritalin, schools would compete with each other and with the home schools for every student, and the only teacher unions would be within an individual school.  There would be no Federal Department of Education.  There would be no need for state Departments of Education either.  Ideally the highest school official would be the principle of an independent school, or the parents of the home school.

If there were no LEFT in America there would have been no “Great Society” program, no single mothers with incentive to marry the government instead of the father, and people would work things out between the families, in many cases getting married, or giving kids up for adoption, or some other individual non-government solution, as everyone found appropriate.  There would be no welfare state, no massive entitlement programs because the concept wouldn’t exist, and no multi-trillion national debt created to cover the trillions wasted on programs that didn’t work.  There would be no welfare system, only private charity, church and community designed programs, and whatever local and state aid each state chose to make, and people would go back to looking after each other as they used to.  At least I hope so.  There would be none of the social problems created by the lack of fathers in homes, because they would be in homes supporting their families and raising their kids at the rates they were before the LEFT destroyed the family structure in America.  Parenthood by both parents would be viewed as not only an economic necessity, but an obligation to be fulfilled.

If there were no LEFT in America there would be no identity politics, no racial or ethnic classifications in government or the need to declare such on any government form.  Conservatives just don’t see people in groups but as individuals.  Most Americans do to, except for the LEFT.  There would be no resulting race warfare that has existed throughout our history that has been made possible by government.  It was government policy that allowed slaves to be brought here, and Leftist Democrats who created and maintained the system.  It’s the Leftists who only see skin color and think that is the only quality of a person that matters or means anything.  It was Leftist Democrats who created and maintained Segregation and voted against the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts.  It’s Leftist Democrats that engage in the most vote fraud while claiming voter I.D. laws suppress the minority vote.  

There would be no Racial Identity Victim Industrial Complex because only the LEFT divides people up in this way.  Now, does that mean racism would be eliminated completely?  I doubt it.  But racism wouldn’t be an industry, and there would be no group preferential treatment, quotas, Affirmative Action, college preferential admissions, talk of reparations, and other special privileges awarded based on group identity.  There would be no government benefit for being any particular race, nationality, citizenship status, or other quality or characteristic.

If there were no LEFT in America, radical LGBTQ agendas wouldn’t be so huge a presence on our news, and in our lives, our politics, our schools, our children, and our social conscience.  Granted there has been persecution of people in all these categories, and that was always wrong.  The education process to realize that people are people regardless of their individual qualities like LGBTQ would still have had to take place.  The difference if there were no LEFT in America is that it wouldn’t be pushed to the point that anyone who doesn’t completely accept a radical LGBTQ agenda, wouldn’t be labeled a hater, a white supremacist, or any other demonization term to force the agenda, they would simply be people who disagreed.  The agenda would stand on its own, and be reviewed on its merits, without the government forcing the ideology on the country, the schools, the companies, and the people, with the requirement to go along without question.  We wouldn’t need “diversity training” in ideological conditioning either, because America is already the most diverse nation that has ever existed.

If there were no LEFT in America, I can’t say if there would be no Judicial Review, where the Supreme Court and the various minion judges in the inferior courts make policy, write national injunctions, issue national orders, all of which are beyond their constitutional authority.  But if there were no LEFT, we can be assured there would have been no activist Supreme Court Justices treating the Constitution as their plaything to “interpret” into existence such horrible decisions as Roe v Wade, and then impose that national legislation on the nation, as if it were actually law, which clearly it is not and could never be because the Courts can’t make law.  In the same way, same sex marriage wouldn’t be imposed from the Court, and neither would Obamacare.  It’s hard to say what the Court would do, but they probably would be a lot closer to their actual delegated authority to resolve cases, and limit their decisions to the parties of those cases, and not create national policy, even ordering the policies of a previous President on to the current President, as judges have done of late.

If there were no LEFT in America, what wars would we have fought, and what options would we have considered?  President Wilson, a Leftist Princeton College President, got us into World War One, when he could have let Europe fight it out, and devoted all our forces to stopping the Germans from attacking our ships, and British ships in convoy, in the Atlantic.  In World War Two, we still don’t know if FDR had Japanese messages from their broken code, and might have used Pearl Harbor to get us into the war, and like we could have done in WW1, guarded instead our East Coast and our half of the Atlantic, and broken the supply lines to the Japanese forces and ruined their war effort, instead of going for unconditional surrender, which is rare in world history.  It is the world government Bush’s whom I include in the LEFT, and the “permanent war class,” that got us into the never ending, nation building, and completely devoid of victory wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and previous similar types for Viet Nam and Korea, none of which should have been fought.  It is the Swamp permanent war class today that wants us in nation destroying wars in Venezuela and Iran.  The nation destroyed would be ours.  That would then reduce the U.S. to a cog in the world order, another goal of the LEFT, because national independence is every bit as repulsive to them as individual independence.  George Washington, conservative founding father, was right – “Beware of foreign entanglements!”

If there were no LEFT in America, we would not have an illegal alien problem.  Laws would have been passed to not only keep illegal aliens out, and to fund a proper border patrol, but without the Leftist welfare state, sanctuary cities, no E-verify, illegal voting, the use of illegal aliens to increase the power of the LEFT and dilute the American citizenry that has constitutional values, there would be no magnet attracting illegal aliens here in the first place, and if they came, life would be so miserable for them, because they would have no access to any government services, jobs, banks, credit, mortgages, rentals, cars, or anything required to sustain oneself, the only survival option would be to go home.  If there were no LEFT, there would be no “birthright citizenship,” because the 14th Amendment would actually be in force, instead of this bogus policy.  The 14th Amendment requires that only children born to American citizens or permanent residents, people subject to U.S. nationality jurisdiction, be granted citizenship.  This is why birthright citizenship has always been a policy, and never a law or constitutional requirement.  Also, there would be no citizenship birth vacations, anchor babies, Chinese hotel babies, Russian tourist babies, and other birth for citizenship schemes.  Nor would there be wealth transfers out of the country, illegals competing for jobs, nor any of the current murders and other crimes committed by illegal aliens — because they wouldn’t be here.

If there were no LEFT in America there would be no Green New Deal, no Climate Change or Global Warming hysteria, no requirement to be a “believer” like a cult, and no wasted billions of dollars trying to limit Carbon Dioxide which is an essential nutrient of plants.  There would not be the supreme arrogance that people can actually legislate the temperature of the Earth anyway.  There would be no federal EPA, which was created by Richard Nixon, who also sucked up to Communist China.  Nixon was hardly a conservative.  And there would be no climate protection plans which are wealth transfers and gateways to socialism.  If there were no LEFT we could still protect our environment, but without the political agenda, and we could still live free with our individual cars, and individual homes, and not in some “smart growth” self-contained, government planned, isolated, community of houses, jobs and entertainment.  We could travel when and how we wanted to, and driving would be a right included in the right to travel, something if you can’t do freely, you don’t have a free society or free country.

In short, if there were no LEFT in America, we wouldn’t constantly be battling to get our country back to the free state it enjoyed at our founding, rather, we’d be advancing freedom and liberty into areas as yet never even thought of.


Greg Penglis is the creator of “Action Radio,” the worlds first show where the audience is a citizen legislature.  Action Radio, which airs weekdays 7-9 am Central time, and is podcast right after, is a fully interactive system of listeners, expert guests, social media, writing bills, legislator input, citizen action, lobbying, and advocacy!  Action Radio, and all connected sites are found at:  BlogTalkRadio.com/citizenaction.

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