Ignorance: The Plague Facing Both Liberals and Conservatives

Kim Davis: A “conservative” figure with whom intellectual conservatives resent being associated

One of the biggest problems with being conservative is undoubtedly, without question, the quite large and unfortunately influential demographic consisting of our lowest common denominators – in other words, these are not true conservatives who have a grasp on the meaning of conservative ideology. This demographic consists of the racists, the anti-government types, a number of them existing on the fringes of right-wing extremism. Liberals and democrats certainly have the same problem, however the DNC embraces the bottom of the barrel; for without those uneducated, uninformed, completely vulnerable to political spin, and lacking all capacity for critical thought, we wouldn’t see a democrat elected to office ever again. The DNC NEEDS the very worst elements of their party in order to prevail. The DNC banks on the ignorance of their voters and have shown no signs whatsoever of making any kind of attempt at rectifying the stupefying ignorance awash over their own constituents.

Conservatives meanwhile are crucified as a whole for the idiocy of our mouth-breathing intellectually challenged. We all suffer the repercussions when a white trash, ignorant racist eagerly steps in front of a live television reporter and provides what liberals might describe as an ideal parody of conservatism. It’s readily apparent liberals have always been dismissive of conservatism on account of those who don’t truly represent us. Conservatives are so often represented as dimwitted ‘Merican outcasts; blind patriots; war mongers; polluters; racists; bible-thumping lunatics hell-bent on conserving nothing more than white American culture. These people give leverage to democrats by means of liberal press… The press loves to keep the narrative going that conservatives are nothing more than anti-science racists. Indeed, there is a wide intellectual gap between philosophical conservatives and some segments who routinely and even eagerly take to social media, or the nearest cable channel news interview to do conservatism great harm.

But let’s look at who’s judging, shall we? The democrats are by no means lacking in the remarkable stupidity department. These same people are always the first to cast judgment on conservatives, completely ignorant of what the word even means or where it comes from. Completely ignorant of the great many who wish to see this nation and its people prosper; many would be surprised to know that, in the end, most conservatives and liberals alike share many more common desires for this nation’s best interests than the media, our politicians, and “know-it-all” pop culture icons would have us believe.

We all want what’s best for this country; we simply believe in utilizing different means to arrive there. It cannot be denied that we need one another; mutual respect in these times of division and strife are absolutely critical to our survival. Like it or not, we need the balance brought to politics by liberalism and conservatism together. It’s absolutely necessary to maintain that crucial balance. We may not agree, but we should begin acknowledging, even begrudgingly, that those whose belief systems are contrary to our own serve to reign in the shortcomings inherent with either side.

The greatest harm caused by these intellectual disparities comes from the fact that, even our best candidates are cast in the same group as the dimwits of our party by partisan opponents; worse, there are scores of GOP politicians who actually court these imbeciles. I suppose it may seem necessary since democrats have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to placate to the most embarrassing factions of their political base. No scruples? No principles or values? No problem: “Here, let me help register you to vote!”

Of course, we have our crazies, too. The fact is, true conservatives will not hesitate in distancing ourselves and resenting those who may vote republican, but for all the wrong reasons. Many have certainly not arrived at their unintelligible viewpoints through thoughtfulness; and, it’s often that demographic which is offered up to liberals or mainstream media to be painted as representatives of the conservative “pariah” – a common example I’ve come to often observe would be the “out-of-touch bible-thumping, obsolete half-wits in pursuit of white supremacy”… Something like that. 

Democratic politicians, on the other hand, placate to their undesirables as they have controlled and, benefited greatly, from the great many lunatics beholden to their party. Has any democratic politician done the right thing over the past year of divisive hate; have they denounced “Black Lives Matter” when protests devolve into demonstrations of hate; while many associated with BLM have repeatedly demonstrated their disdain for our country? Or, have they In any way distanced themselves from that group, who’ve essentially become domestic terrorists, some members even calling for war on whites? Have there been any voices of reason when activist groups call for reparations and, on some smaller levels, have actually succeeded at convincing the ever-growing number of self-loathing white people to blindly give handouts to complete strangers as some distorted, disingenuously asinine form of apology? No, liberals and democrats have been remarkably quiet; if not in full support of these embarrassments to society.

The stupidity has no bounds in 2017.

We have a major problem on our hands with regards to the current electorate. Voters can be and are bought by the highest bidder. Politicians seem to have no qualms about courting the lowest common denominators of this country; however, with the widespread, disconcertingly common political ignorance so clearly self-evident, it’s not difficult to determine these voters, when united, have enough influence to all but silence those with any semblance of intellectual capacity.

The reason behind these unfortunate circumstances we are in cannot be blamed entirely on substandard education. If only that were the case; at least were it narrowed down solely to that single variable, measures could be set in motion to reverse this cursed trend. However, it’s far from so simple. Voter ignorance seems to be a pop culture phenomenon, spurned on by unqualified, profoundly uninformed celebrity icons, musicians, models, and social media all-stars.

This country’s basic fundamentals were framed for a people who valued staying informed; valued the ability to participate in American politics. Alexis de Tocqueville, famous for his ‘Democracy in America’, spoke volumes of the revolutionary changes America’s birth brought with it. He was impressed, to say the least, and led the way to establishing similar ideals on the European continent upon his return.

De Tocqueville spoke of the political process and how the Americans he had come to know far and wide – rich and poor; urban and rural; upper and lower class – almost unanimously participated in – as informed citizens who didn’t take for granted their ability to influence the government – determining the moral aptitude, qualifications, and ideologies possessed by potential leaders. Americans of the Victorian Era appreciated the new system of government which granted freedoms to average citizens like no government had in world history.

Sadly, American culture has deteriorated to a point where those qualities citizens once possessed have all but vanished. Certainly, many thoughtful citizens have picked up that fading torch and work tirelessly to keep it aflame. But, so far it seems a futile effort. We’ve reached an era in which candidates for President of the United States willfully appeal to the ignorant citizens; rather than seeking to improve the situation, it almost seems as if those in power feel no need whatsoever to address this issue with terrible implications for the future.

As long as politicians placate to and encourage voter ignorance, and even perpetuate it further with the rhetoric all have come to know too well; the ad hominem attacks on opponents, many of which are completely irrelevant when it comes down to the big picture. So many voters are influenced by narratives which advisors and speech writers practically develop from scratch, utilizing polling data as vital research in their quest for the ideal message that might get their candidate elected. American voters are overwhelmingly unaware or willfully ignore the ugly truth about those they pick to lead.

How does one “fix” a broken culture in full blown identity crisis? The breakdown in American culture, pride, and fundamental ideals which once united the country as a whole (across all demographics) has all but disappeared; vanishing at an exponentially greater rate with every revolution around the sun; its time we elect leaders who will stand up and do something about it. It’s time we elect leaders to take action for this nation’s uninformed; and, instead of courting them with political trickery and condescension, perhaps it’s time for some blatant honesty. Repairing a broken (or breaking, at the least) culture seems to be an impossible struggle. But it’s a struggle that must be endured if there’s any true hope to keep this nation in tact – just as our Founding Fathers had envisioned.



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Hans Comprix is a marine veteran of the Global War on Terror & conservative writer. He’s a contributor for Intellectual Conservative, having previously contributed to ‘American Thinker’ and ‘Now its Dark’ magazine. Email hans.comprix@com for comments, questions, or hate mail. 

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