Imagine: How to Take Over the World in an International Socialist Conspiracy

Imagine that you are a socialist/communist/fascist (all essentially the same thing) who dreams about developing an international plot, or conspiracy, to take over the world—to get governments all over the planet to simultaneously seize the maximum amount of control over their populations, with a minimum amount of public resistance, and as quickly as possible. That has, of course, been the ultimate utopian socialist goal for decades. But how would you go about implementing this plot and achieving this goal? You would need certain strategic weapons to actually pull off this ambitious global revolution. What would be your most powerful weapons? I could think of three, to be implemented in the following steps:

1) You would need to somehow sow deep fear—preferably mass hysteria—among people over a perceived serious threat that they are too ignorant to clearly understand. The helpless, fearful people would turn to government for a solution to counter this threat.

2) Your propaganda must be spread by an equally ignorant mass media, as well as by social media, supported by individuals widely regarded as “experts”—people in academia, science and medicine, or other arenas of intelligentsia, depending on what the threat is.

3) A crucial weapon for action would be politicians and government leaders—again, steeped in ignorance. They will be eager to rely upon the experts for advice on instituting government policies designed to convince the people that they are taking strong and bold actions to address the threat and keep the public save. These policies will include new rules, regulations, and restrictions over peoples’ lives, strictly limiting their liberties while building government’s superpowers over citizens and businesses.

After that, things should take care of themselves as your plot unfolds. Just be sure to keep the public panic going long enough for it to really sink it, so that the “socialist solution”–or the “fascist fix”— is widely accepted as the “new normal.”

I think the above three steps would make for an effective overall, general plan. Remember that this is a global plot, so you would probably want contacts—that is, operatives within the conspiracy—planted in certain key positions in every country. But you would not need many of these plants, because your propaganda and agenda should be naturally picked up and promoted by your “fellow travelers” in media, academia, government, and even large private corporations. These individuals work deep inside these institutions in every nation, just waiting to pounce on opportunities to help create their ideal Great Society. And you are lucky to have the compliant group-think masses on social media who are always zealous to spread the word for you, convinced that they are “saving the world.” They will not even be aware of your global conspiracy, but they can function as very useful tools in it anyway. You know you can rely on all this, provided that all the other elements of your plan fall into place properly.

What about the specifics of your plan—the detailed steps of implementation? You might imagine various scenarios. Allow me to propose one scenario—just an example off the top of my head. The following text describes details of how my proposed scenario might play out in a story, like in a novel or movie script.

One Imaginary Scenario

It seems logical to launch a global socialist conspiracy in the world’s largest and most powerful socialist/communist country—China. So imagine this: Microbiologists in a laboratory in China conduct disease research that is partly financed by wealthy Western commercial interests and “deep state” Western government agencies. You have your necessary initial international connections there. The biologists purposefully develop a new strain of rapidly spreading, deadly virus, based on genetic manipulation of an existing virus derived from a wild animal. Before the rest of the world becomes aware of this development, you allow the release of the virus into the community surrounding the lab. Then you allow infected people from the community to fly around the world to infect people in many other countries. Medical workers in various regions soon begin to notice signs and symptoms of what seems like a new disease.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization—which maintains cozy relations with China and which is always promoting the global socialist cause—purposefully issues misleading and deceptive information about the origin and nature of the virus to prevent unknowing government authorities from adequately preparing for it. Your deep-state contacts and your sympathizers in these governments now know that it is time to get the plan rolling at their ends. Your contacts and sympathizers in the media also begin to spring into action.

Within a couple months, media reports in almost every country are filled with horrific stories of thousands of people dying from a mysterious new virus. Although—in reality—the death rate is not substantially different from many previous epidemics or pandemics, there are aspects of this virus that are terrifying to medical personnel, who are not sure how to handle it. These scary aspects include the global spread of the virus, the initial unexpected mortality spikes, the novel nature of the previously unknown pathogen, the strange characteristics of some of the symptoms, and the lack of any vaccine or proven effective drugs. The constant media reports of death also terrify the public, which has never seen anything like the nightmare media reports they see every day all day long. It seems like The Walking Dead come true. A widespread general consensus develops that this is an unprecedented monster medical disaster with no end in sight. The fear is stoked by a multitude of medical and scientific experts—some in key government positions—who are frequently on TV warning of hundreds of thousands or millions of deaths. Everyone demands that governments do something about this!

Perhaps the most important element of your plan is the spread of your doomsday propaganda by the mass media and social media, and this propaganda has to spread throughout the world. The Internet makes that easy. The propaganda, ideally delivered by physically attractive personalities and authoritative figures, has to convince most members of the public that any person they meet might spread the disease and that the very air they breathe might be laced with toxins and deadly particles. The people have to be convinced that the only way to stay safe is to hide inside their homes by themselves while the government works to fix everything—for as long as the government tells them to. You know that frightened people who lack scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills—that is, the vast majority of the public—shall obey without question. This is the true awesome power of the weapons of mass fear and mass ignorance.

So, governments all over the planet simultaneously take drastic actions. They institute draconian restrictions on citizens’ activities, and they seize control over businesses to an extent that they never would have dared before. Amazingly, these actions prompt virtually no public resistance or protest. Most private businesses are closed down, resulting in massive unemployment on the scale of the Great Depression—the last time that global socialist hopes had been lifted. People lose their incomes, their savings, and their investments. All schools are closed. People are ordered not to go to church, to friends’ homes, or to any other place that has more than two individuals. All public recreational and entertainment activities—such as bars, clubs, restaurants, sporting events, movie theaters, music concerts, and shopping malls—are banned. All those places are shut down for the foreseeable future. The only activities that are allowed are those deemed to be “essential” by the authorities, such as grocery shopping—though even that is strongly discouraged. Anyone thinking of publicly protesting or violating the restrictions and shutdowns are warned that police could arrest them and jail them for doing so.

The only place for any kind of “social” activity is the Internet, where—encouraged by the influence of pop stars and other gullible leftist celebrities—a culture of compliance and conformity is enforced, with any dissenters and nonconformists publicly shamed. These influencers, as they preach their wisdom and entertain the masses via live-streaming services from their luxurious homes, make it seem cool, hip, and woke to obey everything the government and the experts say. They end all of their video posts by saying the new woke phrase, “Stay safe,” making it appear as if they, sheltered in their mansions, sincerely care about the common unemployed folks in the rest of the apocalyptic world.

There are very few prominent celebrity naysayers and skeptics of the virus hysteria and business shutdowns. In the United States, the most famous skeptic is a long-time right-wing radio talk show host who happens to be fighting cancer. He asks questions that no one else asks. How did this pandemic start? Is the virus really that much worse than the regular influenza? Why are politicians purposefully destroying the economy? Why are people so afraid and unwilling to protest? Most deep-state officials don’t like those questions, but they think it is safe to discount what they see as this radio host’s waning influence, hoping that he will die soon anyway. If he doesn’t, they may have to arrange for it to happen.

State governors warn people that—should they be stupid enough to not believe the severity of the virus threat and reckless enough to go out in public to try to find food or other increasingly rare household basics—they have to wear protective masks and gloves and stay several feet apart from other humans. They say these measures are essential for everyone’s safety. Violators are subject to arrest and prosecution—just like protestors. With such solemn proclamations, most members of the public indeed become thoroughly convinced that all their fellow citizens, the air that surrounds them, and anything touched by a human are toxic, dangerous, and deadly because of the “Invisible Enemy.” They come to believe that the only people who are safe and trustworthy are the government authorities. Spying out the window and snitching to police about neighbors who do not wear masks or who stand too close to their friends or family becomes an encouraged and popular pastime for the “good citizen.”

The government epidemiology experts—some of whom become the newest celebrated stars of pop culture—warn that the tough new rules have to be obeyed in order to conquer the virus, though it may take many months, or even many years, before things get back to a “new normal.” They firmly and gravely assert that the old normal is gone forever. Get used to it. But the statistics cited by the experts regarding how many people are actually dying from the virus and how many people are expected to die from the virus keep changing, depending on the latest computer model results and the latest interpretations of the data. Also frequently changing is the information that the experts give on how you catch the virus, how you can protect yourself from the virus, and even what exactly the virus does to the body. The information gets so confusing and contradictory that people just assume it is all too scientific and difficult for them to ever understand. Better just leave everything to the government officials to take care of. They will somehow figure it out and tell people the right thing to do to stay safe.

Meanwhile, the government keeps printing money and sending people checks or direct deposits to keep them compliant and to let them know that the government will take care of their financial needs while it works tirelessly to develop a vaccine or cure for the dreaded disease. People get used to staying home and collecting the free money. Laying around, watching TV shows and movies, the thrills of unlimited online pornography. Many like it. They like it very much. Public opinion polls show that the vast majority of people want to stay home until everything is “safe.” They don’t want to go to work. No job. No income. No Problem. Many people wonder if this is the socialist utopia that they had always heard about.

Astonishingly, even the most conservative, pro-capitalist politicians embrace the socialist agenda in the time of crisis. Worried about public sentiment and reelection chances, they go along with the massive government spending programs, the closing of businesses, the shutdown of the economy, and the severe restrictions on individual liberty. The politicians see that these things make the public think that the government is keeping people safe—regardless of the economic and financial consequences to themselves, the country, and the world. Although such actions have historical precedent in many other countries, they have never happened before in the United States to this extent. The United States was supposed to be the bastion of Constitutionally guaranteed individual liberty and freedom. But the Constitution is simply torn to shreds by politicians of both parties using the justifications of public safety and health.

You and your fellow global socialist conspirators are shocked at how easily all the elements of your plan are falling into place in the United States. You had not fully realized how immensely stupid American leaders could be, or how sheep-like the American masses could behave under the right circumstances.

Only a Matter of Time

Needless to say, this is not an economically or socially sustainable situation—and that was what you were counting on. It is only a matter of time before all capitalist economies collapse. The entire global economic system crashes down with one big WHOMP! It all goes away, so quickly that it seems like an unreal fantasy. China, its allies, and the United Nations step in to fill the void with a new international socialist/communist/fascist program of recovery. China now has more money and power than ever before. It profited handsomely from the fact that most of the medicines and medical equipment used to combat the pandemic had to be purchased from Chinese companies. Ah yes, this is the sweet culmination of your global plot.

As the pandemic continues in a series of manifestations of viral mutations and death clusters in various places, people in all countries become increasingly dependent on their governments—and the governments’ crony corporate puppets—for income, social services, healthcare, and all basic necessities. And it becomes widely assumed, expected, and accepted that a monolithic global socialist-crony capitalist system and one-world government will eventually evolve into being. Whether or not that happens, the U.S. Constitution—along with its guaranteed individual rights and liberties—is forever relegated to the ash heap of history. That 18th-century document drafted by a bunch of old white guys proved itself to be too old-fashioned and woefully insufficient to deal with modern problems in the complex, interconnected 21st-century world. You always knew that was the case, and finally everyone else knows it too.

Socialist Success

You and your comrades are pleasantly surprised by the success—the rapid success—of your global socialist conspiracy, especially at how readily everyone in the West ate up and regurgitated your propaganda. You knew you would succeed, but you didn’t think it would be so easy and fast. Whoever came up with that idea for a global virus pandemic and Internet-fueled mass hysteria is a real genius and a revolutionary hero! Give that unknown man or woman the Meritorious Medal of Mao!

Scientists eventually announce the development of vaccines against the virus—meaning that, with a shot, people could be protected against getting the disease (like with influenza). One might think this would mean an end to the tough government restrictions on social gatherings and business activity. But the experts say that will never happen. There is a high risk for the continued development of mutant viral strains to which the vaccines are ineffective. There could be new outbreaks that are far worse than the original outbreak, with even more fatalities than before.

Therefore, say the experts and authorities, society will have to keep strong social and business restrictions forever. Yes, it turns out that a chronic health scare is the greatest excuse for permanent social control! The restrictions are relaxed enough to power the economy to a socially acceptable level—and to greatly financially benefit the privileged few. The new social order—the new normal—must be maintained to continue to protect the health of the public. We must stay vigilant—against the virus, as well as against any irresponsible voices of dissent. China’s special version of totalitarianism is the model for the whole world.

As time goes by, as after all revolutions, a few pesky dissenters pop up now and then. But most people are complaisant about the system, whether they like it or not. What can they do about it anyway? For younger people, it is all they have ever known. It’s just the way things are. They occasionally hear stories about the “old America” and about how people used to get all worked up over “freedom” and “liberty,” and they wonder why those people were so weird back then.

Even as a few illegal “dark web” Internet sites reveal the truth about how your global conspiracy originated and how the virus and the mass hysteria were both manufactured and manipulated to cause maximum economic destruction, you are not worried. You know that nobody seems to care anymore. It’s like people have just lost their initiative and spirit about everything. Like they’re walking around like post-apocalyptic zombies in TWD. That’s the way you and your comrades like them. Needless to say, should the natives ever get restless, you and your scientist partners have plans on ice to develop a new and improved pandemic. Now you know that weapon really works!

As you sit back and savor your success, you are fascinated by how all-powerful government has the ability to kill the soul of humanity—simultaneously all around the planet. Government is far more deadly and destructive than any virus. You, as a committed socialist/communist/fascist, are grateful for that. Your global socialist utopia has been achieved—all thanks to government and media overreaction to a tiny virus! Yes, that was exactly how your plan was supposed to work.

Just Imaginary

The above scenario is just an imaginary example of how a socialist plot to take over the world might play out. In the hands of a more talented writer than myself, it might make for quite a good political/science-fiction novel or movie. Thank God it is only an imaginary fictional scenario that could never happen in the real world—certainly not in America.


About the author:

A.J. Smuskiewicz is a freelance writer specializing in science, medicine, history, and cultural issues. He can be contacted at: [email protected] His website is at:



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