Immigration Obama Style: ObamaImmigration

Tell me again why Obama spent tax dollars to fly to Costa Rica to tell them that there will be immigration reform in the United States? Was he telling the foreigners that once this reform is passed, they will be free to move to the United States and work or live off the taxpayers?

Obama doesn’t really have a clue what immigration reform is or is supposed to be. And since his father came here years ago and left his seed among the volcanic ashes of Hawaii, Obama thinks all people have a right to come to the United States.


And technically he is correct. It is the same with Harvard University. Everyone should have a right to go to Harvard. Or at least apply to Harvard. But the odds of one being accepted to go to Harvard is slim to none. And unless you know someone, you probably better be looking at plan b or c.


What went wrong with American Immigration? First off it became a right under the liberal thinking. But the world has changed since the 1900’s. Back then there were millions of jobs available and very few of those jobs were government jobs. The nation was allowed to prosper. There was little or no government interference. The immigrants wanted to become citizens!


The times they have changed. The liberals through the power and money in government spending and by the 1960’s the economy began to take a turn for the worse. And politicians and bureaucrats understood there was a lot of power and money in government jobs. So they began to outspend the production in the United States.  This started the largest deficit spending in the History of the United States. It has been rumored that the new immigration reform will cost billions if not trillions. The problem is we do not have the money. We are already spending the money why not find a way to stop spending the money on legal and illegal immigration. Remember the Russian bombing jihadists were immigrants.

So we can’t afford the Obama immigration reform. Like ObamaCare maybe it should be nicknamed ObamaImmigration.


And when Clinton came along he began to outsource American jobs at an accelerated  rate. Folks this is part of the Agenda 21 Protocol. If we send all our jobs to developing countries like China, India and others,  poverty will be decreased and the environment will be cleaner. And they have no research to prove this. They have been preaching this nonsense since the 1990’s and the environment of  China and other developing countries that are industrializing is an embarrassment. But the bottom line is that we have lost millions of jobs in the private sector and can not afford the high cost of more immigration. We don’t have jobs for these immigrants. So who is going to support these immigrants in the style they have become accustomed to living in America.


Tell me again why Obama spent tax dollars to fly to Costa Rica to tell them that there will be immigration reform in the United States?


Was he telling the foreigners that once this reform is passed, they will be free to move to the United States and work or live off the taxpayers? What was the purpose of the expensive Obama trip to South America?  We can  not afford the immigration reform because we don’t have the jobs for them! Europe tried this idea. Since their birth rate had dropped, Europeans realized they needed immigrants to work and pay taxes so that the social programs would be funded. We all know how that worked out. Some areas in Europe have  fairly large populations of Muslims. Good luck with that one.


The number of immigrants coming to this country per year is about 4 million legally and  a few more million illegally. Obama claims he has cut back on immigration. The numbers tell a different story.


It becomes obvious that the immigration reform will not pass. For what reason would you pass ObamaImmigration?? It will make the borders more secure! Not likely that will happen. Obama freed all the illegal immigrants. How come when they arrest the illegal immigrants they release them in the United States. It makes much more sense to release them outside the U.S. borders. Here is another Obama Agenda that does not take into consideration the best interest of the United States!


My question is what will the Obamas of the world do when they find out that the illegals number 30 to 40 million poor souls. Where will they find the jobs? Where will they find the entitlements? And the gang of 8 wants to document them all! What rights will they be guaranteed by our politicians and liberal judges? And what changes will the liberals force through to make the taxpayer pay more? What about the anchor babies. As long as the law allows for anchor babies,  immigration will always be a problem!


The flip side of this coin is that there are good potential citizens that have waited patiently to come in through the front door legally. What will happen to the folks that respected our laws, They will never be allowed in legally. There will be no room at the inn.


That’s why the rights afforded the illegals and the anchor babies that they produce has exceeded its limit. No one would have guessed 50 years ago that by this time almost 50% of the country would be living off the government. No one would have guessed that instead of protecting American jobs, folks like Clinton would preach about sending jobs to other countries while they fill their bank accounts with pay back.


And finally no one knew that the liberals would try to end the United States dominance in energy. Even the carbon trade market fell through the floor. Wonder how much California had tied to that pipe dream. Imagine trying to create a market to sell carbon credits that are imaginary at best. Imagine trying to create a market for derivatives where big money can bet on things they don’t own.


The world has changed quite a bit in the last 50 years. People are more concerned about carbon, recycling and marriage more so than they are concerned about jobs and the American Dream.  Maybe we should elect people who have our interest at heart and not their own pocket books.

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