Inequality: The Obama Word for the Year. How Does it Relate to the American Dream?

Inequality means a lot of things to different people. Obama and the liberals plan to screw up the economy more so just like they did for healthcare. After all if Obama is an expert on healthcare, he also must be an expert on the economy. 

The word inequality is only a political word and must be used broadly. Just like women’s rights. Women have a right to abort a female baby who has no rights. So Obama and the liberals want lemmings  to see inequality as something only the liberals and the Democrats can fix. So if you vote for the other guy the amount of inequality will increase. So vote for the liberals and they will take good care of you. They will give you free healthcare and let you keep your own doctor. And the premiums will go down and the deductibles will remain the same. How many goofs voted for these fools thinking this was true! The press knew it was not true. They also knew Clinton was a womanizer before he was re-elected. So maybe we should start by having equality in the media. Benghazi who? If you make the White House mad you won’t be invited to all the briefings, and perks. 

In a capitalistic society or a communist society you will never find 100% equality. Putin probably makes a lot more than the comrade that takes care of his horse. The problem is how can anyone really be equal in a workplace unless they do the exact same job for the same length of time. And studies have shown over and over that women do not do the same job as men for the same length of time. When they do the pay is equal or more. When they are not the pay is different. But in a capitalist system you are always free to negotiate your pay or move on. In a communist country like China it is the factory or the highway or the great wall which ever comes first. 

There was a report recently issued by the commie government. They are called the NBER. The report or the article indicates how the American Dream is no longer alive in America … You have to go to other countries to live … The American Dream. And you have to know that is a lot of crap. 

NBER stands for the National Bureau of Economic Research.  I betcha a lot of those folks are living the American Dream. The  Moneynews article quotes a sociology professor Patrick Sharkey. I assume its a male,  he basically is quoted as saying: “it’s a trend that makes us think that cities will become less of an engine for economic mobility if they keep trending toward a scenario where the rich live in separate communities from the poor.” 

First off, if this is a report on economics, what are we doing listening to a sociology professor. You mind as well listen to a community organizer! We want to know the state of the economy and how we can fix it. We know that rich people don’t live with poor people. You never heard of the rich folks in Beverly Hills asking the poor to move into their neighborhoods. They may want them to watch their kids or pets, but go live in another neighborhood at night. 

The article talks about race and segregation as  issues. But they said it is not a race issue but a poor issue. So poor people aren’t building factories in poor neighborhoods. But they blame the rich for not building transportation in poor neighborhoods. What? Obama said it is the government that builds everything. So why isn’t the government spending money on transportation in poor areas! Because the poor don’t have to go no where any more. The money is deposited directly into their accounts and all they have to do is spend it. Why would anyone want to go to work in any poor neighborhood? If you work you have to pay taxes. 

The other area was  Social capital. What would you expect from a sociology professor. Another quote: “Strong religious beliefs are very strongly positively correlated with upward mobility, while crime rates are negatively correlated with mobility.” So these folks think there is some yellow brick road leading from poverty to the promised land. But if Religion is so important why do the liberals praise the non-religious and knock Christianity at every turn they make. So maybe it is the “atheist” liberals that want to keep the poor as the poor. Maybe Obama should start building churches in poor neighborhoods instead of food stamp dispensers and rehab centers. 

The gap of inequality also effects the gap between rich and poor. The bigger the gap between rich and poor the less mobility is available to get to the promised land. Are these folks for real! The gap never changes. You are either rich or you are poor. The gap is a constant. The lottery ticket or selling drugs may be the only way to close the gap in a hurry. Otherwise it takes hard work to move from poverty up the ladder of the American Dream.  Obama thinks he lived in poverty. His grandparents were quite well off and he was able to start on a pretty high rung of the ladder. Most of the poor are not so lucky. They have to start at the bottom or below. 

The last item was family structure. This quote will make O’Reilly happy “Upward mobility is more likely in committed, two-parent households.” 

This becomes real easy. It seems like LBJ and his  Great Society was a complete failure because they spent all the money on corruption. They thought if they threw money at education, housing and whatever… the poor would excel. Since the 1960’s there has been  no improvement in the number of poor.  It is actually worse! 

But according to this report in order to move up the ladder via some magical level of mobility you need religion and family. The 2 parent kind of family. After Obama spent all this money on this report, it proves if you are going to help the poor… You need to spend money in such a way to motivate and encourage family and religion. The atheists and the ACLU are going to have a fit! So for 50 years the liberals have spent money to neuter the family. They have spent billions to neuter religion. 

After 50 years the losers like Sharpton and others are blaming the rich and the Republicans. They should be blaming themselves. Because if they encouraged family and religion:  The ladder of success would have rungs of gold. Instead they are coated with the slippery baloney that is preached by the liberals. 

The yellow brick road is always present. Folks like Obama keep throwing up road blocks. You have to wonder if the poor were no more, what would the liberals have to do?

Answer nothing. Pretty much what they do now.  


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