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Insolent Observations

Subject one. You get an odd feeling if you follow the mainline media and fail to disconnect your common sense. Apparently, America has several Presidents. It seems that one is illegitimate and therefore, a political bastard. The other one is the lady that the country failed to elect. The first of these presidents comes in a duplicate. Version “A” is guilty of deceit by promising what he does not mean. The other -version “B”- is guilty for implementing his pledges.

Topic two. A cottage industry has risen to keep our certified-to-be-smart elite busy and to provide a safety valve to polluted brains. A segment of that market niche specializes on misrepresenting the new POTUS, whose accession is sold as evidence that the end of the world is not only near, but also upon us.                              A sign of doom is Trump’s foreign policy and his approach to NATO. In one story, he is a war monger and a compulsive interventionist fiddling with the nuclear button. In the second take: he causes havoc being an isolationist who ditches America’s friends. (Would the real Trump please stand up?) These contradictory charges upgrade the POTUS into a magician who can create cold fires and dry water.

Item three. Those that used to spray “Yankee go home” on walls and bemoaned the “coca-colonization” of Europe, have a new concern. It is that having said that NATO is obsolete, Trump is about to demolish the Atlantic Alliance.                                                Let us Insert reality here. Trump’s assessment that NATO is obsolete pertains to the habit of some members to be idle in their own behalf and to rely on the US to spend the money and, to send the men to defend Europe. This is unfair and must be remedied. Trump did not advocate sending the NATO-car to the wreckers; He recommends an overhaul and a tune-up. RX: share the burden.

Point  four. Using fame gained by acting to support the political opinion of the amateurs of an insider clique, is spreading. To this critique, the response is “Reagan”. Sounds good but holds no more water than a funnel. Reagan did not legitimize himself by invoking that he has played “President” in movies.

Case five. The President’s selective travel ban is a touchy subject. “Duly Noted” thinks that some details have been badly prepared for their implementation. Existing permits should have been allowed to stand. That would have avoided not only inequity but also visually impressive recordings at airports of some absurd and unintended cases. The new government’s “second and third tier’s” performance needs to be improved. Chalk it down to “beginners’ team’s errors”.

Point six. Beyond the general impression of the “refugee industry” and the crowd that sees voters in the unfiltered mass to be admitted and then quickly nationalized, Mr. Trump’s directives find approval. Take the reaction of V. Orbán – the hate figure of the Europe’s left who declared his country to be a “non-liberal democracy”. (Liberal = retreat in the face of any challenge.) The man who found that “a country unable to control its borders is not a country” revealed: “Through Trump’s election we have received permission to put our nation first”. Indeed, “Brussels is the captive of a utopia. We must admit the facts even if they are favorable to us”.

Punch seven comes from the same impertinent source. “Why is it a problem that eight persons are richer than half of the rest of us?” (That the eight riches persons are worth as much as the poorest 50%, refers to somewhat creatively exploited data.) “The world’s fortune is a cake … that grows due to the risk taking and the innovation of those that we are told to hate for their success”. It could not get worse before the “international PC Court” to proclaim “a right to determine who lives in our midst”.

Blow eight. Uncontrolled entry for committed Muslims is a favorite of the left. Normally, left-liberals are contemptuous of the religious, but here an exception is made. The shared hostility to Western values supersedes the commitment to progressive democracy. Is it possible that creating an un-integrated, welfare-dependent voting block is seen as the rescue from defeat in future elections?

Bit nine. The foregoing allows for an safe prediction.  After unconditional migration, a new cause, “citizenship light,” will emerge. Even if the “new fellow residents” will not speak the language, reject the local way of life, and are on welfare, the plea for un-vetted and unconditional citizenship will be made. After all, all people are created equal and, especially those that will vote for those that feed them, are especially equal. The bolstering anesthetizing thesis will be that citizenship facilitates integration and creates loyalty. Thus, integration should not be a prerequisite of naturalization.

Part ten. An international convention affirms that refugees have a right to be protected by admission into a safe country. (A refugee is someone whose life is threatened by his government.) We are witnessing an extension of the principle; a migrant has a natural right to be considered a refugee if he claims to be one.

Theme eleven. Newly, the practices that make up advanced democracy are being abused. One of these pertains to the right to privacy. The concept is to protect as sacrosanct areas which are not public, to which therefore, the government may not have access.                                                                                                                              Here an example to show how such protected freedoms are abused by the disloyal. These not only reject the political culture of their protector but they also exploit the opportunity to not play according to rules shaped when democratic societies and their order emerged.                                                                                            It is known that the criminal life-style is disproportionally present among illegal migrants. Thousands of them manage to go “underground” upon their arrival in Europe’s “protecting countries”. Those that submit to the process of admission claim refugee status and pretend to have lost their papers –but not their cell-phones. But to the compulsively naïve, it is obvious that by lacking IDs, names and national origins can be claimed in “unsafe” countries. (Germany’s “truck terrorist” had fourteen new identities –and presumably several welfare incomes from diverse communities.)                      Police organs have difficulties to assess real identities and that hinders the forced repatriation of criminals. Without papers, the home countries refuse to take back their scum. Much of the difficulty comes from the improvable identity or uncooperative “guests”. Switzerland stumbled on a solution. The examination of cell phones would allow the identification of suspects. Check where the calls went and the person who pretends that “there is nothing you can do because you cannot identify me” is traced.                                                                                                          Sounds elementary. It would also be that. However, the courts decided that privacy is protected in a democracy. Therefore, the gadget’s information is within a sheltered realm and cannot be accessed without the owner’s permission.               At the outset the abuse of liberty by those acting in bad faith had been mentioned. The story ends with a case in which the courts, meant to defend liberty as a system, misinterpret freedom’s protections in a way that undermines the open society rules and principles.

Issue twelve. Putin is said to have compromising material on Trump. This is used to explain why, allegedly, the Kremlin had Trump elected. There is reason to consider this to be rather unconvincing. If such material would exist, then, to be of use to shake-down POTUS, it would be one of Russia’s super-secrets. No leak in that case!

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