Internal Corruption Driving the DOJ and FBI Investigations of Trump

It seems that by the day a new report comes out exposing ethical conflicts, wrongdoing and corruption within the FBI and DOJ’s probe of the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. Robert Mueller’s effort is looking more like a partisan witch hunt than a fair probe. Many of his investigators have severe conflicts of interest. Several let Hillary Clinton’s crimes off the hook while pursuing members of Trump’s campaign with thin evidence and thick vengeance.

“Maybe we need to have a Special Prosecutor to investigate the investigators,” saidRep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) on Hannity.

Here’s a rundown of the players already exposed.

Peter Strzok: His Hands are in Every Pie

The FBI’s former No. 2 counterintelligence official, Peter Strzok, was removed from the Mueller investigation in August. We finally have some idea why. The DOJ is reviewing “several months” worth of messages that Strzok exchanged with Lisa Page, an FBI attorney who was his mistress. Many of the 10,000 texts trash Donald Trump and praise Hillary Clinton.

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